Roughs, Volume 167

All these roughs are on all the drama around Kevin McCarthy failing to become Speaker of the House until the 15th ballot.

I liked this one which is why it’s signed and in color. The only reason I didn’t go with it is that Gaetz didn’t nominate Trump on the 6th, but he did the day before on the 5th. Darn.

Ugh, I hate clown car cartoons and if you’re one of my colleagues who drew one during the Speaker drama or any time between 2015 and last week, well you sucked that day. But I thought it might be fun to turn the old trope around. But then I decided it wasn’t worth it. But now I think I kinda like it again.

I always thought it’d be funny to leave comments under shitty cartoons explaining them. I’ll do it with this one: Ya see, he’s neutered so he has to wear the cone so he doesn’t lick the stitches where his balls used to be? Get it? No? Let’s move on then. I can make a lot of jokes about balls. You’ll see.

I was waiting for Gaetz to get the chair of a subcommittee but it hasn’t come through yet. if it does happen, I’m coming back for it.

I kinda liked this but I wasn’t comfortable attacking a fat lady. Attacking stupid power-seeking Republicans, that I don’t have a problem with.

I didn’t like this one at all.

This is the one we used for the CNN Opinion newsletter. I liked it very much.

This one became a real cartoon.

I never intended to make a cartoon out of this and was actually just having some fun. Did you laugh? Shame on you. You disgust me, you filthy bugger. Grow up!

Without saying the “nads cartoon” which of these are your favorites?

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