Perjury Dum-Dum

For Marjorie Taylor Greene to win her case to prove she’s qualified for Congress, she has to play dumb. Playing dumb and stupid should be extremely easy for the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene because she got a head start. The only problem here is that it’s difficult to tell when a moron is playing dumb.

As dumb as MTG is, it’s still incredulous that she doesn’t recall texting Trump Chief of Staff during the January 6 insurrection suggesting they blame ANTIFA instead of the people actually attacking the Capitol building, Donald Trump’s white nationalist terrorists. It’s not believable that she can’t recall texting Meadows suggesting “Marshall” law to prevent Biden from taking office.

At 2:28 PM while the insurrection was in full swing and everyone was having a great time stomping on cops, Greene texted Meadows with, “Please tell the President to calm people. This isn’t the way to solve anything.” Well, golly gee wilikens, there’s nothing wrong with asking the president (sic) to calm his people down. It’s actually commendable. The only issue here is that she knew the terrorists were their people, Trump supporters.

But at 3:52 PM, MTG texted Meadows again: “Mark we don’t think these attackers are our people. We think they are antifa. Dressed like Trump supporters.” Jason Miller, a goon adviser to Trump also texted Meadows that day with the same idea he’ll probably not recall in a courtroom as well. Miller texted that “Bad apples, likely ANTIFA or other crazed leftists” had “infiltrated” the alleged “peaceful protest” by Trump supporters. That darn ANTIFA not letting innocent white nationalists in full body armor with gas grenades and nooses conduct their racist rallies in peace. Bad, ANTIFA! Bad!

Trump’s Fox News goons, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Brit Hume were all on board with blaming ANTIFA.

A group of voters in Greene’s congressional district are challenging her in court arguing she violated a provision of the U.S. Constitution called the “Insurrectionist Disqualification Clause” by supporting an incendiary rally that preceded last year’s attack on the U.S. Capitol. It’s a clause in the14th Amendment barring those who have “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” from seeking federal office. Greene has a lot of company, such as Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, Madison Cawthorn, Louie Gohmert, and…who else? Oh, yeah. Donald Trump. All these people should be disqualified from ever running for elected office ever again. And while we’re at it, we need to bar everyone at Fox News from ever running for federal office in case any of them get some bright ideas.

There should be a law disqualifying goons from public office. In fact, I believe every Trump goon, at the very least, should be wearing an ankle bracelet.

Greene’s attorney argued that Free Speech for People, the group bringing the challenge, wants to “deny the right to vote to the thousands of people in the 14th District of Georgia by having Greene removed from the ballot.” It’s a defense that Greene’s voters have the right to vote for the white nationalist terrorist of their choice. This is another example of white privilege. You start a riot then claim you’re a victim. Poor widdle me. I wasn’t doing nothing.

Greene didn’t just say, “I don’t recall” dozens of times in her defense of playing dumb to questions such about texting suggestions about martial law. She also said, “Yes, I was a victim of the riot that day.”

When asked whether unlawfully interfering with the counting of electoral votes in a presidential election would make someone “an enemy of the Constitution,” Greene said, “I don’t know.” She claimed from the stand that Trump did win the election but claimed it was “not accurate” that she wanted Congress not to certify Biden as the winner.

Days before the insurrection, she said, “We aren’t going to let this election be stolen by Joe Biden and the Democrats.” She was one of 147 Republicans who voted to object to counting the electoral votes. She’s on the stand in a court room claiming she never did something her voting record shows she did. This is called perjury because she’s lying under oath. It’s odd that Greene talks a lot of shit about being all about god, saying “god this,” and “god that,” then takes an oath to god, then lies her cultist balls off.

Green was asked about a video she posted in 2019 in which she called on supporters to “flood the Capitol building, flood all the government buildings” and feel free to use violence “if we have to” to get the federal government to address their “huge list of grievances.” She said she didn’t remember doing that.

Greene also doesn’t recall texting Mark Meadows on January 17, 2021, suggesting martial law. She texted, “In our private chat with only Members several are saying the only way to save our Republic is for Trump to call Marshall law. I just wanted you to tell him. They stole this election. We all know. They will destroy our country next.”

Declaring martial law would have destroyed this country, but maybe the goons believe we have to destroy the nation to save it…for white nationalists.

The lawyer leading the challenge to disqualify Greene said, “Anyone who ‘can’t remember’ whether they urged the White House Chief of Staff to talk to the President of the United States about declaring martial law can’t be trusted when they claim they ‘can’t remember’ their own engagement in insurrection,”

At this point, her best defense may be that she never urged martial law, but only “Marshall” law…and then she can explain whatever the hell that is.

Can we make not knowing the difference between “martial” and “Marshall” a disqualifying factor? I mean, if tweeting death threats to the Speaker of the House won’t do it, then what will?

If the challengers can’t prove Greene is disqualified from serving in office based on her participation in an insurrection against our government, perhaps her being in prison from committing perjury during this trial will.

Creative note: I’m still in Washington but I’m heading home soon. I knew all day yesterday that I wanted to draw on this subject, but I didn’t have an idea…and I didn’t get one at the Herblock Awards for Lalo or while staying out until 2:00 AM drinking with cartoonists. But I got up at 8 AM and came down to the coffee shop and this arrived in my head with my 16 ounces. I’m worried it may be an obvious idea but I think it’s pretty good for a hungover cartoonist in need of more sleep.

Music Note: I was back in the coffee shop to draw this cartoon, and I put in my Air Pods and listened to Coheed and Cambria and “Never say never” by Romeo Void.

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  1. It’s been 540 days since the election the dtrump LOST and NO-One can produce any evidence to the rediculous crap they spout off from memory but can’t remember what they said or texted in front of the courts. Truely a shame. Cheers

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  2. I believe it was in the early 50’s at hearings regarding the Screen Actors’Guild Ronald Reagan could “not recall” anything either. In fact, anytime he was in court after that, he could nevever recall anything either. This is just a strategy to not commit onself to anything without pleading the Fifth, which mskes you immedistely guilty snyway. MTG is just following established Republicsn policy. It is time for the courts to dissllow it!

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  3. ‘. . . “deny the right to vote to the thousands of people in the 14th District of Georgia by having Greene removed from the ballot.”’

    Are they so dum they can’t write her name on the ballot, if they are so inclined?

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    1. I think I read that if they bar her from running, any write in votes for her won’t be counted. I’m sure there will be another MAGA Republican on the ballot anyway so I don’t see a problem.
      What really irritated me about her testimony was the smirk every time she said ‘I don’t recall’, like she was sooo smart and pulling the wool over our eyes.

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