Herschel’s Privates

I actually heard a Republican make this argument on TV a few days ago. If Herschel Walker encouraged a girlfriend to get an abortion, or even paid for it, why that’s his personal life and we should respect his privacy. Seriously?

Herschel Walker is a lying hypocrite…and so is the entire Republican establishment.

Someone said you can nominate Satan and if he’s running against a Democrat, Republicans will vote for him. Their logic is that despite who and what he is, he’ll vote and give them what they want, which is a total nationwide ban on abortions. This makes them hypocrites and liars since they used to argue abortion is a state issue.

Republicans have already proven they’ll vote for the vilest horrendously flawed human beings to get what they want. Case in point: Donald Trump. Trump proved Republicans are liars when it comes to family values, patriotism, democracy, and fiscal conservatism. They voted for the most disgusting shitweasel on the planet and sacrificed all their principles for a Supreme Court majority, which is also made up of lying hypocritical disgusting fundamentalist shitweasels.

Herschel Walker isn’t qualified to be a United States Senator, which makes him the perfect candidate for the Republican Party, because Republicans are unqualified to lead and govern this nation. They’re also lying hypocrites.

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  1. It takes intelligence to govern. It takes arrogance to rule. When a person thinks they know best how everyone else should live their lives, you can bet this is not how they are living their lives, because they are superior to everyone else.
    The thing is, feeling superior is a sign of inferiority!

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  2. And now they’re going after Hunter Biden for buying a gun. So now they’re also opposed to white guys having unlimited access to weapons?


  3. It is a sad indictment on the social and political landscape in the U.S. when truly unfit candidates are nominated for office. It is a disaster when such candidates are actually elected. Luckily, it seems that those who are Independents in states in which such Republican candidates have been nominated for state and federal offices have become fed up with these practices and are trending against voting against such office seekers.


  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I’m way past beyond the point where anything Repuglican surprises me!! It’s also beyond sickening … take a look!! — “Herschel Walker is a lying hypocrite … and so is the entire Republican establishment.”


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