Fearmongering or Fair Warning?

Republicans don’t want to talk about gay marriage, interracial marriage, birth control, or free and fair elections right now. Why it’s like last year when they didn’t want to talk about abortion.

Last year during Virginia’s gubernatorial race, the goon, er…Republican candidate, Glenn Youngkin, didn’t want to talk about abortion and the Democratic candidate, Terry McAuliffe, did a shitty job of nailing him to the wall. Instead of talking about stuff like abortion, Youngkin talked about Critical Race Theory and claimed Democrats were sending the FBI after parents who didn’t want public school teachers to indoctrinate their children into becoming gays and trans.

Candidate Glenn Youngkin didn’t want to issue any comments on abortion but Governor Glenn Youngkin says he’ll sign any bill that arrives on his desk that limits, restricts, or bans abortion in Virginia. The moral of the story is, you gotta pin these fuckers down on the important issues.

For years, while they were trying to restrict and ban abortion right before our eyes, Republicans said Democrat warnings that they’d overturn Roe v. Wade were just fearmongering. Naturally, Republicans were projecting because they fearmonger all the time that Democrats are coming to take your guns.

Democratic and Independent voters need to start paying attention, not just to what Democrats warn but to what Republicans say. We need to pay attention to their dog whistles and to their winks and nods over what they’ll ban. We also need to pay attention to what they don’t say. We need to pay attention because it was from Republicans seizing power that Roe v. Wade was overturned.

This is not fearmongering. Republicans are coming to ban gay marriage. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has publicly asked yee-haw states to send the court a case on gay marriage. Remember, their ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade wasn’t on a case trying to ban abortion, just restrict it. They took that and ran with it. Republican Senator Ted Cruz has stated that the Supreme Court got it wrong in legalizing gay marriage.

Where do they get this shit that the government should restrict marriage to being only between men and women? Their religion? Once again, they’re crafting legislation based on their religious beliefs.

Republicans are also coming to ban birth control and remove any freedom women have left with their bodies.

They’re probably coming to ban interracial marriage as well. If they think the Supreme Court got it wrong with gay marriage, then why believe they got it correct with mixed marriages? Goodbye, marriage equality.

And yes, they’re coming to ban free and fair elections. They’re already doing this in red states but they’re describing laws that make it harder for black Americans to vote as “election integrity.” Election deniers claiming Trump won are winning elections in several yee-haw states. These states are giving power to Republican legislatures to overrule local election boards if they don’t like the voters’ preference. So, just in case too many black voters get through a Democrat wins, the GOP legislature can overrule that vote. In addition, Donald Trump is planning to run for president again and if he wins, is promising to install loyalists and cultists into every government position. The Justice Department will be made up entirely of Trump goons who will not protect voting rights. We’ll also have four more years of Trump judges, and after the way Trump lost every challenge to the 2020 election, his next four years of appointees will be even goonier.

Democrats and Independents are horrible at paying attention. The majority of Americans believe in abortion rights, marriage, equality, and free and fair elections yet, each of those rights are being threatened. They’re being threatened because we’ve allowed the goons to get too close to taking away our rights. The goons are winning. Even when fewer people vote for them, they win. They cheat. Now, despite losing the popular vote for the White House, Congress, and Senate, Republicans installed a fundamentalist Supreme Court and our rights are being taken away.

Also, pay attention to the fact that Republicans lie. Remember when they said abortion should be decided by the states? If they retake Congress, I predict one of their first acts will be to ban abortion on the federal level. What else will they ban? Maybe they’ll ban cartoons and blogs warning you about what they’ll ban.

We need to start paying attention.

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  1. Only Repuglygarbagecans are allowed to lie, cheat, and steal campaign funds for personal use. If Dems or left-leaning Independents try, it Holy Cowshit, Trumpman, look at the sinners!


  2. The country has been PERMANENTLY DIVIDED for a very long time (Before the Civil War and then Booth shot Lincoln). There never has been unity and Democrats gotta stop acting like Unity is a possibility … It never will be and the rise of Trump and his cult45 insurgents is proof of that. Time to act accordingly.
    Good cartoon Clay. Republicans are liars and never to be trusted… just like their real leader… Putin.


  3. I agree that we should not ever play softball with someone proposed by the Republican party to be an elected leader. I had hope that Youngkin would be a moderate, and at least somewhat honest. Am so saddened by the chicanery. We absolutely must keep asking the hard questions, with as much civility as possible, because most Americans, including Republicans, are not crazy. Some of us might be gullible, and uneducated, but they are not as extreme as the manipulative leadership would like to believe. The “religious” lying hypocrites who are taking power are unworthy of our country.

    Liked by 1 person

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