Swamped For Deals

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Kevin McCarthy said he didn’t make any deal with Matt Gaetz to give him the chairmanship of a House Armed Services subcommittee, but expect Gaetz to land the chairmanship with McCarthy fumbling out some sort of reasoning like, “I just now realized he’s the best person for the job.”

When asked by CNN why he stopped opposing McCarthy’s speakership, Matt “Captain Forehead” Gaetz said he “ran out” of things to ask for.

There was not a long period of time between Gaetz voting against McCarthy and his agreement to change his vote so McCarthy would win the speakership. During the vote to adjourn, McCarthy went from having a conversation with Gaetz to changing his own vote for adjournment…and then patted Gaetz on the back. It looked like someone made a deal.

So, did Gaetz run of out of things to ask for because McCarthy agreed to it all? Did Gaetz get the chairmanship he was asking for? We know that the Rules Committee will now seat at least three of the Republicans who initially opposed McCarthy.

Gaetz claims that at the beginning of this process, McCarthy asked his Chaos Caucus for a list of demands. Gaetz said they provided the list and then McCarthy leaked it to the press to make the Chaos goons look bad. They do look bad because while claiming they were trying to drain the swamp, they engaged in the swampy behavior of offering to trade their votes for committee assignments.

In the interest of transparency and ethics, Kevin McCarthy needs to reveal every deal he made. Oh wait, one of the deals was to kill the ethics committee.

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  1. Love the demands.
    Yikes on killing the ethics committee. Dark money, weakened 4th estate, gerrymandering and lies on social media. Tone at top is the way to change the environment. A strong head of the Republican party and strong leadership. This is a case study in being goat fucked.

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