Liars, Speakers, and Swearers

Yes, I stayed up all night to watch Kevin McCarthy finally become the Speaker of the House after 15 ballots. One thing that’s for certain is that McCarthy enters the office as the weakest Speaker in House history.

There are actually a lot of certainties with this, one being that the Goon Caucus or Chaos Caucus which consisted of nihilists like Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs, Bob Good, Scott Perry, Chip Roy, and Eli Crane are not people of principles or who keep their word. They’re all liars who were inconsistent throughout the entire ordeal. Each of them promised they’d never vote for Kevin McCarthy and described themselves as “Never Kevins,” but each of them eventually supported Kevin McCarthy. And yeah, a vote for Present was a vote for McCarthy. But then again, we also saw a bunch of so-called Never Trumpers become Trumpers.

Some members of the Goon Squad kept changing who they’d vote for. Gaetz voted for Jim Jordan, Donald Trump, and Present throughout the process. Someone eventually tried to literally kick his ass which would have been the most positive outcome in all of this. We’ll never know for sure if Matt Gaetz has a punchable face if people keep holding back the people trying to punch him. Sheesh.

Since there wasn’t actually a plan to replace McCarthy with another candidate, the obvious object was to hold the process hostage to make deals. Now, the party that demands transparency needs to be transparent and tell us every side deal Kevin McCarthy made for votes. He said he didn’t promise the chairmanship of a subcommittee to Matt Gaetz, who seemed to change his vote immediately after the attempted assault, but we all know that since Kevin McCarthy is a flake and a Republican, he is a liar. Why did he give Gaetz a pat on the back shortly before the final ballot?

So maybe Republicans should have just elected lying George Santos as Speaker because Kevin McCarthy started his speech after winning the speakership by lying.

He talked about ending the woke culture in schools, stopping the politicization of the FBI, and revoking a passed bill authorizing the hiring of more IRS agents. McCarthy started his tenure as Speaker lying and gaslighting America and also assuring us that he’s only going to fight for the rich and powerful. What do you think that IRS thing is about?

Already he’s writing checks his ass can’t cash, and it’s not a stolen Brazilian check from George Santos. This House with a Republican majority that needed 15 ballots to finally elect a Speaker, weakening him in the process, will not accomplish anything significant over the next two years. Every bill they try to pass will be held hostage by the Goon Squad who will demand trades and deals for their votes. And I don’t think McCarthy has anything left to trade. Because of the narrow majority, they will need those votes. Matt Gaetz has shown us how the next two years are going to go. And even if they manage to pass anything, it has to get through the Senate which has a Democratic majority. And even then, it has to get past President Joe Biden, who’s not going to sign any bullshit bills from this House. What are they going to pass, a law that bans wokeness in schools? All this House is going to do for the next two years is conduct bullshit investigations that will go nowhere, but may succeed in demonizing their political opponents.

I have two predictions. Kevin McCarthy won’t last two years and at the end of that, Republicans still won’t have produced anything solid from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

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  1. I’d seen physical assaults like that in Korean Parliament, and British Parliament, but I NEVER thought I’d see in in American Congress. I expect it’ll happen again. The only GOOD thing about this assault was that it was rethuglican on rethuglican. Let’s hope this is ONE thing that never crosses the aisle!

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  2. Excellent blog Clay…almost spot on. You left out one of the worst despotic, grasping, and trashy woman in political history…MTG!!;) Lacking good sense or judgment who should have her goddamn mouth sewn shut! Oh, wait, MTG is in the Republican Party!


  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    The Chaos Cacus. The Terrorists … “I have two predictions. Kevin McCarthy won’t last two years and at the end of that, Republicans still won’t have produced anything solid from Hunter Biden’s laptop.”


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