Don’t Say “Guns”

Did you know that more than 30 states have laws allowing school districts to arm teachers? Naturally, giving guns to teachers is a Republican idea, like banning doors.

It’s not a great idea to arm teachers. Some states require over 150 hours of firearm training before a school employee can carry a gun to school, but places like Ohio only require 20. And, a lot of these school districts don’t notify parents that teachers can carry guns or which teachers are actually doing so.

Over the past year, we heard all this bullshit about parental rights and how they should set the curriculum. Let’s get rid of Critical Race Theory. Let’s ban controversial books. Don’t say “gay.” But, Republicans don’t want you to know that your child’s teacher has a Sig Sauer in her book bag. Some parents in Ohio learned their kids’ teacher had a gun in her purse when one of her students pulled it out and pointed it at another student.

If more guns in school are what we need to combat school shootings, then by Republican logic, we should put more Critical Race Theory and gays in school.

Giving teachers, coaches, bus drivers, and lunch ladies guns is a horrible idea. It won’t deter mass shooters as most are willing to die. Cafeteria casserole would be more of a deterrent to mass shooters than teachers with guns (remember school casseroles? Yuck). And if cops are like the ones in Uvalde, why should a teacher be willing to engage a shooter when the cops won’t? On top of all that, when the cops do enter, how are they supposed to be able to tell the difference between the bad guy with a gun and the good guy with the gun?

The rest of the world is dismayed by our gun culture. We are the only developed nation with this problem. And our solutions are always more guns. In case you haven’t noticed, the more-guns strategy isn’t working.

The best way to get rid of gun violence is to get rid of guns. Republicans claim that would never work but we have actual proof it does. It only hasn’t worked here because we haven’t done it here.

We need to ban home ownership of assault rifles. Owning an assault rifle should be like owning a horse when you don’t have room on your property for a horse. If you live in a city and own a horse, you pay a stable to house your horse. You don’t take the horse home. You go to the stable to ride your horse, brush his mane, give him an apple, then you go home without your horse…but he’s still there. It should be like that with assault rifles. They should all be licensed and stored at gun ranges. And, there should be training and licensing involved to own a gun. Nobody actually needs an Uzi or an AR-15 for home security. You just don’t.

If we can legislate that people with mental problems can’t own a gun, despite it not being covered in the Constitution, then we can legislate licensing to own a gun. After all, the Second Amendment does say “well-regulated.” It’s time we start regulating.

Allowing teachers to carry guns is an idea approved by the industry that sells guns. That industry is symbiotic with the National Rifle Association…which is a branch of the Republican Party.

As Middle Age Riot on Instagram recently posted, “Republicans think it’s a good idea to give teachers less money, more students, fewer books, fewer resources, more parents in the classroom, more standardized tests, more scrutiny, more pressure, and a gun.”

Teachers and other school employees should not be required to engage mass shooters. Teachers should be required to teach. If Republicans love guns so much, let them engage mass shooters.

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