Ain’t No Biden


This is kind of a an industry insider cartoon.

Before Biden made his announcement I predicted cartoonists would draw cartoons of happy or sad cartoonists. You would think they’d prove me wrong. I saw at least three cartoons and they’re sure to get big play in reprints and syndication. Yawn.

I don’t know if the bad and lazy idea bothers me as much as the stupidity of the argument. You’re going to miss making fun of Biden because he’s the only one that says things wild and crazy?

I took the worst of the Republican lineup. You can throw all of them in there but these are my favorites.

Huckabee thinks rape is OK. For some reason he wants rapists breeding.

The fact Bobby Jindal even thinks he could be elected president is insane. He probably wants to be elected president so he can leave Louisiana. They really hate him in my home state. I’m not too fond of him here in Virginia either.

Donald Trump. Yeah.

Carly Fiorina says Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi. The woman who lies about a video, claiming a stillborn death was an abortion…and sticks to that lie, is calling someone else a liar. Just be glad you’re not working on her campaign because you would be left without payment until she decides to run for office again.

Ben Carson is the man that makes people think brain surgery probably isn’t that hard. His latest is that the Constitution is at an 8th grade reading level. He probably thinks that because he read a portion of it.

Ted Cruz is even being dissed by president George W. Bush and I think Grandpa Munster wants his style back.

Update: A friend of mine pointed out that I labeled Carly Fiorina by only her first name. I was aware of that when I was drawing this. She’s right. We tend to identify woman by their first name. We also do that with world leaders we don’t like, Saddam being a fine example. I’m sure there’s no correlation there.

I’m guilty of propping the sexism in today’s society. I labeled “Carly” by her first name for two reasons: People do recognize her by her first name and it fit better with the space I had. Now if I had labeled the other candidates “Mike, Bobby, Donald, Ben, and Ted” the only one readers would recognize by their first name would be The Donald. They might recognize Jeb Bush by first name only as even he’s using it as his logo, plus too many people recognize his last name.

I’ll continue to use first names of individuals in my cartoons if I think readers will recognize that better than their last name. Hillary Clinton is a great example. We all know Hillary. Plus, using just “Clinton” might confuse people with that other Clinton.

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