Hello, 2017


This is my last cartoon for 2016. I will draw another cartoon before the new year starts but it will be dated for January 1. I think it’s appropriate that my last cartoon for the year is on Donald Trump as my first one was also.

A few months ago I thought I’d be done drawing Donald Trump by now. Yeah, I figured he’d stick around a bit longer making news by complaining about losing the election and his followers would be making national asses out of themselves. Who knew he’d win the election and with that win he’d keep complaining about it and his followers would be making national asses out of themselves? Anyone who claims they knew Trump would win didn’t know what they were talking about. They just got lucky.

While you’re celebrating the end of 2016 keep in mind that in January the Trump presidency begins. This national disaster and international embarrassment will afflict our nation for years, even after Trump is gone.

For the next four years (unless he’s impeached) we’re going to have narcissism, greed, stupidity, mass corruption, and evil people running our nation. Honorable people will resist and stand up for their nation during these dark times. I will be spending the next year chronicling the entire disaster and calling the crooks out.

Have a happy new year. Get your party on while you can because come January 20 we have work to do. The party’s over and now the real fun can begin.

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  1. I discovered you and your great work late, but appreciate your and your work.Wishing you a great year ahead.

    Ken Blacketer


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