Hillary’s Apology


I don’t like the direction Republicans want to take us. I think that’s been made pretty clear by now. That doesn’t mean I love every Democrat. I’m not excited about any of the Democratic Party candidates. I don’t think Hillary Clinton is an honest person.

She’s not honest and she comes with a bit of sleaze. And yet, she’s a better candidate than any of the Republicans. It’s quality over quantity in this race.

Though I’m not in love with Hillary, I do respect that she has survived everything the GOP has thrown at her. Remember Newt Gingrich? He tried to destroy her when she was First Lady. He’s gone. She’s still here. She’s had over 20 years of Republicans heaping crap on her. She has survived fake scandal after fake scandal one after another.

Benghazi has turned into nothing after multiple Republican hearings and investigations. Hell, Republicans spent over $40 million of our money investigating her husband for a bad land transaction and all they got was a lie about oral sex, proving the investigation wasn’t for truth, but to destroy a presidency.

Concerning the email issue, I don’t think Hillary Clinton owes an apology. If she didn’t break the law then why should she apologize? Because it’s a distraction? I would rather George W. Bush and Karl Rove apologize first for all the White House emails they destroyed before Hillary has to apologize.

The email issue makes people think she’s not honest. I knew she wasn’t honest before that. So did you. But it’s not going to make anyone not vote for her. Anyone who says otherwise wasn’t going to vote for her anyway.

The biggest question for those after Hillary’s emails is this: What do you think are in the emails? You don’t hear that. They want the emails even though they don’t have a clue what’s in them. They don’t want the emails. They want the topic to keep breathing.

I’m more concerned about Hillary not taking a position on important issues, or taking a dangerous position on important issues. I am more troubled that she’s polling for her positions. I have problems she won’t take questions from the press. I’m not concerned about her email.

If the GOP found out she rented The Notebook back in 2004 and didn’t return it to Blockbuster they’d demand the receipt and would want to know if she forced Bill to watch it.

What is Ken Starr doing nowadays?



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