A Ban To End Gun Violence


Another mass shooting at another school. The president is tired of making speeches about these things. I’m getting tired of drawing cartoons about it but I’m not a politician who will ignore it, or offer condolences and not action.

An editor at one my client newspapers graduated from Umpqua Community College in Oregon, where the latest shooting took place Thursday. I know he’s having a hard time this week. These shootings have come close to home in Virginia for me. Someone mentioned that people may have to know someone affected by gun violence before they’ll make any efforts to end this insanity. At this rate, everyone will be touched soon enough.

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  1. We were recently “touched” at the movie theatre in Lafayette, Louisiana. When it happens this close to you, it does change your perspective, to say the least. (Wait, I should have said it changes intelligent folks’ perspectives; many if not most of the people in this area are saying again, of course, “shows why we need more guns”. sigh.)

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