Cheer Up, Sparkles


I realize the majority of my readers, those who receive emails each time there’s a new blog post (when the WordPress system works) and followers on social media, agree with me. Most of the time, I’m preaching to the choir. Well, there may not be much singing today.

There is one area where a lot of my readers disagree with me and that’s on Bernie. No, it’s not that I don’t like Bernie or support him. In fact, I love Bernie. I would love to see every policy Bernie pushed be passed by Congress.

I don’t believe free college and healthcare for everyone are pipe dreams. I know they’re very realistic. What I don’t think is that they’re possible with the public and lawmakers. At least, not at this time. While I think it can be done financially, I don’t think they can be passed, even if Democrats control both houses of Congress. But you know, maybe one pandemic can put socialism over the top.

Where a lot of my readers disagree with me is on supporting a candidate who is not Bernie. Hey, I get it. I’m more liberal than the majority of the nation yet also realize I can’t get everything I want. And I don’t think I can get what I want by embarrassing you in a shopping center by dropping to the floor and start kicking and screaming.

Where I really piss off Bernie Bros is when I point out they’re a lot like Trump supporters. How so? First off, they participate in online smear campaigns, they lie, and they don’t deal with facts very well.

Yesterday, I watched one Democrat tell a Bernie supporter that if he stays home or refuses to vote for Joe Biden, then he’s helping keep Trump in office. The Bernie Bro replied, “That’s where we have to disagree.”

No. You don’t disagree with facts. If you don’t vote for the Democratic candidate, you’re voting for Trump. End of case. End of story. End of the United States of America. You might as well wear a MAGA shirt and buy some $15 pencils at the Trump store.

Remember when President Obama nominated Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court? A lot of lefties weren’t happy. He wasn’t liberal enough. He was male. He was white. Bleagh. Boring. And what they got was Neil Gorsuch. Happy?

Or better yet, remember when you rejected Hillary Clinton so you got Donald Trump?

I am not excited about Biden. In fact, if I was to be a baby about the Democratic primary, then I would have had my first fit over Kamala Harris, my second fit over Elizabeth Warren, my third fit over Bernie, and then my final fit after you reject Joe Biden and keep Donald Trump in office. But trust me on this, you’re going to like Joe Biden’s judicial appointments a lot better than Donald Trump’s.

Grow up. It’s not about one person. When I refer to one person, I’m not talking about Bernie, Biden, or Donald Trump. I’m talking about you. It’s not just about you.

You’re not enthusiastic about Joe Biden? Me neither. I’ll give you something to be enthusiastic about: Getting rid of Donald Trump and listening to him bitch about it for the rest of his life. Listening to every MAGAt bitch about it for the rest of their lives. Can you get enthusiastic about the shit fits to be thrown by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Donald Trump Jr? Can you get enthusiastic about making Matt Gaetz cry?

I don’t care if the Democratic nominee is a chunk of yellow snow someone put their cigarette out in. I’m enthusiastic about getting rid of Donald Trump and every sycophant in his administration. Fox News can’t hire them all.

Vote for Joe Biden. Grit you teeth, hold your nose, and vote for Joe Biden. It’s not just about you, so get over yourself.

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Hillary Berns


There are a couple of things I find particularly interesting about Hillary Clinton. The first is she’s been investigated for over 20 years without anything incriminating ever being found on her, yet Republicans keep demanding new investigations. Now, they’re screaming for investigations over the dossier, something that isn’t illegal. The other thing is, the people who keep telling her to shut up and go away are the same people who can’t stop talking about her. It’s like breaking up with someone who never calls you but you call them to tell them to stop calling you.

Now, Clinton’s critics from Donald Trump to the idiots at Fox News to that one crazy guy you’re still friends with on Facebook but you don’t know why has another reason to talk about Hillary.

It’s bad enough that conspiracies hound her, from a child sex ring in the basement of a D.C. pizza shop that doesn’t have a basement, to her lesbian lovers, to her debilitating health, and that hiring someone to research her opponent is somehow colluding with Russians. Despite the facts and impression being bad enough over her involvement with the Democratic National Committee, I expect more conspiracy theories to enter the mix.

Hillary’s critics will have to read and comprehend the facts of her deal with the DNC to use it against her. Since that’s out of the question, they’ll do what they do best which is making shit up, like screaming it’s rigged.

If you want to start a fight on social media, you don’t have to pit Trump sycophants against Clinton supporters. Just start a thread between Hillary and Bernie supporters. The Democrats won’t figure out how to defeat the GOP until they stop defeating themselves.

Former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile revealed Clinton gained partial control of the DNC months prior to winning the nomination.

Berners accused the DNC of supporting Clinton before the primaries were over, and they still haven’t gotten over it. While there doesn’t appear to be anything illegal about the deal, it does seem unethical. Trump and other Republicans are crying for the FBI and Justice Department to look into it, even though it doesn’t seem to be a crime. Trump tweeted that Brazile said the primaries were “rigged,” despite the fact she never said that and replied to Trump that wasn’t the case.

I’m not sure anything had to be “rigged” at the DNC as it was and still is an incompetent organization. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was a terrible chairperson. Thanks to her leadership and Obama leaving expensive consultants on the payroll, the party was near bankruptcy.

Clinton’s campaign came to the rescue, covered the majority of the party’s debt, and put them on a monthly allowance, but they had conditions. The campaign would control the party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised, what anyone would demand if they’re bailing you out financially. You don’t give someone a million dollars to pay off gangsters, only to watch them spend the money at the casino again. Her campaign had the right of refusal of who would be the party communications director, and it would make final decisions on all the other staff. The DNC also was required to consult with the campaign about all other staffing, budgeting, data, analytics, and mailings. They couldn’t send out a press release without it going through Clinton’s staff in Brooklyn first.

Normally, the winner of the primaries exercises more control of the DNC. If there’s an incumbent in office, like the case with Obama, then he retains control until the next election. Hillary was treated as a winner before she won. She took control of the party in August 2015, just four months after she announced her candidacy.

Being unethical isn’t entirely new to the Clintons. Still, you can’t find anything illegal about the deal or how money was spent and shifted around. From Brazile’s notes, it seems careful steps were put into place to follow legal guidelines, like how much money could be contributed to the DNC, Clinton’s campaigns, and state-level fundraisers, and how that money could be moved from one to the other. It was actually very smart while also being unfair to Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

There is one little nugget you have to keep mind. Bernie is not a Democrat. Why would the party treat both candidates fairly when only one is a member? And, she wasn’t just a member, she was keeping the party afloat. I don’t find as much blame on Hillary as I do the DNC, Wasserman-Schultz, and to a lesser extent, Obama who ignored the heavy spending and debt at the DNC.

Democrats are tired of re-litigating the last election. Now, they’re not even getting over the primaries. They need to prepare for 2020, the midterms in 2018, and dammit, the election next week for Virginia’s governor.

Yes, it sucks the primary process wasn’t fair. Democrats need to learn from it and use that lesson, so they don’t get rolled by Trump voters again. No wonder they lost Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

And, seriously…if the Nazis win Richmond Tuesday, I’m gonna be pissed.

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A Sell Out Of Many Colors


I ran into a former coworker and fellow newspaper guy a couple days ago and he brought up how mean people are during this political season. I told him how a person who normally likes my work, and is a Bernie Sanders supporter, called me an imbecile a couple days ago (she’s accused me before of having her in mind when I wrote something, but I never have until today). My friend mentioned how he got called all sorts of vile and vulgar names for liking something…and he’s a movie reviewer (people don’t like chicks in Ghostbusters, ya’ll).

Usually it’s Republicans who are trying to compete with each other on who can be the most vulgar and hateful. Earlier today a conservative troll I know posted a joke about Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne, because conservatives think that’s timely and funny (1976 called. They want their vulgarity back). Same goon was upset Ivanka Trump didn’t clap aggressively enough every time Hillary Clinton was insulted at the RNC. Man, Republicans can be such hateful and intolerant creatures.

And so can progressives. We like to believe we’re above Republicans. We have empathy, care about the environment, the good in government, science, and we recycle. But lately they’re letting their freak out a bit too much…and not in the good way one would normally let a freak get out.

They’re freaking out over Bernie Sanders not winning the nomination. Yeah, the system wasn’t in his favor, but the guy didn’t actually stand a chance of getting the nomination. They’re so angry they may not vote for Clinton and allow an ignorant buffoon like Trump to win the presidency.

Bernie’s campaign is over, but the campaign for the causes he pushed is not. Someone else will pick up that mantle and eventually all those crazy impossible things Bernie believed in are going to become reality. But that could all be lost if his supporters sit on their ass, stay home, vote Green, Libertarian, or even worse, Trump. And don’t say not voting for Hillary isn’t a vote for Trump. You’re supposed to be from the intelligent segment of society so stop saying B.S. that’s not true just to cover your rancor and bitterness. It’s time for you to grow up.

Sarah Silverman told the Bernie supporters on Monday night they’re being ridiculous. She’s right. If you can allow Trump to become president then you weren’t serious about any of the issues Bernie campaigned on. You’re a faker. You may not like Hillary and believe she’s a part of the Wall Street machine, but what do you think Trump is a part of? Which one can you live with better? How about the candidate who believes in climate change, science, civil rights, equal rights, health care, black lives, child care, women rights, minimum wage increase, equal pay, and can tell you the three branches of government?

You don’t always get every little thing you want, especially the first time you’re eligible to vote. I was in my forties before I voted for a candidate I actually believed in, and even that wasn’t “everything” I wanted. Hell, I waited over forty years for the New Orleans Saints to win a Super Bowl. I’m still waiting on the Cubs to win the World Series or even go. Be patient and stop acting like spoiled insects.

Another horrible person I know posted how Bernie supporters should join the Trump Train. If you are a Bernie supporter and you’re even considering voting for Trump, you were never honest about you stood for and you don’t really believe in anything.

How many ways do you want to be like a Republican? You’re already insulting people who disagree with you and soon you’re not going to have any friends left on Facebook. Now you’re willing to sell out your principles and send your country down the river.

You’re being ridiculous.

Creative Notes: I’m using my regular laptop to post this cartoon. I don’t have internet access for a few days and I’ve been sponging at places that offer free wifi. Tonight I took my Surface Pro and laptop to Sheetz, where the coffee and deli is awesome. The service is very friendly. The place is clean. Their internet is extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemly slow when uploading a file.

I drew on the Surface Pro, and posted the cartoon with my laptop, as using a keyboard is easier than tapping out each letter individually with a pen. My keyboard cover for the Surface Pro arrives tomorrow. Now I just need the internet people to put me back on the grid.

I hope you enjoyed me getting back to a longer blog….especially your Berners.

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Jumping For Bernie


I do like drawing the Bernie shirt. It’s just really cool and funky, like Bernie’s hair.

Bernie Sanders finally endorsed Hillary Clinton today. Many were delighted and many others cursed the sky.

The majority of Bernie’s supporters will vote for Hillary, even if they don’t like her. There are those who will never vote for Hillary. While they said they’d follow Bernie anywhere, today they found a place where they refuse to follow.

Many will vote for the Green Party nominee Jill Stein. No matter the outcome of the election, they can proudly say they didn’t vote for Hillary. If Trump is the president, they can live in denial that they played a huge part in that disaster. They don’t remember what happened when liberals voted for Ralph Nader in 2000. Hey, Nader voters….thanks for the Iraq War, huge debt, and the economic disaster. Nader voters still declare their innocence in that. If Trump wins the election then Stein voters will say they’re not to blame. Like Nader voters in 2000, they will be wrong too.

Donald Trump says Bernie’s supporters will be welcomed with open racist arms by his campaign. A few will actually go to Trump, which doesn’t make any sense. How do you declare you’re for everything Sanders preached then vote for Trump? You might find Hillary Clinton distasteful but her agenda is a lot more in line with Sanders….a LOT MORE IN LINE…than the racist Oompa Loompa.

Sanders had a great campaign. It was exciting and loud. Today it’s very quiet. He gave up his Secret Service detail today. The only large crowds in his future will be at Clinton events. The hope to retain isn’t for Sanders. It’s for his message and platform. Hopefully he’ll have influence on Clinton’s agenda. With even more hope, there will be a future presidential campaign with Bernie Sanders’ message.

Other than that, I didn’t draw one more “feel the bern” cartoon. There will be plenty out there.

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Bernie’s Little Drops Of Love For Little Debbie


A lot of people are really unhappy with the job Debbie Wasserman Schultz has performed as chair of the Democratic Party. The one person who is probably the most unhappy with her is Bernie Sanders.

One thing sitting Senators and Congressmen do not do….ever, is endorse a primary opponent against a current sitting representative in their own party. Guess what Bernie did. Bernie Sanders has endorsed Wasserman Schultz’s primary opponent. He has also stated that if he’s elected president that she will no longer be the chair of the DNC. Ouch! Feel that bern, baby.

Sanders even sent out an email for her opponent, Tim Canova, soliciting campaign donations, which apparently brought in a lot of cash.

Sanders feels Wasserman Schultz has favored Hillary Clinton throughout the Democratic primary. She actually worked on Hillary’s 2008 campaign so he might have a point. Other evidence he points to that shows she favors Clinton is her use of super delegates, which is like giving Clinton a running start. There were also closed closed primaries in several states which prevents independents from voting, which is very undemocratic for a party called the “Democratic party.” Worst of all, Wasserman Schultz scheduled very few debates, with some of those happening on Saturday nights. I’m really shocked Wasserman Schultz didn’t schedule any for 4:00 am Thursday morning on C-SPAN. Apparently the more people get of Hillary Clinton the less they like her. It’s probably the laugh. For me its’ the laugh and the Big Bird pants suit she wore for one of the debates. Obviously, her campaign is staffed entirely with yes people. Yes, ma’am, that suit is fabulous and not ridiculous looking at all.

Will Sanders’s support of Cavona against Debbie have any impact? I doubt it. In the Florida primary Hillary Clinton won that particular congressional district by 37%.

Even if these complaints against Wasserman Schultz weren’t out there in the political atmosphere, I would still believe she should be knocked out of the chairmanship. It’s a conflict of interest. She’s a sitting member of Congress. That’s her job. Not the blanket partisanship of chairing the party. We can blame President Obama for that as he’s the one who appointed her, which was probably done to appease Hillary after he thrashed her in the 2008 primaries.

Bernie may have “berned” some bridges in the Democratic Party. But what does he really care? He only recently became a Democrat as he’s spent his entire legislative career as an independent. He’ll probably go back to that status after the election.

Bernie’s birds pooping on Debbie’s hair would suck. But at least they’re not making a nest in it. I believe that’s physically possible.

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Scary Berners


A whole bunch of bad stuff went down at the Nevada Democratic Convention over the weekend.

Supporters for Bernie Sanders disrupted the proceedings by throwing chairs and later threatening the state chairwoman in a fight over delegates. They’re threatening to take the fun all the way to Philadelphia to. So much for unity.

Sanders has said he doesn’t support the violence or death threats, but he’s not actually doing anything to reign in his supporters. If you’re going to demand Donald Trump to calm his people down, you should do the same when your crowd gets chair-throwing happy.

He could at least tell his supporters to stop calling Roberta Lange, the chairwoman of the state party, with death threats to her and her family. They could also stop giving out her private phone number.

Bernie Sanders is not going to be the Democratic Party’s nominee. That doesn’t mean he should drop out as many of Clinton’s supporters are suggesting. The man has a right to take his campaign all the way through California to the convention in Philly. His platform is important and the party needs to listen. That said, his supporters should realize Bernie isn’t going to win, demand his voice in the platform, and support their party unless they want to see three more John Roberts on the Supreme Court, or worse, three Gary Buseys.

If you’re going to live by “Bernie Or Bust,” then bust is exactly what you’re going to get.

I can’t support candidates. I can’t give them money. I can’t campaign for them. That said, I’d really like one of those Bernie shirts. Not because I’m on Bernie’s team (I’m not on Hillary’s either). I just think they look cool.

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Feel The Sexism


You would think if you want someone to lead the charge against sexism, Bill Clinton is not your man.

Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem all made comments that Bernie Sander’s supporters are sexists. There have been sexist comments from some of his supporters but it’s not to the level that it’s indicative of his campaign, or the majority of his supporters. Hillary’s biggest problem is that millennials are “feeling the Bern” and people don’t trust her.

Albright said “there’s a special place in Hell for women who don’t support women.” The thing about feminism, and I know I’m a guy saying this, but it’s about making your own choices. For a lot of women, especially younger women, that choice is Sanders.

Voters are also finding Clinton very stiff and kinda programmed. She can be a good public speaker, and her speech Tuesday might have been her best yet, but she’s not carrying the passion or conviction people are seeing and feeling in Sanders.

Sanders had a huge night winning the New Hampshire Primary by over 20 percent. The primaries head to Nevada for Democrats and South Carolina for Republicans on Saturday, February 20. Then they flip and the GOP does Nevada and the Dems go after South Carolina. Here’s a schedule in case you’re a political geek like me.

Hillary has been expected to do well in those two states, but Sanders has the momentum. These are going to be actual contests now. Fun for me.

Can Sanders keep his momentum going in the South and with minority voters, who usually love Hillary? During his acceptance speech he made another call for supporters to contribute to his campaign at his website. His website crashed from the traffic.

I’ll have a commentary for the GOP results in New Hampshire, but I’ll save that for the next cartoon.

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