So there’s a MAGA lunatic running for the United States Senate in the Republican primaries. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “they’re all lunatics.” And you’re right. So, what makes this MAGA lunatic different from all the other lunatics?

The only real difference between Kathy Barnette and other Trumpers is that she’s black, but I don’t think that’s why they’re opposed to her. Usually, Republicans LOVE finding a black friend, which to them is a black person who hates black people as much as they do. They come in handy and can be used to prove they’re not racists (I can’t be racist if I have a black friend). But they don’t want to be friends with Kathy Barnette. Republicans, including the MAGA king himself, Donald Trump, are afraid if she wins that they’ll basically be forfeiting the seat to Democrats. But, a lot of people, myself included, thought the same thing about Trump, who became their orange friend.

So, what’s so weird about Kathy Barnette? It’s not like she’s proposed something as outrageous as taxing the poor, like Florida MAGA goon Senator and Voldemort lookalike Rick Scott has done. President Joe Biden has used this proposal to point out “ultra MAGA.” And nobody can be less qualified for office or as stupid as Donald Trump.

Tweets have been revealed by Barnette where she states, “Just confronted a Muslim,” and another asking for prayers for her and her children because she was about to board a flight with a lesbian on it, which makes two things Republicans don’t want to see on commercial flights, face masks and lesbians. But Republicans are already homophobes and Islamophobes. Donald Trump proposed a Muslim ban as a candidate and enacted it as president (sic). We couldn’t elect a bigger hater to federal office than Donald Trump, even if we elected David Duke, Steve Bannon, or Stephen Miller.

Kathy Barnette believes the election lie, is pals with the MyPillow fucker and Steve Bannon (which finally gives both of them a black friend), went to Washington, DC on January 6 to take part in the terrorist attack, and still hasn’t refused to concede she lost a race for a House seat two years ago. She is just as MAGA as the rest of them. She should be at Mar-a-Lago posing for photo ops with Donald Trump right alongside Kevin McCarthy and Kyle Rittenhouse. Is the issue that she’s not the chosen one? There are three candidates for the seat in the GOP primary and polls have them tied when you include the margin for error.

Personally, I hope she wins because she probably will hand the seat to the Democrats. I also hope Eric Greitens, the ultra-MAGA fucker in Missouri wins.

Greitens is a former governor who resigned in disgrace. He’s been accused by his ex-wife of spousal abuse, that he tied her up and blindfolded her then forced her to have sex with him in a basement. Most Republicans are avoiding the guy but Trump hasn’t endorsed anyone yet in the 21-field of candidates. But, the man accused of abuse has received support from Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, and Donald Trump Jr.

Since the start of the Trump era, the GOP usually goes for the vilest people they can find. These people usually endorse pedophiles even while accusing Democrats of being “groomers.” There have been mixed results from Trump endorsements this year as well giving one candidate a landslide win in West Virginia against an incumbent who brought home the bacon for the state, and a huge loss to a Trumper in Nebraska.

This is how fucked up the Republican Party is: They’re running commercials in Pennsylvania lying about Kathy Barnette. Why would they need to lie about her? Can’t they just point out she’s a conspiracy-believing nutjob like Marjorie Taylor Greene in addition to being extremely bigoted and stupid? No, that would make more Republicans vote for her. What they’re telling people is that she supports equality, Black Lives Matter, wants a statue built for President Obama, and chews with her mouth closed. Ouch. That’ll hurt you in a Republican primary that appeals to mouth-breathing racist Qanon fucknuts.

Unfortunately for Republicans, they just now decided Barnette is a threat which left them less than a week to destroy her. If she wins the primary, Republicans will rally behind her. They’ll do the same if Greitens wins the Missouri primary. Remember how Republicans once said they’ll never support Donald Trump before they all started building shrines to their cult god?

The Republican Party is a cult that consists of bigots, liars, and conspiracy theory peddlers who have to cheat to win. So it’s very enjoyable to watch them beat themselves.

Ultra-MAGA will destroy this nation…just like original formula MAGA.

Music note: I turned on the music after the lettering and listened to the “MusicForTheMorningAfter” by Pete Yorn throughout the drawing, shading, and coloring. The only tune left to listen to when I was done was the hidden track. You get ten points if you tell me the name of the track.

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  1. “So it’s very enjoyable to watch them beat themselves.”

    What is NOT enjoyable is the collateral damage done before they sink into their fetid scummy pond . . . .

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Just another one of THEM!! … “The Republican Party is a cult that consists of bigots, liars, and conspiracy theory peddlers who have to cheat to win. So it’s very enjoyable to watch them beat themselves.”

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