Abortion Is Murder?


Let’s start this off with a clear understanding. The people striving to make abortion illegal are not “pro life.” Pro life means being for life. You can’t say you don’t want a fetus terminated but you’re for war, endless wars, unprovoked wars, wars for profit, or just for the Hell of it wars. You also can’t be for the death penalty, against feeding poor children with government assistance, and just not really giving a rat’s ass about a child after it’s born and is no longer a fetus you can picture on your advocacy poster, and call yourself pro life. If you do, you’re a liar.

The ANTI CHOICE lobby is the most dishonest group in American politics today. They lie. What’s worse than being uninformed is being misinformed, and knowingly waging a campaign of false information, or lies as in the case of the undercover videos against Planned Parenthood. If you have to win a culture war by using lies, you’re on the wrong side. Your ends don’t justify your means, even if you think it’s to prevent “murder.”

Carly Fiorina clung to the lie throughout her failed presidential campaign. Even when her lies were pointed out to her she still swore by it with contempt and disgust for being called out. She remained a lying liar with lies spewing out of her lying liar hole. No wonder people are looking at her face.

Ted Cruz is stating at every campaign stop, rally and debate that we will have a Congressional investigation of Planned Parenthood. I guess the other eleven investigations of PP by state governments, with each clearing PP, aren’t good enough. I’m really glad we have a presidential candidate promising another endless, expensive, and fruitless Congressional investigation. Thanks, Lyin’ Ted (hey, Trump is right about something).

For years the rabid dogs of the anti choice crowd have described abortion as murder. They say it’s killing a baby. I guess anyone killing a baby is a murderer. When Trump made his gaffe of saying women should be punished for getting an abortion, all the anti choice people distanced himself from his statement.

First off, Trump doesn’t know anything about the issue. It’s clear he hasn’t thought about it as he changed his position two hours later. But the anti choice people are about punishing mothers. If you take abortion away that’s a punishment. But how can you define something as murder, want to legally classify it as murder, then state that the mothers are not murderers? I’m pretty sure you can’t decide to have someone killed, hire a hit man to do the murdering, not be anywhere the scene of the murder, and not be charged with murder. How about we just realize that abortion is not murder? It is legal.

It’s also funny how the anti choice people spent this week talking about how the mothers are victims of abortion doctors preying on them. They have huge sympathy for the mothers. Have you ever seen a protest at an abortion clinic? Women walking in aren’t treated with very much sympathy by the protesters.

The anti choice people believe abortion advocates are encouraging abortions. They would prefer you to have an abortion. To them, it’s all black and white. There is a gray area and they’re way outside it.

Yes, these people are upset Trump said something they actually feel but aren’t supposed to state publicly, which he’s been doing on a lot of subjects. Thing is, Trump said how they actually feel and he didn’t even think about the issue. These zealots have spent years processing the information, or in their case, misinformation.

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  1. The latest I saw on the tube is that about 74% of American women have an unfavorable view of Trump.
    I don’t get that 100% of women would let anyone, especially a male, dictate what they can do with their bodies.
    Why they put up being subjugated by any legislative body is beyond my comprehension.

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  2. Abortion is NOT murder. Isn’t it funny how many politicians, especially Republicans, only want to trot out scientific ‘facts’ when it suits them?

    For example: “Climate change isn’t real!” Yet, in the next breath: “Science and medicine prove that a fetus can feel pain as early as 6 weeks of gestation!”

    Uh-huh…yep…please, tell me more, Republican senator with absolutely NO scientific knowledge and / or medical training!


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  3. Having earned a Ph.D. at the respected Inhofe Supreme Leadership school at the Koch Institute of Highest Learning, Scott Walker throws a condom onto Wisconsin State Assembly floor to prove that contraception is murder.

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  4. I agree with all that you say, Clay, except “It’s clear he [Trump] hasn’t thought about it as he changed his position two hours later.” That he changed his story when he heard the uproar that it caused only shows to me — again — that he’s only saying what he thinks will get him the most votes. I think he said exactly what he believes, and that is, that women are chattel. Someone told me recently that [his] god put animals on this planet for men to use as they please (horrors), and that’s what I think Trump believes about women. Seen this?

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      1. I agree with you there, Clay. I reckon if he could, he’d start a new party. I’d like to suggest a name for it: Trumpomania for Trumpomaniacs. 🙂

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