Jerk Of The Year


Every time you make a post on Facebook asking if 2016 is done with killing celebrities, another celebrity dies. Haven’t you figured that out yet? And to add insult to injury it took Debbie Reynolds the day after her daughter Carrie Fisher died. That’s just mean.

I thought I was done drawing cartoons about how crappy of a year 2016 was (I only drew one). Hopefully this cartoon doesn’t inspire 2016 to kill again. Why can’t Death just tweet out replies to its personal grievances like Donald Trump?

I’ve heard a lot of people say this year took more celebrities than ever before. I do a lot of research for my blogs but I’m not researching that one. I don’t believe it anyway. I think maybe it’s just the impact of taking so many who made a large impact on society and culture.

The other thing is the older you get the more people you know, and know of, die. Especially people who influenced your childhood and teen years. Those people tend to be older than you. What kinda scares me is that Carrie Fisher was only ten years older than me and George Michael was only 53. Yikes! Of course I’ve never been a massive drug addict as they were in the past but neither was my mother who died at 59 (she didn’t drink or smoke but she did love her Coca Cola which did not kill her). My father lived to 74 and he drank a case of beer and smoked at least two packs a day up until his death two years ago.

It wasn’t just celebrities. The older you get the more people in your actual life die too. At least three friends of mine lost a parent this year. A fellow cartoonist died this year and I’ve also had at least three readers who followed me on social media die, which was very sad. One day they’re commenting on my cartoons and sharing and the next day they’re gone. Even though I never met them I felt I had lost an actual friend. At the very least it was someone I communicated with.

It’s like everyone I know is a character from The Walking Dead. No one is safe except Rick and probably Daryl. 2016 is Negan with a barbed-wire baseball bat and a sick sense of humor and justice.

You have three days left for the year. Try not to piss it off.

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  1. I was at my mother’s funeral several years ago and my cousin made an interesting observation. At that time, we were both in our 40’s. He said, I guess the time to attend all the weddings is over with, and the time to begin attending all the funerals has started. Or as Disney would put it, Circle of Life.


  2. It’s also a matter of sheer volume. More and more this has to do with the Baby Boomer generation, which is massive. Numbers will go up simply because there are more of us. Love your cartoons!



  3. I’m still trying to get my head around the GoComics commenter who said “The Republican Party who gave Obama everything he wanted.” Alternative reality, I guess. I understand….I erased the president-elect from my reality the day after the election.

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  4. I said to my husband, “There are four days left in this year– more people could die.” Debbie Reynolds, I’m sorry I said it.

    What’s worrying is when celebrities younger than you are start dying. And in two years I’ll be older than my father ever was (59). My mother lived to 96 but didn’t recommend it, so take your choice….


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