A Really Nasty River Runs Through It


I created this cartoon for The Independent in St. George, Utah.

The toxic chemicals that leaked into the Animas River in Colorado are now seeping into other rivers into Utah and other states. The leak originated from Gold King Mine which was abandoned by the company that owned it. The EPA attempted to clean it up and inadvertently dumped the toxins into the Animas River. The state government in Utah and others are now threatening to sue the EPA. How come these states aren’t going after the Gold King Mine? Because these states are run by Republicans.

When oil companies contaminate the oceans, they’re usually (sometimes) held accountable cost wise. At least they get the blame and public scorn as well they should. If you rape land, abandon it while taking all the profit, destroy the environment, then you can wait for the federal government to take the blame and the tab. Of course the ones paying the tab are the taxpayers.

I had fun creating ‘Tale of the EPA and the Terrible Animas Contaminus’ for The Independent. I got to draw a lot of happy little trees.


  1. I loved the “Animas ” Contaminus” you created. You truly are a poet in your creations, and your points are very clear. I am going to use it in my English class at DSU as an example of excellent visual rhetoric. Keep your creative juices flowing!!!
    Cathy Gierman


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