Feel The Sexism


You would think if you want someone to lead the charge against sexism, Bill Clinton is not your man.

Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem all made comments that Bernie Sander’s supporters are sexists. There have been sexist comments from some of his supporters but it’s not to the level that it’s indicative of his campaign, or the majority of his supporters. Hillary’s biggest problem is that millennials are “feeling the Bern” and people don’t trust her.

Albright said “there’s a special place in Hell for women who don’t support women.” The thing about feminism, and I know I’m a guy saying this, but it’s about making your own choices. For a lot of women, especially younger women, that choice is Sanders.

Voters are also finding Clinton very stiff and kinda programmed. She can be a good public speaker, and her speech Tuesday might have been her best yet, but she’s not carrying the passion or conviction people are seeing and feeling in Sanders.

Sanders had a huge night winning the New Hampshire Primary by over 20 percent. The primaries head to Nevada for Democrats and South Carolina for Republicans on Saturday, February 20. Then they flip and the GOP does Nevada and the Dems go after South Carolina. Here’s a schedule in case you’re a political geek like me.

Hillary has been expected to do well in those two states, but Sanders has the momentum. These are going to be actual contests now. Fun for me.

Can Sanders keep his momentum going in the South and with minority voters, who usually love Hillary? During his acceptance speech he made another call for supporters to contribute to his campaign at his website. His website crashed from the traffic.

I’ll have a commentary for the GOP results in New Hampshire, but I’ll save that for the next cartoon.

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