Tate v Thunberg

Conservative men who flaunt their toxic masculinity love to troll liberals on the internet. But it’s never a good idea for a 36-year-old man to troll a teenage girl. It’s bullying, creepy, sexist, and just wrong. And they especially shouldn’t do it if the teenage girl is smarter than they are…which of course, most of them are.

Andrew Tate is a self-proclaimed misogynist. His entire brand is built on his character, which is being a right-wing sexist asshole.

He’s a former kickboxing champion who went on to greater fame when his fighting career ended. He was on the British reality TV show Big Brother until he was removed in 2016 after a video surfaced that appeared to show him physically assaulting a woman.

British-American Tate has been quoted saying he’s “absolutely a misogynist” and “I’m a realist and when you’re a realist, you’re sexist. There’s no way you can be rooted in reality and not be sexist.”

He’s said women are “intrinsically lazy” and there’s “no such thing as an independent female”.

Tate loves to flaunt his excessive lifestyle on social media, posting videos of his luxurious cars, yachts, private jets, etc. You won’t have a difficult time finding photos of him smoking a cigar. He’s boasted about bringing women into porn.

A post he made on his website that he’s since removed says, “My job was to meet a girl, go on a few dates, sleep with her, test if she’s quality, get her to fall in love with me to where she’d do anything I say and then get her on webcam so we could become rich together.”

Tate was banned from pre-Elon Twitter for tweeting that women should “bear responsibility” for being sexually assaulted. Elon reinstated him…and it probably landed Tate in jail. Tate decided it was a great idea to troll famed climate activist Greta Thunberg.

His trolling of Thunberg incites other sexist goons to troll, attack, harass, and threaten the 19-year-old Swede. Most of the attacks are extremely sexist. Of course, Tate doesn’t care if he endangers a woman’s life with his self-promotion of how sexist he is.

Tate tweeted to Thunberg, “I have 33 cars. My Bugatti has a w16 8.0L quad turbo. My TWO Ferrari 812 competizione have 6.5L v12s. This is just the start. Please provide your email address so I can send a complete list of my car collection and their respective enormous emissions”.

Greta, known for her no-nonsense bluntness, replied to Tate’s tweet saying, “yes, please do enlighten me. email me at smalldickenergy@getalife.com.”

As Kelso would say on That 70s Show, “BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURN!”

That was a serious burn and Twitter lit up. The champion of toxic masculinity got owned by a teenage girl…and it’s all his fault.

It took Tate ten hours to think of a retort, which was a two-minute video of him in a Versace bathrobe, smoking a cigar, and eating Jerry’s Pizza.

This Jerry’s Pizza is in Romania, and the box was seen in the video which may be what tipped off local police that Tate and his brother were in the country. Tate and his brother were arrested in connection to a human-trafficking investigation.

George Takai said that Tate was arrested because Greta Thunberg “owned him so hard his little wee-wee fell off.”

As Nelson Muntz would say, “Ha-ha!”.

The point of being conservative is to be as vile and disgusting as possible. But it often doesn’t work out and promoting yourself as the biggest asshole you can possibly be can have destructive consequences. You might get owned by a teenage climate activist or maybe it’ll get you thrown in jail.

Greta made another tweet after Tate’s arrest. “This is what happens when you don’t recycle your pizza boxes.”

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  1. Another (fallen) feather in Greta’s hat. But I am betting this inspires more misogynists to attack her. Getting “owned”by Greta Thunburg will be made into a badge of honour, “I got Greta to attack me!” Small dicks, small minds, small victories!


  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Tate v Greta!! …. My money is on G!!! … “Andrew Tate is a self-proclaimed misogynist. His entire brand is built on his character, which is being a right-wing sexist asshole.
    He’s a former kickboxing champion who went on to greater fame when his fighting career ended.”


  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    A few months ago, the name Andrew Tate crossed my radar. I initially wrote him off as just another attention-seeker. Then he crossed my radar a few more times and I came to think of him as the nastiest piece of garbage I had ever heard of, bar none, but I did not write about him for I was not willing to give him the attention he so obviously craves. But this week, ol’ Andy was taken down by the best … Greta Thunberg … and I am sharing Clay Jones version of the incident. Thumbs up to you, Greta Thunberg! You rock!


  4. Now, he and his brother will be spending 30 days in jail/prison before even going to trial – in Romania. Ms Thunberg must be laffin’ . . . .


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