Republican Devils


It’s come down to this. The Republicans’ choice for presidential nominee has come down between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. The rest of the candidates can go home.

Choosing between Trump and Cruz is like choosing a method of suicide. Do you want the rope or the bullet to the head?

I don’t think either man is going to become president. But which one is the lesser evil that has an opportunity at the White House? I think the Democratic party would have an easier time beating Ted Cruz in the general election. Trump would be trouble as he can attract some independents and Democrats. Some. Not minorities. Cruz only attracts crazy right wing religious zealots.

Between one doing damage in the White House, Donald Trump is the lesser of two evils. He’s evil. He’d destroy the country but versus Ted Cruz putting us on a Highway To Hell, Trump might only put us on a walking path to Hell.

What do you think?

Here’s a rough. Sorry about the shadow.


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  1. I keep getting the feeling that when it comes down to the wire the RNC is going to propose Jeb!?? Their slogan, “Yeah he’s a crook and a little slow, but he’s not crazy like those other guys”.

    Love your work, thanks for showing the sketch.

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  2. I haven’t heard this lately: To win POTUS, you need more than 60% of the Latino/Hispanic vote. Trump won’t get near this. Thank the gods. I don’t pray much, but you better believe I’ma be prayin’ on election day. A very progressive friend of mine hates Hillary so much, he won’t vote for her if she gets the nomination, he will stay home. (A mere mention of her invokes at least a 250 word, 3 paragraph write-up on any of his FB posts) He thinks we deserve 4-8 years of Republican torture, to “learn the lesson”. Like this has ever worked before?

    My fear is that there are too many people like him who will do the same. Not to mention neither Bernie or HRC has any chance of winning anything here in Louisiana. Trump seems to be very popular here, amongst poor, angry, redneck Republicans who have never had an anti establishment option before.

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