Russian To Move On


National security is pretty important. If 16 U.S. intelligence agencies report that a foreign government attempted to manipulate our government you would think the president would take it pretty seriously. You wouldn’t expect the guy to downplay it because his fragile ego is hurt by his election victory being tainted. Or even worse, that he cooperated with the foreign government.

President Obama has laid down sanctions on Russia for the election hacking. Most Republicans are supporting the sanctions because America is usually united against all enemies. Putin has decided not to respond in kind to the sanctions and instead will wait for “President Trump” to take office. Trump, instead of taking a threat for a foreign power seriously, replied to this development with a tweet that Pootie is “very smart.” Pootie is smart. Buying a president is a wise investment. The only trouble with that is purchasing one willing to play along and whose supporters will choose partisanship over patriotism. The investment is lining the Trump staff with Friends of Putin. Pootie’s investment is paying off. If only Adolph Hitler had a Donald Trump.

In anticipation of Trump dropping the sanctions current Attorney General Loretta Lynch needs to appoint a special prosecutor now to investigate the issue. A special prosecutor won’t be beholden to the Trump administration, Congress, or public opinion. The Republicans in Congress are not going to hold Trump accountable. Lynch needs to make the move now in the best interest of our country.

Trump says he needs more information before he can believe Russia was involved. This is a man who’s skipping his security briefings so it’s not like the information isn’t there for him. It’s the equivalent of someone telling you something you don’t want to know and you stick your fingers in your ears and go “lalalalalalalalala.” Though in Trump’s case it’s probably more like “mememememememe.”

Rudy Giuliani even said that Trump needs his own intelligence people to find the answers. That’s like writing your own dictionary because you don’t like the definitions in the current one. Words like “traitor” will now mean “honorable businessman who’s mastered the art of the deal” in Trump and Rudy’s new dictionary. It’ll be the best dictionary. Is this the same sort of “intelligence” on Trump’s staff that believed Hillary Clinton was running a child-sex-slave operation out of a pizza parlor in D.C.? Maybe it’s the same folks who tell Trump China created the Global Warming hoax, Obama created ISIS, thousands of Muslim-Americans in New Jersey celebrated 9/11, or Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the Kennedy assassination (There’s a very long list of conspiracy theories Trump has pushed).

What bothers me most about Trump’s refusal to believe the CIA is that he’s the first to bite the hook with conspiracy theories. This is a man who pushed the racist birther movement for years, which he now claims he never did.

Trump claimed there was something on Obama’s birth certificate the president didn’t want us to see. He said Obama spent millions to get away from the issue. He claimed the president didn’t have a birth certificate or if he did there was something on there like the fact he was a Muslim (and then he said if you’re a Muslim you don’t change your religion). He said he had people studying Obama’s birth certificate and “they cannot believe what they’re finding” (and we never did find out what they found. This detail went away like his promise to release his tax returns). He claimed there was a tape of Obama’s grandmother admitting the president was born in Kenya. After the president’s birth certificate came out Trump claimed that “an extremely credible source” called him to tell him it was a fake, and that Obama’s mother was never in the hospital. He insinuated that the death of a Hawaii official was a murder in a cover-up of the birth certificate.

Trump pushed birtherism all the way to his presidential campaign, and then made the occasional reference to it. Somebody on the phone telling Trump about the birth certificate is a “credible source” but he can’t trust the CIA. Trump pushed this for years, lied about it and wouldn’t let it go until it could hurt his presidential campaign, and then we were all supposed to forget it ever happened. Republicans are still clinging to it. According to a new Economist/YouGov poll 52 percent of Republicans still believe President Obama was born in Kenya.

Now in regards to Russian hacking Trump says that we should move on. Seriously. Foreign spies hacked our system, may have manipulated our election, and yet we should just drop it and move on. If only Roosevelt had moved on after December 7, or Bush had moved on after 9/11. Let’s just drop it and admire Trump’s big words and flawless brain.


On a personal note: Everyone and their mother has complained what a crappy year 2016 was. It was in a lot of ways beyond killing your favorite celebrities. It gave us Donald Trump and that’s just about the worst thing that could even happen. I had a few personal challenges in the year but 2016 was a good year for me.

I’m still working to get by and feed myself and pay rent. Despite that I feel very fortunate about my situation. I have newspapers who carry my cartoons. I keep picking up new publications. I’ve had some really great reprints in major national newspapers, even making The Washington Post’s collection of Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year. I made several international publications. My work was featured on CNN multiple times. I’ve gained more followers as an independent cartoonist than I ever did when I had a staff job. This website’s views went from 139,000 in 2015 to 313,000 in 2016. I’ve gained new readers and friends who are very supportive and they’re cheering me on. Plus, nobody can tell me what I can and can’t draw.
I want to thank everyone who has supported me over the past year. If you donated to support my cartooning, published one of my cartoons, left a comment, shared or clicked “like” in social media, thank you. I’m blessed with few but great friends and I often feel I don’t give as much as I get. That is an area I hope to resolve in time.
I feel I’ve done the best work of my life in 2016. 2017 looks really freaky and scary but it’s going to give me a wealth of material to work with. It won’t be dull. I hope you continue to hang on for the rest of the ride.

Did you like this cartoon? Want to help a cartoonist make a living? Look to the right of this page and make a donation through Paypal. I need to buy pens, paper, sandwiches, etc.. The starving cartoonist appreciates it. If you’ve donated in the past, THANK YOU!!!



  1. Clay, I love that you’ve found an outlet where you can be yourself and create what you want to create! The fact that your blog is doing so well and that you are picking up new publications should give you validation that you are on the right course! You deserve the wonderful things headed your way in 2017! Your work will help keep us sane for the next 4 years! Happy New Year!

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  2. Oh, grow up Clay. You’re anti-Trump rhetoric will get you nowhere. America is basically fed up with all the shenanigans this administration is doing to make Trumps transition as bumpy as it gets. First Israel, now Russia. Like it did anything to affect the election . . . NOT. Your impression of Trump is much like many people who don’t have an understanding of what’s going on today in our country. Maybe if you opened your eyes you could see it. And stop believing everything you hear in the media. It will numb your sense of what’s right and wrong.


    1. Anti-Trump rhetoric? What part of manic do you not understand? People here read, assimilate and know you are full of bovine droppings and seriously mislead. Follow Bannon, listen to all the spin doctors about Trump; who is now and always the most vile, malignant politician since George Wallace. Trump is a Caligula; I hope his boots get mired in his own gluttony for power and revenge.

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      1. ‘Once Written’ where is it printed that you can speak of Liberals or anyone else? Have you been on the streets feeding people with soup and sandwiches; washed their feet? Or is it all about your art and cartoons that are rupturing lies. You illustrate the Obama family as crudely as possible. You cannot touch the honesty of Clay, no matter how clever your cartoons, because you are a liar. You promote yourself as educated, a Trump advocate, a man aware. You are unbelievably ignorant.

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      2. Oh, wow Val, you’re a typical liberal. Let me guess, you support gay marriage equality, the black-lives matter movement, your against any pipelines, you have trouble with Authoritarian people , your “with her” and you have a job that sucks because you just don’t want to be the team player?


    2. Trump has -zero- business speaking in place of the President. You can find videos of all recent president-elects choosing not to comment on many issues, all citing the fact that we only have one president at a time.

      Obama is still the president; Trump has no power until 1.20.17. Never in modern history has a president-elect usurped the current president like Trump has. It is disrespectful, dishonorable, shameful, and ignominious. We expect the best of the best in our presidents; Trump is clearly not up for the job.

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      1. Oh gosh Tim, maybe because he is the first twitter president elect. Trump will likely be one of the best presidents we’ve seen in decades. But I’m sure you have other ideas.


  3. Running into your daily cartoon / blog-entry was a nice addition to my morning ritual of gathering info on world events while tempering it with humor (so I don’t commit suicide halfway through). That’s one good thing about 2016. And I put new tires and brakes on my pick-up for Christmas. If we’re still here next year, maybe I’ll get an alignment…..

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  4. Clay, I’m not a very political person. Guess I’m one of those wishy-washy people who sits on the fence a lot and wishes our politicians would lean more to the center zone where things actually get done in a generally good direction. More often than not, though, I feel your ‘toons hit the nail on the head. We used to cross paths at ol’ FL-S, just barely, but I’m rooting for you to be my “I knew him back when” person when you win a Pulitzer. Keep on keepin’ on!

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  5. Please keep drawing and talking sense. We need all the sense we can get. There will be zero out of the Barking Yam. Thank you, Clay. We all need to hang on and fight until sanity returns.

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  6. I’ve followed your cartoons on FB for a bit before I found your blog. Your cartoons are fantastic on their own, but your witty & intelligent insight on WP makes them all the more poignant.

    Plus, your posts are funny af (as kids today would say).

    Keep up the great work in 2017! If Herr Drumpf ends up locking up all the political cartoonists, or decimates the 1st Amendment like he’s implied he will, I’ll send you a cake with a file baked inside. Just make sure you don’t cut the inside of your mouth! 😉

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