Nuclear Outrage

Good lord, what is it now?

Fox News is in the business of scaring fragile white people. President Barack Obama once said that if he watched Fox News then he’d probably hate President Obama too.

White conservatives are afraid of any change, especially if that change is a threat to their white privilege. They’ve even created a conspiracy theory, pushed by Tucker, called the “Great Replacement Theory,” where liberals are using immigrants to replace people of European ethnicity. And none of those immigrants are going to ever say “Merry Christmas.”

But what the hell are they reporting about Hunter Biden’s laptop while never telling us what’s on it? Sure, The New York Times acknowledged there’s a laptop that Rudy Giuliani claims belongs to Hunter, but we still don’t have any real dirt.

Last week, a college trans swimmer won a women’s competition. This has been covered on actual news outlets, but it’s not the lead it is over at Fucknut TV. Republicans are so outraged by this you’d think they came home to find a trans swimmer in their bathtub corrupting their rubber ducky. He’s seen too much!

Florida’s goon governor, Ron DeSantis, even took time off from signing hate legislation and screaming at children for wearing face masks, that he signed a proclamation declaring the woman who came in second in the swim competition as the actual winner. I wonder if Sidney Powell has notarized it yet.

Republican elected officials are putting more effort into frivolous culture war issues than they are putting into performing their actual jobs, from DeSantis’ hate legislation to Marsha Blackburn asking Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to “define” women, to Ted Cruz wasting everyone’s time on Critical Race Theory and “racist babies.” It’s like there are no more adults in the GOP or on conservative TV.

Fox News spends a good chunk of its time complaining about the mainstream media, but guess what, Kitty Cat. Fox News is the ratings leader, something conservatives are very proud of but, that makes Fox News the mainstream media.

So, most “news” watchers in this country are being outraged by wokeness, the Great Replacement Theory, the War on Christmas, Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, trans swimmers, trans Potato Heads, George Soros, Italian Sattelites changing ballots in Dominion voting machines, convoy truckers’ freedom being taken away, bamboo ballots, Hillary Clinton, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and the rest of the “squad,” a black female vice president, a black female Supreme Court Justice, Jussie Smollett, socialist face masks, vaccines with microchips, the WAP song, unsexy M&Ms, Dr. Seuss being canceled, the election stolen from Trump, the gay “agenda,” cancel culture, the federal deficit (only when we have a Democratic president), the “Russia hoax,” Dr. Fauci doing his job, and Hunter Biden’s laptop. What did I leave out?

Here’s a new guideline: If Fox News reports it, then you probably don’t have to be upset over it.

Music Note: I listened to the Wallflowers and Toad the Wet Sprocket.

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  1. Clay, your comic and prose made me think of a new nickname for Fox News – Chicken Little. “The sky is falling, the sky is falling.” Keith


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