Fun With Background Checks


What scares me most about all those crazy people worrying about Obama invading Texas is that it’s legal to sell most of them guns. And they’re carrying them to Target, Walmart, coffee shops, etc.

There’s a huge number of crazy stupid people in this country. You have people who believe Obama was born in Kenya, he’s Muslim, socialist and a communist. They don’t believe anything he says but they believe Donald Trump will make a great president because “make America great again” is written on his hat.

I wonder how a person who’s rational and just so happens to be a Republican deals with the fact that 43% of his party believes Obama is Muslim. Forty Three Percent! That’s 43% stupid. And I know what you’re thinking. Rational Republican?

Of course one of the biggest conspiracy theories is that Obama is coming for your guns. After nearly seven years in office Obama hasn’t made one effort to take away anyone’s gun…or in most crazy people cases…guns…plural. We don’t have Sharia Law yet either. That Obama is a failure.

Progressives and moderates need to vote. Every single crazy conspiracy theorists is a voter. Trump is fun to cartoon but I think I’ll pick my country over my career in that area.

Though if Trump is president we won’t need conspiracy theories. We’ll be living in one.


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