Biden Covid

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This made me laugh along with my editors at CNN. I almost nearly drew it Friday morning for my newspaper clients, but then the Josh Hawley thing happened. Right as I was finishing my Hawley cartoon, my editor’s assistant at CNN emailed saying they wanted this one.

I was thinking about doing a cartoon for my clients on this issue, but quite frankly, I don’t think it’s much of an issue anymore. Biden seems to be recovering and it’s not like with Trump, who caught it after publicly defying CDC guidelines, downplaying the pandemic, and pushing bullshit medical advice like bleach and aquarium cleaner.

Music note: I listened to something but I don’t remember since this was drawn five days ago. Ha.

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  1. I DO wish people would STOP thinking/saying that vaccinations will STOP you from getting COVID and acting as tho that is the case. It doesn’t; it just keeps you out of the hospital and the funeral home. There are STILL 125,000 REPORTED cases daily, with 400+ dying, in the US alone. This is greatly due to those who believe, “Hey, I’m vaxxed, so I can party like it’s 2019!” Making isolation even longer and lonelier for the rest of us.

    (Getting off soapbox)


    1. It’s impissible now to tell the vaxxed from the anti-vaxxers. My partner and I take no chances. We still double-mask ourselves in public. No colds or flu now since the start of masking in 2020. For us that is equivalent to a miracle, as we used to trade colds and flu back and forth all winter long. Masks forever! And vaxxs and boosters whenever they are suggested. Fingers crossed,

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