Flat Earth Kitty Purr Purr Purr


I’m always on my colleagues about drawing so many cliff cartoons. At the site GoComics, I saw four in one day last week. Cartoonists draw a lot of cliffs. I will draw one every now and then but I try to limit it to one a year…or even less. This cartoon does include a cliff, but since it’s, as my proofer Laura said, “So weird and random,” I don’t think it counts.

What do you think? Is this a cliff cliché cartoon?

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Watch me draw:



  1. It may be a little “cliff-like” but then, cats are so good at knocking things off whatever they are on … tables, roofs, cliffs … I like it! Just like a cat to push someone off a roof.

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    1. I don’t dislike cats or the people who own them, they’re just evil. So are most teenagers. 😄


    1. Good observation randumb, although your statement included a redundancy. Cats are inherently evil. I’ve owned several cats over the years, so I understand this.

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      1. Growing up in a family that always had cats instead of dogs, I acknowledge that I am partial to cats. I refuse, however, to take sides between you and the hoards of Claytoonzies who are dedicated Cat People who are about to rise up and slap you with wet noodles for daring to demonize cats (justified though you may be). I prefer to equate both Dogs and Cats with children, with the qualification that Dogs are Toddlers and Cats are Teenagers.

        And remember this:
        “Grandchildren are the Reward you get for Not Strangling your Teenagers.”

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      2. Boy, did my previous comment go in the wrong place. The place which I didn’t place it. Didn’t you refer to that quirky stuff as “being wordpressed”?


      3. Cats are inherently more intelligent than humans. Who else can train humans to go to work to buy them food. I have been owned by a multitude of cats over my 71 years of life (6 right now), and the only one who ever brought me food ate the heads off the rats before he left the meaty parts in my bed for my supper.


      4. Could I borrow him/her? I had to quit feeding birds ’cause the seed attracts palm rats, and they’ve learned to outsmart the electric traps I use.

        Dogs, too, have trained “humans to go to work to buy them food.”


      5. Sorry, Red is more than 50 years dead, but I am sure he has some descendents who would love to work for you. He populated a whole suburb in his time.
        Yeah, dogs can train humans too, now. They learned it from their feline friends.


  2. They tossed this item in a totally non sequiturial lication of the newsletter. It’s almost as if editors don’t really respect cartoonists.


    1. I believe that the deal Clay has with CNN is that they give his work Top Billing, ie. they always run his first if there are other Graphic Editorials in the issue. As for editors not respecting cartoonists, that is why I refer to their work as Graphic Editorials instead of Editorial Cartoons.


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