Independence Day 2022

Is it ironic or coincidental that Independence Day arrives this year just as the Supreme Court destroyed independence for women to make decisions regarding their own bodies?

I don’t like holiday cartoons but I usually do one for Independence Day because it’s a great tool to make a point about freedom and hypocrisy in this country. Since I did a cartoon on Juneteenth, I feel I should do one for July 4th.

There’s a lot of hypocrisy that comes with celebrating Independence Day. For example, right-wing cartoonists who supported Donald Trump’s insurrection will publish red, white, and blue rah-rah flag-waving cheerleading bullshit on July 4th. These goons are the same goons who defend Ashli Babbitt and cry for her. This is like celebrating the Fourth of July while worshipping Benedict Arnold.

Come to think of it, if you’re a Trump supporter, you shouldn’t be celebrating the Fourth of July. You supported an insurrection against this nation. You supported the Big Lie that democracy doesn’t work and Trump had the election stolen from him. You supported motherfuckers who carried the Confederate flag through the halls of Congress. You support new election laws that take away voting rights from millions of Americans or at least make exercising their right much more difficult. You’re supporting new laws that give legislatures the right to decide who wins elections in their state, ignoring the vote tallies from local electoral boards. And today, you’re supporting destroying more rights for women. You’re advocating taking freedom away from citizens of the United States based on your religious mumbo-jumbo.

Trying to install the losing candidate as a fascist dictator isn’t done by people who love America. It’s done by goons who hate democracy. it’s unAmerican.

So on Monday, Magats, grill your hotdogs, drink your Skunky Lite, blow up fireworks, and scream “murica” despite the fact you’re a hypocritical traitor to this nation. I don’t want to see you two-face bastards displaying how much you love the country you’re trying to destroy.

A lot of people who’ve had their rights taken away are refusing to celebrate the Fourth this year. They feel this nation has betrayed them and they’re right. I think the MAGAts shouldn’t celebrate the Fourth. They should celebrate January 6, not because it’s Independence Day for MAGAts, but because it’s Treason Day.

I love the United States but it’s complicated. Despite all its flaws and times throughout history where she let me down as she’s doing today, I will still fight to save her from Donald Trump, Republicans, and MAGAts.

MAGA is unAmerican.

Creative note: I used Google images of steeples as my reference today but I don’t know why I didn’t just look out my window and use the two across the street.

Music note: I listened to The Cars while drawing today.

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  1. Since I’ve been sharing your recent cartoons to the Libertarian community, it’s disheartening to see how many of them really are little different than Trumpers (if they are different.)


  2. I did not celebrate Canada Day yesterday for similar reasons. We the People are no longer of concern to the people we supposedly elect to represent us. Rather, they sell us out to the highest bidders. They don’t care than a million people donating $1 each to a campaign is equivalent to one billionaire donating $1,000,000 to the same campaign. The zeros behind the campaign donation are much more important than the zeros behind the numbers of donators. It is easier to make 1 asshole happy than it is to make 1,000,000 nice people happy.


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