Roughs, Volume 157

We have a hurricane edition for roughs, kids. It’s a pretty large batch, especially considering these were all drawn over two days, Thursday, September 29, and Friday, September 30. Also, I’m currently still in Ohio.

OK. This one is not about the hurricane, but there’s a decent story to it. My first thought when I heard Putin granted citizenship to Eric Snowden was that he’ll be drafted. Since it was my first thought, I knew it was an obvious cartoon idea. Then a reader wrote me to suggest the idea. I told him I thought it was too obvious and those other cartoonists would do it. I was right but I’m surprised I only saw two. I did toy with it for a minute but gave up on it as you can see here. I like the way I did it better than the other versions of the same idea.

I tried two versions of this.

And this is the one I went with.

I nearly almost did this one. This was drawn before he appeared in the white boots. I was seriously considering this cartoon in the middle of last week and I was planning on adding the boots.

I thought this was a bit too obvious. I think I saw something similar.

I think I drew this one on Thursday. I was seriously considering it until a reader messaged me with a very similar idea except it was “help us, Brandon.” Then my friend Rob Rogers did a version of it with DeSantis and “let’s go” and “help us.” It was probably the best way to do it, plus he got the boots in there. I saw him last night and we talked about it, but I forgot his featured DeSantis and the boots. I need to tell him I think his is awesome.

I must be on the same wavelength as Rob because he also did something with Trump and the satellite, though his was very different. I was going to do this until I saw his. He beat me to it.

I actually liked this one. Maybe it’s just because I like alligators.

I like this one.

I was afraid people wouldn’t get the reference to Hurricane Sandy and DeSantis’ opposition to hurricane relief for New Jersey and New York.

Same reference.

I wasn’t sure about this one.

I like this but maybe just for the alligators.

I don’t even know if this one means anything. I was just goofing off and releasing some stress while trying to come up with something my CNN editor would like. I did not send him this. It did make me laugh and I shared it on social media. And then a conversation broke out about the alligator’s tail, asking where it was coming from. It was supposed to be coming from under the covers, people. It’s a rough…or maybe she’s cheating on that alligator with another alligator who’s hiding under the bed. I don’t know.

This is the one that became the cartoon for the CNN Opinion newsletter.

I wasn’t sure about this one but I did send it to my editor. I don’t know why, but drawing paper towels thrown into the air is fun.

I did NOT send my editor this cartoon. He specifically wanted something on the hurricane and this was just me amusing myself again. I already had an idea on Fluteghazi that I liked a lot better, and I drew it the next day (a Saturday), so I thought it’d be OK to draw this and post it on social media. I honestly didn’t know if it worked or would make sense to anyone else, but it got a lot of comments. a LOT of comments.

I would ask what your favorite is but I already know it’s the flute lady.

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  1. I grinned widely at this one. Maybe save it for a future hurricane?

    Or tweak it for some other evacuation-required/desired disaster that animals would also like to flee from?

    Most people want to flee from something, if they could. . . .

    NNTR, Nan



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