Bang Bang Trump


I drew this on my Samsung tablet. It’s a really cool tablet. I’m new to tablets and if you are too but thinking about purchasing one, email me and I’ll tell you the pros and cons of this one.

So I’m sitting at a bar drawing this and a girl sits next to me and she starts a conversation. Yay me. The conversation is going well…until. Until, she says “the one thing I can respect about Donald Trump is that he is so honest.” Buzz kill. Party over. Goodbye. I didn’t ask for her opinion. I didn’t initiate a political conversation in a bar. Even after she told me what she told me I didn’t disagree. I just let her go into the night. I don’t work with stupid.

Trump received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association. That explains a lot about the NRA’s legitimacy. On Friday Trump gave a speech at the annual gun nut convention. And like Trump does with every subject, he spent over an hour displaying to the NRA that he had no idea what he was talking about. He said Hillary Clinton wants to eliminate the 2nd Amendment, which is a lie. His sons love guns and know a lot about them. Terrorist are bad. That’s what he spent an hour on. Seriously. This is the same guy who was for a ban on assault weapons in 1999-2000. His surrogates say ignore that and look where he stand today. Yes, today when he’s pandering for endorsements.

The big question today is: which blows more smoke? Trump’s mouth or Trump’s ass?

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  1. Trump is pandering to the Republican base, as expected. Being one of the few, responsible gun owners makes me as rare as a unicorn, LOL

    I used to be a member of the NRA – emphasis on “USED TO BE” – I only got a 3-year membership, and never renewed it. That was when I was 18 and still living in Alaska, so I think that I get a pass on it. Their rhetoric hasn’t changed one iota since I was a member, and I’m pretty sure that it was ancient before I was born.

    Knowing what I know about the NRA, I can safely say that they do NOT support or care about the gun rights of all Americans. The Black Panthers in Sacramento, California in the late 1960s comes to mind…again, well before I was born.

    Colion Noir was the most recent “token Black mascot” of the NRA…not sure if he’s still associated with them or not.


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