Apples and Oranges and Whatabouts

Goons tweet at me quite often. I do enjoy hitting their nerves and that I’m so important to them so I don’t block them unless they become annoying trolls. I would rather mute them than block them. Plus, when you block them, they boast about it. I have one consistent MAGAt who’s anonymous with only 30 followers. He tweeted at me last night.

After news broke that a few classified documents were found in a closet in an office belonging to President Biden in a think tank, the MAGAt goon tweeted a couple of my cartoons on Donald Trump stealing classified documents. He was demanding that I provide equal coverage and that I start running with the lying gaslighting talking points that are now coming out of the Republican National Committee. MAGAts are unable to see the differences between Biden and Trump on this…and they’re huge.

The ten documents found in Biden’s closet at the Washington think tank were from when he was vice president, which means they’re older than ten years, but still probably classified. It’s true that they should not have been there. According to people who’ve spent a lot of time on national security issues, this isn’t uncommon.

It’s fairly common for former government officials to later discover classified documents in their possession after they leave office. They typically notify the National Archives and have them returned. Usually, the number of documents is very low. The documents in Biden’s possession were among personal documents. Mistakes were made.

The differences here are many. President Biden says he wasn’t aware the documents were in his possession. Donald Trump knew he had government documents in his possession. According to some reports, he picked and chose which ones to take and even helped pack them. He can’t play dumb and say that he didn’t know they were in his possession because the National Archives told him they knew he had them and they wanted them back.

There were ten documents found in Biden’s office. There were thousands in Trump’s possession. The National Archives stated that Trump left Washington with over 700 that were classified. He returned several boxes but still had over 100 classified documents when the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago. Even after that search, more documents were found in a rented storage facility.

When Biden’s lawyers found them, they alerted the White House Counsel who then alerted the National Archives. They were returned to the National Archives the next day. The National Archives never knew they were missing.

The National Archives requested that Trump return documents. Trump returned some and lied claiming they were all returned. He had lawyers sign affidavits claiming all were returned. They were not which put those lawyers in legal jeopardy. Trump lied. The National Archives made further requests which were denied and eventually got the Department of Justice involved.

The Biden White House is cooperating and a U.S. attorney has been assigned by the Department of Justice to investigate. The U.S. attorney is a Trump appointee. Donald Trump ignored a subpoena and continued to lie about the documents.

Eventually, the FBI had to serve a warrant on Donald Trump to search and retrieve documents from Mar-a-Lago.

Documents were found in one of Biden’s offices, which may not have even been placed there by Biden himself. Trump personally took documents to his home, a country club.

Biden never claimed he owned the documents. Trump claims he owns the ones he took. Biden has not claimed the documents were declassified. Trump claims he declassified all the documents in his possession with his mind. Trump has failed to produce any documentation that he declassified anything. His claim is so bogus that even his own lawyers refused to use it in court. But declassified or not, none of these documents belong to Trump or Biden. They belong to the United States government. Biden hasn’t claimed he owns any while Trump has.

The Justice Department has been specific about how many of the documents in Trump’s possession were still classified, and they’ve been specific about the levels of classification.

Trump supporters are now using the talking point that it’s OK for Trump to take documents because he was president but Biden couldn’t since he was merely vice president. The truth is that neither can take government property.

Another talking point is that Trump declassified all the documents he stole but that is a lie. They argue that Biden couldn’t declassify anything because he was vice president, but Biden hasn’t argued that he has declassified anything. However, Biden is president now and can declassify the documents found in his office if he wants.

The situations are not the same but that won’t matter to the goons. These are people who don’t use facts. Hell, they’ve spent the last two years screaming about Hunter Biden’s laptop and still haven’t produced anything solid from it.

The worst thing about this is that Biden handed them something to goon about. He may also have made it difficult for DOJ to charge Trump who did intentionally steal documents and obstructed their return, and he still claims they belong to him and he wants them back.

Trump truthed last night that the “many” homes of Biden should now be searched by the FBI, along with the White House. But Biden’s “many” homes are just two and of course, there are classified documents in the White House.

The White House is the executive branch of government, one of the three branches of government. While Trump may not know that, he does know that classified material is kept in the White House…because that’s where he stole them from.

The greatest difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is that President Biden is not corrupt.

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  1. I don’t even try to reason with the unreasonable. That ship has sailed. I just tell them (Cult 45 assholes) that everything about trump is a lie and crooked and everything about Biden is honest and truthful. Black is black and white is white. Even if Biden does something illegal (which he doesn’t) …. I will excuse it because I like Biden. I hate Trump so everything he does is rotten and inexcusable.


  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Bottom line … of course, it’s not the same!! Jeez!! … “The White House is the executive branch of government, one of the three branches of government. While Trump may not know that, he does know that classified material is kept in the White House…because that’s where he stole them from. — The greatest difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is that President Biden is not corrupt.”


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