Jeb Punches Down


Did you witness the verbal smack down Marco Rubio laid on Jeb Bush during the last debate? The funny thing is, Rubio didn’t go after Bush. Bush went after him but Marco was ready. And sure, Rubio is full of all sorts of crap but he really did well on style, plus tearing into Jeb is pretty easy.

The oddest part is is why did Jebby go after Marco? Marco isn’t leading in the polls. If anything Jeb needs to take down Trump and Carson. He needs to punch up, not down. Of course each time Bush got into a tiff with Trump he’s come out for the worse and you can’t really go after Carson because that’s like bullying the paste-eating kid everyone feels sorry for. So that left Rubio. Maybe Jeb should stop picking fights. He’s not good at it.

I think if Jeb wants to start a fight he should go after Bobby Jindal. Sure, nobody cares about Jindal and most people forget he’s even in the race. However I think Bush can take him. Probably. Maybe.

Here’s the thing, Jeb. You’re not ever going to be president so now might be a good time to focus on one of those other “cool things” you could be doing right now. But hey, you might be able to help select the Republican nominee by sacrificing yourself to them in another tiff.


The Seattle Times


Yes. I’m drawing for The Seattle Times. We’re doing this on a trial basis to see how it works out. Cross your fingers.

Over a month ago I announced something really cool might be happening soon. Since then I had to wait before I could say anything else. Since this cartoon was published last Sunday I guess I can reveal it now. I will be drawing two cartoons a month for The Seattle Times. I’m pretty psyched about it.

Support For Unqualified Candidates


For months Donald Trump has been running around bragging about polls. He loved them. In fact it was all he talked when he wasn’t insulting somebody, and sometimes he incorporated them into his insults.

Now he thinks there’s something wrong with them. Ben Carson is on top of Trump in Iowa…and while Trump was recovering from that information it was revealed that Carson now leads nationally. Trump is confused.

Trump wonders why would voters want a candidate without a political record, no experience, says crazy things, doesn’t present any specific plans and comes off as kinda stupid.

Hey, Donald. It’s not a new thing.

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Slamming The Public’s Trust


While President Obama was speaking to the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Chicago on Tuesday, one sheriff who attended the event had to fly home early to deal with a police brutality situation.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, in Columbia, South Carolina, had a situation where one of his officers slammed a 16-year-old student to the floor in a classroom.

Apparently the girl refused to stop using her phone and turn it over to her teacher and leave the class as she was instructed. An officer, who works at the school, came to the class and when she refused to comply she grabbed her, flipped her over, slammed her to the ground and then dragged her across the room. He arrested her and another student who protested the way he was treating the girl.

This was all caught on video. Three actually. In one, the sheriff pointed out that the girl hit the deputy. I saw the same video. It appears she swings while she’s going sideways in mid flip. Unless the girl has some secret ninja skills we’re unaware of then I don’t think she could have implemented a strategy to actually hurt the officer. Her “punch” which looked like a wild flail, was probably inadvertent and it seemed it barely touched the officer.

What bothers me in addition to the police brutality is the defense of the officer. It amazes me that people are saying if the girl had acted properly then the cop wouldn’t have had to abuse her. They also say we don’t have all the information.

What I find interesting about the cop defenders is that they want us to be patient for more details on the situation before we judge the cop, but they don’t need more information to judge the student. They take it on blind faith that she deserved a hard slam to the floor.

The officer is suspended and by the time you read this he may be a former cop. There’s an investigation and the sheriff promises to have a decision on Wednesday. He’s also asked the FBI to investigate, which is good as that will be independent of the local police department. The Justice Department wants a piece of the action too.

The cop should be arrested. He assaulted a child. Her non-threatening behavior did not warrant the officer’s reaction. I predict he will be fired and the department will be sued and they will settle out of court. The officer may be sued also and I still think he should face charges.

In addition to all this the student is black. Would the reaction be different if the girl was white? Yes. More white people would be upset, especially if the officer was black…or if it was a black teacher. Yeah, I said it. But, I honestly don’t know if there was a racial component to this. The officer, Ben Fields, is currently facing a charge accusing him of “recklessly targeting African-American students with allegations of gang membership and criminal gang activity.” He previously won another case where he was sued for excessive force.

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Meat Kills


I’ve drawn too many cartoons on food lately. I’ve drawn two on McDonald’s (one was local for Utah), I drew the Iowa corn cartoon last Saturday and now this. Food is either hitting the news too much or I need to start eating more than one meal a day. I’m hungry.

The World Health Organization issued a report that stated we’re all going to die. OK it didn’t exactly say that but it did give the impression that Birkenstock-wearing vegetarians will inherit the Earth. That’s a serious bummer. The organization believes eating meat, pork and anything that doesn’t taste like a mop will give you cancer. You can still eat fish but the only ones who actually want to eat fish every day of their lives is other fish. Even bears get tired of fish now and then which is why you see them occasionally chasing hikers. You never see bears chasing tofu.

By the way, I just saw this trivia: Did you know the largest toy distributor in the world is McDonald’s? I do recall around 1995 my son pitching a fit if he didn’t get the Power Ranger he wanted. Nobody liked Yellow Power Ranger and I think we accumulated six of those.

Another piece of trivia for you: Most people will not vote for a vegetarian. Vegetarian Ben Carson is promising that if he’s elected he will occasionally eat something killed by Ted Nugent. I also read most people won’t vote for a candidate if they don’t like their pets which explains why Alice Cooper has never run for president.

I don’t mind doing cartoons like this every now and then. When I say “cartoons like this” I mean cartoons that aren’t mean. I can give my clients and editors a day to breathe easy without any angry phone calls…unless there’s some peeved off cows out there who got their udders in a twist.

I’ll do something mean tomorrow. Ben Carson said he wants to kill liberal speech at public universities and that he once tried to stab someone (I wonder if someone rushed him). Jeb Bush said he can do “cooler things” other than run for president and also stated “blah blah blah.” Donald Trump is still freaking out about Iowa. Some cop went out of his way to visit a classroom and beat up a student which was caught on camera. I’ll be busy tomorrow.

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Trump Gets Corny


Didn’t Donald Trump see that Stephen King movie? You know the one. Where you’re not supposed to go into the corn field.

The latest polls have Ben Carson leading among Republican candidates in Iowa, where corn is big, and Jesus is, as Donald Trump would say, HUGE to Republicans. I can see where one doesn’t have a lot of faith in Trump’s faith. It seems the only religion Trump practices is self worship.

How does Trump react? He suggests that genetically modified corn is warping Iowans’ brains. The Donald sent a retweet (which is taking something somebody tweeted that you like, so you retweet it. People do that all day long with my cartoons).  What he tweeted was “Ben Carson is now leading in the polls in Iowa. Too much Monsanto in the corn creates issues in the brain?”

That didn’t sit well with Iowans, crows and scarecrows (and if scarecrow gets a brain from the Wizard then he probably wouldn’t be voting for Carson, Trump or any Republican).

Trump backtracked and since he couldn’t say the dog ate his homework, blamed the retweet on a “young intern.” I don’t buy that lame excuse. I don’t believe anyone has access to Trump’s Twitter other than Trump. You don’t give other people access to your social media. I once left my phone in a room with my drummer who took it and under my Twitter tweeted I was wearing panty hose. You never give your twitter to interns or drummers. They’re crazy people and the next thing you know you’re apologizing to farmers and being asked to play Dr. Frankenfurter in a local musical production.

It is kinda funny that saying racist, sexist, insulting and just general crazy stuff doesn’t hurt Trump but one comment on corn and it all goes to Hell.

Aw shucks (get it? Shucks? Never mind).

Ben Wambo Carson


Ben Carson says he wouldn’t have cooperated with a shooter and would have attacked him instead. That’s some very tough talk for someone who’s not in a violent situation. Maybe he plays too many video games.

When you say something like that you’re insulting the victims. Why didn’t you do something? Why didn’t you man up? I’m better than you.

Carson also says the shooter can only shoot one at a time. I think that’s a statement even gun lovers will back away from. Wambo, the shooter wasn’t using a sling shot.

Ben Carson is a surgeon. He has read books. I think he may be the smartest dumb person in existence.

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A Ban To End Gun Violence


Another mass shooting at another school. The president is tired of making speeches about these things. I’m getting tired of drawing cartoons about it but I’m not a politician who will ignore it, or offer condolences and not action.

An editor at one my client newspapers graduated from Umpqua Community College in Oregon, where the latest shooting took place Thursday. I know he’s having a hard time this week. These shootings have come close to home in Virginia for me. Someone mentioned that people may have to know someone affected by gun violence before they’ll make any efforts to end this insanity. At this rate, everyone will be touched soon enough.

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