Toxic Masculinity

A Manly Cartoon


Gillette, a company that makes razors and other grooming products released an ad stating they “believe in the best in men.” Right-wing men, who love to project by calling liberals “snowflakes,” have responded by having hissy fits and showing the worst in men.

The two-minute commercial talks about “toxic masculinity” and recognizes its own past in contributing to that atmosphere. It makes a strong case against sexism, harassment, mansplaining, and bullying. Conservatives are quite upset over this because I’m not sure. They’re either in favor of being chauvinistic jerks and pushing people around or their manhood is threatened by such an ad. These are the same people who freaked out last week over a video of a brown congresswoman dancing while she was in college. I have already seen three conservative cartoons outraged over the ad. Yes, they all suck.

Right-wing conservative men are freaking out so much that they’re starting a boycott against Gillette. The ad shows men helplessly repeating the familiar phrase, “Boys will be boys.” A few high-profile dudes, just being boys striving for relevancy, have made their voices heard against the ad.

Actor James Woods, game show host Chuck Woolery, and a male supremacy group, A Voice for Men (which is a certified hate group) have all vowed to boycott Gillette razors. I guess Chuck Woolery will be getting woolier. Piers Morgan (you laughed already, didn’t you?) said Gillette “wants every man to take one of their razors and cut off his testicles.” Not quite.

In case they missed it, the ad is not telling men to vanish, go away, or to “cut off their testicles,” even if Piers could find his. The ad is telling men they’re part of the solution. The new Gillette commercial encourages men to break the cycle of treating women like property, sexual harassment, abuse, the use of violence to solve conflict, bullying, and mansplaining. It’s encouraging men to break the cycle and that is “the best a man can get.” Don’t pass this down to your sons. Don’t pass these expectations down to your daughters.

The ad shows actor Terry Crews testifying before Congress and saying, “Men need to hold other men accountable.” We especially need to hold those accountable who can’t account for themselves.

We believe in the best in men, despite there being those showing their worst and ironically proving the need for such an ad.

If you can’t be an example of the best in men, I hope at the very least, your sons are better than you.

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