Roughs, Volume 136

So yesterday I tweeted and posted to Facebook that I had a rough so nasty that I didn’t send it to my editors at CNN. Maybe I shouldn’t have singled CNN out because I didn’t send it to any of my clients. It’s nasty. Naturally, this got lots and lots of readers intrigued with many demanding to see it immediately. Claytoonz readers tend to be on the freaky side. But enough with the teasing and leaving you hanging, here it is.

I told you it was nasty. This was drawn a few days ago and I immediately knew I couldn’t send it to my clients but my online audience would want to see it.

The rest of these were drawn two weeks ago, right after the leak of the SCOTUS decision allowing states to ban abortion. There are more roughs than what you’re seeing here but I placed a few into the infamous “Maybe” folder. I’ll probably give up on a few of those this week and you’ll get to see those next week.

This was a cartoon in progress I gave up on. All the money bags were going to be labeled with assorted big-spending government shit Republicans love and when I got to this point of the drawing, I got very bored. I thought of another idea on the subject of student-loan fairies that actually went over with my readers very well.

I don’t love this but it’s something I threw against the wall to see if it would stick. I thought it was possible.

This is the rough sketch for the cartoon that was picked by CNN for the Opinion newsletter. I didn’t love it at first but I warmed up to it as the drawing went along. I think it was a good cartoon. And it ran a day before Victory Day.

There were more Victory Day ideas.

Honestly, I wasn’t really into the subject.

But it was an assignment.

This one is probably my favorite of the Victory Day cartoons.

I drew this rough on a Thursday and did the cartoon last Saturday. I really liked this one though it took four forevers to draw. Readers on GoComics were analyzing the finished cartoon to see if I had simply copied and pasted all the women. I did not.

I didn’t do anything with this one.

I saw a few other cartoonists making this same point, but not directly about the Thomases. I didn’t think this was strong enough to go with.

After I drew this cartoon, my copy editor Laura suggested I make Kavanaugh the pregnant one since he probably deserves it more. I agreed and swapped them around. That’s in the videos of it and I was asked if I made the change out of concern for race. No. That was not a factor.

This wasn’t good enough but it made me snicker.

I didn’t think this was strong enough either but it amused me enough to draw a rough of it.

Which of these are your favorites? I know. It’s “roll of your sister.” Freaks.

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  1. The one I liked best was “roll off your sister” I’m pretty sure that if you had sent it to your clients, not a single one would have dared to publish it.


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