A Trump Construction Project


The Donald is promising to overturn a law granting citizenship status to people born in the U.S. and to put stricter limits on immigration (someone remind him Obama’s mother was a natural-born American citizen). He’s even promising to deport Dreamers, children of illegal immigrants who were brought here on no will of their but are as American as baseball, Apple Pie and well, Donald Trump.

Trump says we have to keep families together, which means he’ll deport entire families.

He wants a system that tracks and verifies workers’ legal status and a tracking system for those who overstay their visas. That means Trump is going to put on his best Elmer Fudd hat and declare it Mexican season.

This is all in addition to cracking down on Sanctuary Cities, posting border guards along the entire border and building a wall along the entire border with Mexico that the Mexican government will pay for.

His plans vary from cruel to heartless to unfeasible and entirely stupid. That means Republican voters are going to love it.


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