Praise Of Despots


Donald Trump has the insecurities of a teenage girl whose daddy won’t give her attention. Russian president Vladimir Putin is aware of this and played on Trump’s ego.

Do you know the qualification of a good person in Trump’s mind? If that person says something nice about Trump. Yeah, he’s a murderer, invades nations, suppresses the press, but he’s a “real leader”.

Putin stated Trump is “bright and talented.” Trump ate that up. When it was brought to his attention that the man dishing out the compliments was a tyrant, Trump stated he was a real leader unlike Obama. A former KGB figure is a better leader than a champion of freedom and inclusion in Trump’s mind.

Putin is clever. He knew exactly who to play on to insert himself into the American election. The GOP’s top candidate ate it up and thinks it’s a good thing. By the way, David Duke has nice things to say about Trump also. Go eat that up.

Republicans, this is your front runner. What is wrong with a party where the majority of its members support Trump, racism, bigotry and xenophobia. Basically, support stupidity. Of course this is the same party where 30% were recently polled in favor of bombing Agrabah. Agrabah is the fictional nation in the Disney film Aladdin. Hey, it sounds Arabic so we should bomb it just in case…even if it doesn’t exist. What would have been funnier would have been if they didn’t do the poll, and had asked Trump if he would bomb Agrabah.

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