Pootie Points


One cool thing about being a political cartoonist and not having a dog in the Super Bowl is that you root for an outcome that’ll give you a good cartoon idea.

I’m a New Orleans Saints fan so that means I don’t like the Atlanta Falcons. Most people hate the New England Patriots and with the coach, quarterback, and owner supporting Donald Trump that pretty much makes me want to see them lose. All this meant I really didn’t care who won. So I had a cartoon idea before the game started.

Then Atlanta was blowing them out so I got another idea. Then Lady Gaga rocked halftime and it kinda gave me a new idea I wasn’t in love with…and then the third quarter started and New England came back and won the game in overtime which killed all my ideas. I had to start from scratch and it was after 11:00 PM. That sucks but not unusual for me.

Then I thought how Trump cheats, the Patriots cheat, Putin cheats. I’ll just throw them all in together. It’s especially interesting after Trump gave another stupid defense of his love for Vladimir.

Someday I’m going to have a normal schedule again like a normal cartoonist, if there’s such a thing as a “normal” cartoonist.

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