Douglass Ratings Massacre


The White House is full of idiots. Chock full of them.

We have Sean Spicer attempting to convince us not to believe our eyes when it comes to crowd size and that a ban isn’t a ban even after he and the president refer to it as a ban.

There’s the president who goes to a prayer breakfast and asks for everyone to pray for improved ratings for The Apprentice. The new host for the show, Arnold Schwarzenegger, bounced back saying they can switch jobs where Trump can worry about ratings and everyone else can sleep comfortably with Arnold in the White House.

Trump also honored Black History Month by stating Frederick Douglass “is an example of someone who’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more.” Apparently Trump thinks Douglass is still alive. Does no one in the White House Google anymore? On top of all that he seemed intent on starting a war with Iran, Mexico, or Australia. I know the movie sucked but I don’t think anyone should die for Crocodile Dundee III.

The statement that received the most mockery was when Miss Alternative News herself, Kellyanne Conway, defended the Muslim ban by comparing it to President Obama’s Muslim ban and stated it was a reaction to the Bowling Green massacre. She stated that the massacre didn’t receive much coverage. It probably didn’t receive any coverage because it didn’t happen, or that Obama never enacted a Muslim ban.

Conway later defended her stupidity by saying she meant to say “terrorists” and not “massacre.” Yeah, the problem with that excuse is that she mistakenly replaced people with an event. That’s like sending your husband to the store to buy toilet paper and he returns with a plumber. Even their excuses suck.

Chelsea Clinton jabbed at Conway through Twitter with “Very grateful no one seriously hurt in the Louvre attack …or the (completely fake) Bowling Green Massacre. Please don’t make up attacks.” That provoked a reaction from Conway to remind Chelsea that her mother lost the election. Of course she didn’t bring up the fact that Chelsea’s mom got more votes than Conway’s daddy.

It’s hard to have a good comeback when you’re the one in the wrong, or you’ve been busted creating and peddling a lie. We’re gonna have four years of this apparently. Four years of daily lies. It’s kinda tough to be taken seriously when you’re representing and speaking for a joke. As long as you’re paid to lie, people are going to make fun of you. How ridiculous does one have to be to get burned by Chelsea Clinton?

They’re already pushing bad policies. You can’t justify a policy by using events that never happened. Maybe Trump should stop flying in Air Force One because terrorists took it over in that Harrison Ford movie. That just makes me sad that Harrison Ford isn’t president…or anyone else who isn’t Donald Trump.

An actual massacre did happen last week in Canada when a Trump supporter killed several Muslims in a mosque. The Trump administration has totally ignored that event but they did make statements about a failed attack by a Muslim with a machete in Paris.

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