Tucker’s Boy

I heard someone on a Sunday morning news show say there hasn’t been an increase in white supremacist groups, but that they’ve been given credibility and legitimized. No shit, Sherlock. But maybe with all the big-time support from major players, like Donald Trump and the entire gaggle of idiots at Fox News, perhaps they have increased recruitment for hate groups. There was no Qanon before Trump.

The number one terrorist threat in this nation is angry whiny little-dick-suffering white guys. Most terrorist attacks are committed by these goons. This has only increased during the Trump era. Who heard of Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, and Boogaloo Boys before Donald Trump occupied the White House? And when you point out to conservatives that white nationalists are the number one terror threat in this nation, they get upset. They claim they’re not racists but they’re very defensive and protective of white hate groups.

When a black man drove a truck through a parade killing people and another shot passengers on the subway in Brooklyn, I had right-wing trolls comment on my various platforms that these attacks were proof white supremacy isn’t the number one terror threat. But these goons don’t even recognize white nationalist terrorist attacks as acts of terrorism. Case in point: The January 6 attack on the Capitol building to overturn an election that many of them say was just a bunch of tourists exercising their freedom of speech.

Not only can’t they see white nationalist terrorism, but they also can’t even see white nationalism. Donald Trump said he didn’t know anything about Qanon except that they love their country. He couldn’t tell the difference between anti-racism protesters and the Nazis chanting “Jews will not replace us” in Charlottesville in 2017, even after the Nazis killed Heather Heyer, an innocent anti-racism protester. And on the top-rated “news show” in the nation, its host, Tucker Carlson, asks, “What is racism?”

Tucker Carlson’s show isn’t just the top-rated in the nation, beating its competition by a wide margin, but it’s the most popular show with white nationalists. David Duke, a former Grand Wizard, says Tucker speaks for the racists. And with promoting the Great Replacement theory while saying he doesn’t know what racism is, he is doing the bidding of racists.

Tucker has been talking about the bogus conspiracy theory for years that white people in this nation are being replaced by non-white immigrants. They believe this is a Democratic Party strategy to eventually erase white people and have a non-white Democratic Party-supporting voting majority. They use this shit to justify changing laws to make it harder for non-white people to vote and to advance other conspiracy theories. White racists truly believe this shit.

And just like what happened in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2015 where nine black parishioners were killed inside a church, we had another young racist engage in a mass shooting to kill black people.

Yesterday, a young man drove over 200 miles to kill black people. He was a believer in the Great Replacement theory that Tucker peddles on his show. The white supremacist didn’t hide his intentions or motivation. He wrote a 180-page manifesto of his hate and intentions and had the “n-word” written on the barrel of his assault rifle. He shot 13 people, killing ten.

This 18-year-old kid threw his own life away while destroying many others and took credit for the violence in the name of white supremacy. This is Tucker’s boy. Tucker Carlson needs to own this.

The writer of the manifesto plotted his actions down to the minute, included diagrams of his path through the store, and said he specifically targeted the Tops Markets location on Jefferson Avenue because its zip code has the highest percentage of Black people close enough to where he lives.

The manifesto shows the shooter has been planning the attack for the past few years and became more serious since January. He whines about “white genocide” taking place in America and proudly brags about his racist and anti-Semitic views. I guess if he had a talk show on Fox News, he’d also be saying, “What is racism?” with a wink.

The manifesto writer conducted a Q&A with himself where he said he supports “those that wish for a future for white children and the existence of our people.” This is not the first white supremacist mass shooting in the Trump era. This isn’t the first with a manifesto. And if Fuckers like Tucker keep pushing their racist agenda on primetime television while Donald Trump conducts hate rallies where the all-white crowd chants “send them back,” it won’t be the last.

The shooter live-streamed his white nationalist terrorist attack on Twitch, which I guess is another hangout for white racist goons in addition to 4chan, Gab, and Truth Social. But these goons don’t need the dark web anymore because the number-one “news show” in the nation promotes their racist theories. White supremacy is now mainstream.

What does it say about America that its top-rated news show is hosted by a white supremacist? Tucker doesn’t have to just look into a mirror to see white supremacy. He can just look at the white supremacist shooter who killed ten people in Buffalo.

If Tucker Carlson had a son, he’d look like the Buffalo white supremacist shooter.

It’ll be interesting to hear what Tucker talks about Monday night on his show. I predict he will not own this.

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  1. If Tucker Carlson is promoting free speech, it is time to REDEFINE WHAT FREE SPEECH IS! If an 18 year-old can carry weapons into a public store, and discharge his weapon at least 13 times, probably more, and no one does anything about gun laws, IT IS TIME FOR A COMPLETE.Y NEW STYLE OF GOVERNMENT!

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  2. Nice commentary – the problem goes unchecked and if the Democrates were to name these groups as State Sponours of Terror ( not lone wolf terrorists) the GOP and their FAR RIGHT followers would cry to anyone who would listen. A human is a human, yes they come in all varieties but hatred is not heraditary – it is learned from others. Tucker gets away because he is a carnival act and every GOP’r wants to see behind the flap and have a voice in the room since they can’t stand by themselves. Time for the Dems to conduct political suicide and change the 2nd amendment – I’m pretty sure and bet my pension on it that the right to bear arms didn’t include a AR15 style weapon when it was wrote, but has to do with a State Militia. Feel bad for the US but I can’t change the outcome, as long as it does not spill to the north. Cheers and hopefully the coming week is better.


  3. IMP If you’re responsible for promulgating the sort of rhetoric which leads to this manifesto and behavior you should be held accountable.

    Remember a getaway driver sitting in a car outside a robbery is held responsible if someone dies inside during commission of the crime.

    This should be no different.



  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    LOATHSOME!! … “The shooter live-streamed his white nationalist terrorist attack on Twitch, which I guess is another hangout for white racist goons in addition to 4chan, Gab, and Truth Social. But these goons don’t need the dark web anymore because the number-one “news show” in the nation promotes their racist theories. White supremacy is now mainstream.”

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  5. Reblogged this on silverapplequeen and commented:
    The AG of NY has publicly blamed this on “social media” but it’s about time that someone puts the blame on Fox News, talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, as well as the many local hate-filled radio shows all over NY … this kid didn’t learn this sh*t by himself. He learned it by watching the TV his parents watched, listening to the radio his parents listened to. Quite obviously, he never heard “All You Need is Love” growing up & he wasn’t participating in music or anything that promotes love & acceptance of others. Hate grows in many places & not just SOCIAL MEDIA.

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  6. I avoid Tucker at all costs. But I am recording his show today just to hear what the blow hard has to say about this. I’m not even sure I’ll make through before deleting it.


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