Scary Berners


A whole bunch of bad stuff went down at the Nevada Democratic Convention over the weekend.

Supporters for Bernie Sanders disrupted the proceedings by throwing chairs and later threatening the state chairwoman in a fight over delegates. They’re threatening to take the fun all the way to Philadelphia to. So much for unity.

Sanders has said he doesn’t support the violence or death threats, but he’s not actually doing anything to reign in his supporters. If you’re going to demand Donald Trump to calm his people down, you should do the same when your crowd gets chair-throwing happy.

He could at least tell his supporters to stop calling Roberta Lange, the chairwoman of the state party, with death threats to her and her family. They could also stop giving out her private phone number.

Bernie Sanders is not going to be the Democratic Party’s nominee. That doesn’t mean he should drop out as many of Clinton’s supporters are suggesting. The man has a right to take his campaign all the way through California to the convention in Philly. His platform is important and the party needs to listen. That said, his supporters should realize Bernie isn’t going to win, demand his voice in the platform, and support their party unless they want to see three more John Roberts on the Supreme Court, or worse, three Gary Buseys.

If you’re going to live by “Bernie Or Bust,” then bust is exactly what you’re going to get.

I can’t support candidates. I can’t give them money. I can’t campaign for them. That said, I’d really like one of those Bernie shirts. Not because I’m on Bernie’s team (I’m not on Hillary’s either). I just think they look cool.

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  1. I get the feeling that some of the Bernie or bust bunch are probably operatives from the Trump team. After all, it’s Trump who benefits from these disruptions, not Bernie.

    You have been on fire this last week or so. Great cartoons in every sense of the medium. I am enjoying your journalistic blogging fervor, too.

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  2. (Video:) TODAY’S TOP STORY (and cartoon) TRANSPIRED QUITE DIFFERENTLY THAN THE POLITICAL SMEAR BEING BROADCAST ON MAINSTREAM MEDIA. (This should not come as a surprise to anybody by now.)

    CROWD WITNESSES CHEATING, ERUPTS IN NOISY (but rather orderly) OUTRAGE. Did it happen? Absolutely. The Las Vegas DNC was deliberately engaging in illegal behavior in order to disenfranchise supporters of Hillary’s opponent Bernie Sanders, during the Nevada Democratic primary. Cheating is rarely welcomed or met with enthusiastic applause. Watch it happen:

    DNC HEAD CLAIMS THAT CHAIRS WERE THROWN: Nope. No chairs were thrown. One was briefly elevated (elevated is actually markedly different than throwing) but the chair was promptly placed back on the floor by Bernie supporters, and the chair lifter was himself soundly castigated. (Also by Bernie supporters.) Got the video right here:×180/8dyLZHoQhOqf1kkl.mp4

    ATTENDEES WERE ATTACKED AND INJURED: Yes, a political supporter did indeed physically attack and injure 2 others and he was arrested.

    Unfortunately for the Bernie smearing “official” narrative, the attacker was a HILLARY supporter, actor Wendell Pierce, best known for playing Detective William “Bunk” Moreland on HBO’s “The Wire.”

    Witnesses at the Loews Hotel in Atlanta told police that Pierce, a supporter of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, became angry with a woman on Saturday night after she said she backed the Vermont senator.

    The 52 year old Pierce, pushed the woman’s boyfriend and then grabbed the woman’s hair and hit her.

    Pierce was arrested and charged with simple battery, as reported in The New York Times. He was released on $1,000 bail.

    The head of the Las Vegas DNC, Hillary supporter Roberta Lang, after engaging in fraudulent behavior and refusing to follow official DNC procedural rules, issued a self-serving statement to mainstream media blaming Sanders supporters.

    DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz then verbally attacked Sanders, who was in another state, and claimed he was responsible.

    Post election, Ms. Lang received a number of angry, juvenile, and inappropriate telephone calls and messages purported but not confirmed, to have come from Sanders supporters.

    Since the Clinton campaign recently sponsored a million dollar negative attack on Sanders supporters, which included the posting of child pornography to Sanders supporters web sites, it remains unclear who was actually responsible for the calls and messages to Lang.

    Regardless, since telephone records are readily available, and irrespective of their political affiliation, those individuals should definitely be identified, charged and punished.

    Bottom line, however, the DNC, by exhibiting their willingness to lie, cheat, disenfranchise their own Democratic voters and to deliberately misrepresent the matter in order to advance Clinton, has done far more damage to the Democratic party than Republicans could ever have inflicted.

    It has only strengthened the resolve of Sanders supporters to eliminate the rampant corruption now plainly evident in the DNC.

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