Invaded By Oz

The most troubling thing that came out of the John Fetterman/Mehmet Oz debate for me wasn’t Fetterman’s struggle to express himself after his stroke. No, the most troubling was Mehmet Oz saying the quiet part out loud.

Oz said the federal government should stay out of abortion and it should be between a woman, her doctor…and her local politician. First off, the Supreme Court is one of the three branches of the federal government, but if elected, Dr. Oz wouldn’t be the first Republican senator not to know that. They think it’s the House, Senate, and church.

As Trevor Noah pointed out about Oz’s statement, “He started that sentence like he was on the side of women, then he snuck in the politicians at the end like a teenager buying condoms at the gas station.”

Dr. Oz desperately wants to be the next United States senator representing Pennsylvania. He wants it so bad that he’s considering actually moving to Pennsylvania. And he also wants to desperately join with Republicans in the federal government and enact a national ban on abortion. What? He didn’t say that? That’s because he’s a Republican and they’re all liars.

Dr. Oz built his fortune on selling quack medications and snake oil. It’s how he can afford ten homes, mostly mansions, with one of them being a recent purchase in Pennsylvania which is being remodeled and vacant. But being a lying ignoring snake oil salesman makes him an ideal candidate for the Republican Party. They loves them some conmen.

Stephen Colbert said, “No one should have to discuss health care with their local political leaders. Especially if you live in one of those really small towns where the local mayor is a dog. ‘Making this decision was ruff. But I believe life begins at…squirrel!”‘

I have to disagree with Colbert. Discussing your health care with a dog is much safer and more rational than talking about it with a Republican.

Creative note: I wrote this cartoon last Thursday and put it on the shelf. I didn’t give it a lot of consideration until this morning. I’m in Washington, DC. I was invited to attend a seminar at The Washington Post (not because I’m a famous and important cartoonist, but because I’m a subscriber and they probably pulled my name out of a hat. There were bagels and yogurt. Nice). I only attended half the seminar as I wanted to get to work on my cartoon, though I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Sitting at my favorite coffee shop in Washington (SoHo Tea and Coffee on the corner of P and 22nd. Check it out), I went through a few of the roughs I’ve drawn over the past few days, and seeing this with fresh eyes made me laugh. Proofer Laura said it was “disturbing.” That’s exactly what I was going for.

Music note: I listened to The Beatles through my Air Pods, though the coffee shop is playing music. But the stuff they’re playing is the “Old Town Road” song and that song about huge butts by Meghan Trainor, “All About That Bass” or something. It’s truly dreadful stuff.

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  1. Proofer Laura’s comment, “Disturbing” is an understatement. “Horrifying” more apt in my opinion … but what do I know … I am an RN since 1983 and the one thing I consistently heard from women is their trepidation for upcoming pelvic exams. It is an extremely vulnerable event and the thought of a “Gym” Jordan, Matt Gaetz, or even Marjorie Taylor Greene being part of that process … beyond “horrifying”.
    Excellent cartoon and blog. Clay.

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