The Republican’s Monster


I’m hearing a lot of Republicans complain about Donald Trump. The funny thing is, some of the complaints are coming from the most conservative of them.

It doesn’t dawn on them they created this monster. They’ve built a party with an atmosphere very cordial for racism, sexism, misogyny and xenophobia. It started with the Southern Strategy Nixon implemented, continued with Reagan announcing his candidacy in Philadelphia, Mississippi (famous for being the site of the murder of three civil rights lawyers), to today’s Tea Party and the sheer hatred of Obama. Then they wonder how a Trump candidacy happened.

If you’re a Republican and you argue that your party isn’t friendly to racists then answer these questions: Why do racists always vote Republican? Why is Donald Trump, a lifelong Democrat, using your party for his campaign of xenophobia? Why is Trump your front runner? Trump’s campaign wouldn’t fly as a Democrat.

Next time you complain about Trump ruining your party just remember, you invited him. You reap what you sow. You lie in the bed you bad. Karma’s a…you get the picture.


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