Trump Gets Corny


Didn’t Donald Trump see that Stephen King movie? You know the one. Where you’re not supposed to go into the corn field.

The latest polls have Ben Carson leading among Republican candidates in Iowa, where corn is big, and Jesus is, as Donald Trump would say, HUGE to Republicans. I can see where one doesn’t have a lot of faith in Trump’s faith. It seems the only religion Trump practices is self worship.

How does Trump react? He suggests that genetically modified corn is warping Iowans’ brains. The Donald sent a retweet (which is taking something somebody tweeted that you like, so you retweet it. People do that all day long with my cartoons).  What he tweeted was “Ben Carson is now leading in the polls in Iowa. Too much Monsanto in the corn creates issues in the brain?”

That didn’t sit well with Iowans, crows and scarecrows (and if scarecrow gets a brain from the Wizard then he probably wouldn’t be voting for Carson, Trump or any Republican).

Trump backtracked and since he couldn’t say the dog ate his homework, blamed the retweet on a “young intern.” I don’t buy that lame excuse. I don’t believe anyone has access to Trump’s Twitter other than Trump. You don’t give other people access to your social media. I once left my phone in a room with my drummer who took it and under my Twitter tweeted I was wearing panty hose. You never give your twitter to interns or drummers. They’re crazy people and the next thing you know you’re apologizing to farmers and being asked to play Dr. Frankenfurter in a local musical production.

It is kinda funny that saying racist, sexist, insulting and just general crazy stuff doesn’t hurt Trump but one comment on corn and it all goes to Hell.

Aw shucks (get it? Shucks? Never mind).



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