Climate Change

Know Your Poles


Those Coca Cola commercials that appear around Christmas where polar bears are playing with penguins have always pissed me off. A few years ago, a colleague of mine drew a cartoon that had both polar bears and penguins in it, without any reference to that being part of the joke. Ugh. I also saw a cartoon today of Kim Jong Un’s shadow being cast over the United States…and it was coming from Europe.

I know I can be a real stick in the mud over such things that may seem trivial to others. But, I think it’s kinda important to know a few details, whether you’re writing commercials, drawing editorial cartoons, or heading up the Environmental Protection Agency.

A report put together by several government agencies warning about climate change was leaked to the press this week. Why would something like that have to be leaked? Because, some people in those agencies are worried the Trump administration will suppress the report…or worse yet, deliver it to him underneath the stack of pro-Trump propaganda binders he receives twice a day.

Creative Notes: Short blog for this as it’s a bonus cartoon. I’ll be drawing again later tonight or super early in the morning. I really liked this idea and I wanted to do it.

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The Trump Orbit


The first thing I want to touch upon regarding Trump pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement is all the sycophants’ boot licking. Is there a White House mandate that everyone has to praise Trump as though they’re unthinking subservient underlings?

Mike Pence can’t give a speech without uttering the phrase “under the leadership of President Trump.” He often repeats the phrase multiple times in one speech. He used it during the announcement of Trump pulling us out of the Paris Agreement. Pence and EPA chief, Scott Pruitt, talk about how brave and courageous Trump is for the United States to leave the agreement. Of course, if Trump had decided to stay in the agreement they’d still be describing him as brave and courageous.

No. He’s not brave. If he was then he would have made the announcement when he was in Europe in front of other world leaders. If he had any courage he would tell us whether he still believes Climate Change is a myth created by the Chinese (two things the Chinese did not invent: Climate Change and fortune cookies).

Speaking of myths, these tool bags talk about how America won’t be following the rest of the world and will instead be leading. Leading who? Syria and Nicaragua, the only other two nations not taking part in the agreement? We were not following the Climate Agreement. We were leading. Trump said the rest of the world was laughing at us but they won’t any longer. That’s another myth because ever since last November, the entire world can’t contain the giggles.

Trump supporters are also celebrating his keeping a campaign promise. You mean you’re excited the liar-in-chief kept a promise? A promise he had to waver on? He’s not keeping a promise for what is best for you. He’s doing what’s best for his ego. He was never committed to this promise as he had to give it further “study” after he won the election. Trump has put more study into an executive order making the McRib a permanent item on McDonald’s menu. I remember a few of his other promises, such as locking Hillary up, moving our embassy to Jerusalem, and taking us out of NAFTA.

Trump didn’t study the issue either, except for how it would affect his base. He doesn’t care that the majority of scientists wanted us to stay in the agreement, or NASA, or the majority of politicians and even business leaders. He’s ignoring most U.S. cities which will still honor the Paris Agreement. Hell, he even ignored members of his cabinet and his own daughter on this one. Trump did what Trump believes is best for Trump.

That’s because for Trump, and all his sycophants, who are nothing more than a bunch of Vidkun Quislings, the earth revolves around Trump.

Creative notes: Yes, this is totally out of my style. Why did I do that? Why no booty lips? I thought hard about this and I still have some concern about making Trump’s caricature a bit different from the way I usually draw him. My biggest worry is that it may not be me. So, I left the crazy hair in. The biggest reason I changed it a little was that I wanted to give him that stupid crap-eating smile he gives when he’s proud of himself, like a toddler successfully using the potty. It’s hard to give him that smile with the big lips. The other detail I really wanted was the chin and, as Trevor Noah puts it, vagina neck. Yeah, gross.

I looked at a lot of pictures of Trump for this. I still wanted it to have my style of ridiculousness. One thing I avoided was looking at other cartoons of Trump. There are some really good caricatures out there of him and I didn’t want them to poison what I’m doing. As I’ve said many times, my caricature of Trump doesn’t really look anything like him but everyone knows who it is. I don’t think we draw their physical appearance as much as we draw their personality.

Fret not, my dear readers and haters. The booty lips will return.

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Making EPA Toxic


I really hope The Simpsons are not on a roll with their political predictions.

In 2000 The Simpsons had an episode where Bart has a vision of the future and his sister, Lisa, is the new president of the United States. She makes a comment about the huge deficit and how the country is broke because of her predecessor, President Donald Trump.

This was in 2000 and the idea of Trump being president was supposed to be a huge joke about the stupidity of Americans…and the disaster a Trump presidency would bring.

If The Simpsons’ predictions keep coming true then within the next four years the Environmental Protection Agency will enclose a toxic American city inside a giant glass bubble, not let the citizens escape, and hide it from America, which was the plot of The Simpsons Movie. Eventually EPA (as Grandpa Simpson called it) will attempt to destroy the city and promote America’s brand new Grand Canyon, promoted with help by Tom Hanks (who also comments during the closing credits “If you see me in person, please leave me be.”)

Donald Trump has nominated a climate change denialist to his cabinet as head of the E.P.A. Scott Pruitt is the Attorney General for the state of Oklahoma, where they got rid of the environment. Pruitt is an advocate and puppet for the fossil fuel industry. Pruitt has sued the E.P.A. multiple times.

Pruitt has stated there’s disagreement within the science community about Climate Change. There’s not. He has claimed it’s a hoax, and has vowed to kill the Paris accord which commits nearly every nation to take action to fight climate change.

A 2014 investigation by The New York Times found that energy lobbyists drafted letters for Mr. Pruitt to send, on state stationery, to the E.P.A., the Interior Department, the Office of Management and Budget and even President Obama, outlining the economic hardship of the environmental rules.

If this man will allow oil and coal companies to write letters on his behalf and on his letterhead, he’ll let them write regulations.

Trump met with Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio to talk about the climate. His daughter wants to advocate to fight Climate Change. Trump campaigned stating that Climate Change was a hoax created by the Chinese (surprised he didn’t blame Comet Ping Pong Pizza), but has since said he’s “open minded” about it.

No. Trump is not open minded. He’s placing Ben Carson (a man who doesn’t know anything and has said he’s not qualified) to head HUD, a woman who hates education in charge of education, and reports are coming out now that he wants a fast-food CEO who hates the minimum wage and wants to replace human employees with robots, to head the department of Labor.

So if Trump and Pruitt imprison a U.S. city inside a giant glass bubble, can he get Mexico to pay for it?

Psst. See the fish in the cartoon? I told you watched way too much of The Simpsons marathon last week.

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Gatlinburg Wildfires


Parts of the South are currently suffering from record droughts and wildfires are burning in every southeastern state. Wildfires in Gatlinburg and surrounding communities in eastern Tennessee has damaged hundreds of buildings and forced thousands to evacuate their homes overnight. More than 14,000 people have evacuated Gatlinburg alone.

A big cause for all of this is Climate Change. Drier summers lead to more fires. Ignoring and denying Climate Change doesn’t work as the world literally will burn around you.

Conservatives love to point at snowfall and cold winters as proof Climate Change isn’t real and it’s all a big hoax. Republican senator Jim Inhofe is actually the ranking member of the Senate committee for the environment. This knucklehead once threw a snowball on the senate floor to prove Climate Change doesn’t exist. I challenge Senator Inhofe to take a snowball to Gatlinburg this week and give it a toss there.

Our planet has gone through ages of discovering and enlightenment. I’m concerned that we’re entering one in this nation that’s an age of denial and stupidity.  Stupidity has lobbyists.

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Blame For A Hurricane


While you can’t entirely blame Climate Change for natural disasters, there’s a lot more evidence for it being a cause than gay marriage.

Yes, there are right-wing nut jobs and religious zealots blaming gays for Hurricane Matthew. One contributor for a popular anti-gay website (I’m not going to promote here by posting their name) is blaming gay pride parades scheduled for Orlando and Savannah. Another preacher blamed gays in addition to President Obama and Mitt Romney for Hurricane Sandy. How did Mittens get in on this blame action? In 2013 a preacher blamed gay marriage for a tornado in Illinois. Hopefully, it won’t mean the end of times if the Cubs win the World Series. While God might hate Illinois gays, maybe he’s a Cubs fan.

Obama has been derided by conservatives for saying Climate Change is the greatest threat we face. Republicans wonder how can he blame something they don’t believe in while calling ISIS a “J.V. Team.” The J.V. comment might have been stupid but we’ll see how many Americans die from weather-related events than from ISIS.

Hurricane Matthew is serious business. The hurricane has weakened to a category 3 which can do serious damage. For comparison, Hurricane Andrew made landfall at category 5 in 1992. Hurricane Sandy and Katrina both made landfalls at category 3. Matthew, as Florida governor Rick Scott warned, “will kill you.”

Scott is a denialist on Climate Change and has attempted to ban state employees from using the term. But even he recognizes how dangerous Matthew is, even if he’s confused over science. Disney has closed their theme park in Orlando. Maybe Scott doesn’t believe in science but when that talking mouse freaked out he probably took notice.

I’m not trying to politicize this storm. If Climate Change is taken seriously then perhaps when storms like this develop in the future they won’t be as fatal or life-threatening. But it’s not liberals who are blaming Climate Change. It’s scientists. Real scientists and not the “skientists” who are paid off by oil companies and work for the Heartland Institution think tank.

The Drudge Report has politicized Matthew. While the National Hurricane Center was calling for “potentially disastrous impacts” in Florida, Drudge Report said the storm was “ragged” and suggested it could be fizzling. To make matters worse, Matt Drudge (the site’s owner) took to Twitter and accused the government of purposefully inflating Matthew’s intensity to send a message about climate change.

“The deplorables are starting to wonder if govt has been lying to them about Hurricane Matthew intensity to make exaggerated point on climate,” Drudge wrote.

What really sucks is that the Drudge Report has a wide audience of stupid people. I am a pacifist and I don’t want to see a bunch of conservative Floridians win Darwin Awards tomorrow and this weekend. Plus, when stupid people die they tend to take innocent people with them. Matt Drudge, who lives in Miami, should bear some responsibility and not give his readers advice that can kill them. If not, then he should take his own advice and plop himself in a beach chair on Daytona Beach.

His first daiquiri will be on me. I’ll make sure there’s a lid on it.

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A Climate To Talk About Climate


I really enjoyed not wearing a jacket in Northern Virginia on Christmas day. It was nice but I know we’ll pay for it down the road…or the next generation will.

I dedicate this cartoon to all my conservative cartooning colleagues who love to draw anti-Climate Change cartoons every time it snows in Buffalo in January. I feel bad for them as they have to wait longer this year to draw their traditional “it’s cold so Global Warming doesn’t exist” cartoons. How many more Hillary email server cartoons came they come up with until then?

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas but I am really glad it’s over. No more Christmas music or whining about people saying “happy holidays.” In less than a week 2016 will be here, and it feels like 2015 was just getting started. Now things will heat up. The presidential campaign will get more heated and more ridiculous. Obama will spend his last year trying to prove he’s not a lame duck. The NFL playoffs are about to start. There may be a two or three ethnic groups Donald Trump hasn’t insulted yet (look out, Eskimos!). Plus, January is a busy time for cartoonists as we have to put contest submissions together which is a huge distracting chore. I will probably start finding my groove in February.

I had difficulty staying away from my drawing board for three days, so you got this on a Saturday night.

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Greater Threat Than ISIS


Ever since Obama said Climate Change is a greater threat than ISIS, conservatives have been giving him a lot of grief. The thing is, he’s right.

Stating the threat of Climate Change doesn’t discount the real danger ISIS poses. The dangers of Climate Change will last centuries. It can devastate cities and populations. I know we don’t like to think long term, especially at the cost of profit, but this is something that can’t be ignored. The problem is we have to think intelligently and as a culture, we’re not really that smart. Half of us can’t grasp the difference between climate and weather. Climate Change is also a lot more difficult to combat than terrorism. You can’t drop bombs on it or put a reward on its head.

This doesn’t mean we should ignore terrorism. Terrorism is another problem we have to deal with, but groups of Jihadists are not going to last as long as our climate. ISIS doesn’t even pose the most risks to us in the form of terrorism. You’re more likely to die from someone born in the United States who is not a Muslim and doesn’t give a crap about Palestine or Allah. But yet, half of us only want to focus on Islam. It’s easier to hate bad guys who don’t look like us. They’re also organized and even have a flag. That gives us a target. Domestic terrorists are not as organized. They tend to work alone and if they wave a flag, it’s the Gadsden or Confederate flag which just confuses everybody.

We need to focus on what’s more dangerous. That includes the climate. It also includes domestic terrorists and our proliferation of guns. Let’s put politics aside and forget the color, religion, and race of the terrorists. Let’s talk about it. Let’s propose solutions. Half of us won’t even acknowledge there is a crisis and fight any effort to make it more difficult for bad guys to buy guns.

I agree with conservatives that the president’s comments that ISIS was a JV team was pretty stupid and a sign he underestimated them. But he’s right about Climate Change. You can continue to mock him for it, but you’re laughing at him for being smarter than you. That makes you pretty stupid.

I had fun drawing this cartoon since I’m from Louisiana. I took a few creative liberties, the first being that Katrina happened before Obama’s presidency and the water has since lowered. The other liberty is the ability to see the Superdome from Bourbon Street. Yeah, it’s less than two miles from the French Quarter but you can’t really see it from the street. I especially had fun drawing the balconies and the assorted colors of some of the houses and buildings in the Big Easy. Now I just made myself homesick.

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