Flat Earth Kitty Purr Purr Purr


I’m always on my colleagues about drawing so many cliff cartoons. At the site GoComics, I saw four in one day last week. Cartoonists draw a lot of cliffs. I will draw one every now and then but I try to limit it to one a year…or even less. This cartoon does include a cliff, but since it’s, as my proofer Laura said, “So weird and random,” I don’t think it counts.

What do you think? Is this a cliff cliché cartoon?

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Watch me draw:

Costa Rica Tap


This cartoon was first published on March 15, 2019, in The Costa Rica Star.

Be Complicit

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A Clean Cartoon


Donald Trump has a very strong position on the environment. He’s against it.

Last Tuesday Trump issued an executive order that he didn’t forget to sign. This one rolls back federal regulations issued by President Obama to protect the environment. One detail of the new order is that the government isn’t to consider environmental impacts when making decisions. Who needs national parks and polar bears?

This brings us to coal. Trump likes to say “clean coal.” He can’t even say it convincingly. There is no such thing as “clean coal.” Did you know that the people who came up with the slogan for Las Vegas “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” are the same ones who came up with the “clean coal” campaign? Just because you heard it in an ad doesn’t make it true. Coal is not clean, herpes won’t stay in Vegas, and Trump does not make America great again.

Trump says the war on coal is over. Never mind the fact that it’s literally poison. Our new director of the EPA won’t buy that because he hates things like science and the EPA. Trump is promising to bring coal jobs back. Once again, he’s a liar.

Coal production today matches the same output it had in 1981. The world is moving forward in other energy sources. In 2015 the solar industry employed 260,000 people in the US, while the coal industry employed 70,000. In 2016, the number of people working in the solar-energy industry rose by 25 percent. Wind-energy employment spiked 32 percent. We are not going back to coal.

China leads the world in renewable energy with the U.S. coming in second. The U.K, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Japan, and even Russia are making advances in the field. They’re not looking at coal. Where will we be by the end of Trump’s term (whether he finishes or it’s handed off to Pence)?

I understand workers in an industry watching their careers and jobs go away. I’m in the newspaper industry. No one is hiring political cartoonists. I’m sure if a politician told me he was going to bring my job back that I would know he was a liar and was only pandering to me. I would feel disrespected and then I’d draw him as a shit weasel.

Coal miners who voted for Trump were bamboozled just as much as all those people who benefited from Obamacare and those who’ll get screwed over by his budget. If you’re in the top two percent, hey, you’re golden.

Coal miners should realize that Trump’s lies are dirtier than their coal.

Creative stuff: I really liked the way the black and white version turned out. So I decided to send that version to GoComics, as an experiment. Plus, I’m posting it here.


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Making EPA Toxic


I really hope The Simpsons are not on a roll with their political predictions.

In 2000 The Simpsons had an episode where Bart has a vision of the future and his sister, Lisa, is the new president of the United States. She makes a comment about the huge deficit and how the country is broke because of her predecessor, President Donald Trump.

This was in 2000 and the idea of Trump being president was supposed to be a huge joke about the stupidity of Americans…and the disaster a Trump presidency would bring.

If The Simpsons’ predictions keep coming true then within the next four years the Environmental Protection Agency will enclose a toxic American city inside a giant glass bubble, not let the citizens escape, and hide it from America, which was the plot of The Simpsons Movie. Eventually EPA (as Grandpa Simpson called it) will attempt to destroy the city and promote America’s brand new Grand Canyon, promoted with help by Tom Hanks (who also comments during the closing credits “If you see me in person, please leave me be.”)

Donald Trump has nominated a climate change denialist to his cabinet as head of the E.P.A. Scott Pruitt is the Attorney General for the state of Oklahoma, where they got rid of the environment. Pruitt is an advocate and puppet for the fossil fuel industry. Pruitt has sued the E.P.A. multiple times.

Pruitt has stated there’s disagreement within the science community about Climate Change. There’s not. He has claimed it’s a hoax, and has vowed to kill the Paris accord which commits nearly every nation to take action to fight climate change.

A 2014 investigation by The New York Times found that energy lobbyists drafted letters for Mr. Pruitt to send, on state stationery, to the E.P.A., the Interior Department, the Office of Management and Budget and even President Obama, outlining the economic hardship of the environmental rules.

If this man will allow oil and coal companies to write letters on his behalf and on his letterhead, he’ll let them write regulations.

Trump met with Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio to talk about the climate. His daughter wants to advocate to fight Climate Change. Trump campaigned stating that Climate Change was a hoax created by the Chinese (surprised he didn’t blame Comet Ping Pong Pizza), but has since said he’s “open minded” about it.

No. Trump is not open minded. He’s placing Ben Carson (a man who doesn’t know anything and has said he’s not qualified) to head HUD, a woman who hates education in charge of education, and reports are coming out now that he wants a fast-food CEO who hates the minimum wage and wants to replace human employees with robots, to head the department of Labor.

So if Trump and Pruitt imprison a U.S. city inside a giant glass bubble, can he get Mexico to pay for it?

Psst. See the fish in the cartoon? I told you watched way too much of The Simpsons marathon last week.

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Dumpster Paradise


Here is this week’s cartoon for The Costa Rica Star.

Costa Rica is noted for its high quality of life. They have universal health care and a higher life expectancy than the United States. They don’t even have an army. They have created “blue zones” which are areas with a high quality of life. In addition to that there are blue flags planted on beaches to designate how clean they are. Meanwhile the Tarcoles river has become a dump, which ends up flowing into the ocean.

The river is the most contaminated in the country and its watershed drains approximately 67% of Costa Rica’s untreated organic and industrial waste. its watershed cover 2,121 kilometers which encompasses about half the nation’s population. It’s a real contradiction to the nation’s image of environmentalism.

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Don’t Stand So Close


With the title of this blog I’m continuing the music theme I started at the beginning of this week. The first was on country music. Yesterday was a Republican rock band with “Free Bird.” Today’s title is “Don’t stand so close.” If you don’t know what song that’s from, well that just Stings.