Roughs, Volume 160

If you follow me on social media then you’ve probably already seen two of these because knowing I wasn’t going to complete them, I went ahead and showed them off. Except for one, all of these are all from last week, Thursday, October 28, and Friday, October 29.

I drew this on Friday, the day a Qanon terrorist instigated by Republican demonization attacked Nancy Pelosi’s husband. I had already drawn one cartoon on the subject and was planning to do this the next day, but then I went with something else with hammers. I still like this one. Republicans were all like, “it’s not our fault so don’t blame us…also, check out this meme I shared of a hammer and some tightie-whities underwear.

I wasn’t able to get around to this one though I do like it.

This was actually drawn over two weeks ago but I saved it because I knew I’d want to use it before the primaries, and I did that this week. I had to take out the bit with the ice cream because in between drawing the rough and the completed cartoon weeks later, I used the ice cream line.

I had already drawn a bunch on Herschel, so I let this one go.

Ye got his ass tossed out of Skechers’ HQ. I just thought this was too funny. I don’t think I sent this to my CNN editor as it was really just for me to goof off when I should’ve been focusing on the assignment. I do that.

I think this is one of the weaker ones from the previous weak, so it didn’t go anywhere.

I made a real cartoon out of this one while in Washington.

This is one of the roughs I have already tweeted, so you may have seen it. I was going to draw it a few days before Halloween (and change the last speech balloon), but the Qanon hammer terrorist got in my way.

I came close to drawing this on more than one occasion last week.

My CNN editor was using a car theme for his column and asked me to do something with it, so I did this. This became the cartoon for last week’s CNN Opinion newsletter.

This is another I tweeted out and maybe I should have made a real cartoon out of it because it pissed off a lot of people. I like pissing people off. If you can defend a pedophile who marries his 13-year-old cousin, then you’re the kind of person I like pissing off.

This is the first one I did on the Republican Qanon terrorist who attacked Paul Pelosi. I liked that it’s kinda subtle. Maybe? I think so. I don’t know if any of my clients published it.

Which of these are your faves?

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Watch me draw:



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