Deshaun Watson

Cleveland Browns owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam wrote, “We spent a tremendous amount of time exploring and investigating the opportunity to trade for Deshaun Watson. We are confident in Deshaun and excited about moving forward with him as our quarterback.”

If they actually investigated Watson, they would have found there are at least 22 accusations of sexual abuse against the guy but just one incident of protesting racism by kneeling during the national anthem. Protesting racism can really ruin a guy’s NFL career but sexual abuse, yeah, not so much.

Donald Trump attacked Colin Kaepernick and black NFL players for protesting social injustice and racism by saying if he was an NFL owner (something the NFL wisely said hell to the no to), he would have screamed, “Fire that son of a bitch.” Though if Trump was ever actually an owner of an NFL team and had to fire a “son of a bitch,” he would have had someone else do it. Since the owners of all 32 teams in the NFL are spineless billionaire white cowards, most of whom probably voted for spineless billionaire white coward Trump, not one team would give Kap a real tryout, so don’t even mention hiring the guy. I can’t fathom the idea that every one of the 91 quarterbacks in the NFL is better than Colin Kaepernick.

Fortunately for DeShaun Watson, Donald Trump never scared the NFL by saying “fire that son of a bitch” to players who commit sexual assault. I will bet you a ton of Brett Favre penis-phone pics it never crossed Donald Trump’s mind.

A Texas grand jury declined to bring criminal charges against Deshaun Watson from the accusations of 22 accusers. When a grand jury ignores 22 accusers, it means a prosecutor didn’t want to bring charges. Also, this was in Texas which many believe despite being one of the 50 United States, is actually a third-world country.

Watson’s accusers claim his sexual harassment and abuse occurred during massage sessions. Watson and his lawyers admit he had sex with some of the accusers, but that it was all consensual and whatever happened was “mutually desired.”

Watson was so tainted by the accusations that his own team, the Houston Texans, declined to play him for the entire 2021 season. The Browns said they weren’t interested in Watson and they had a first-round QB in Baker Mayfield, but then turned around and traded three number one draft picks, and then some, to bring in the Texan QB, then signed him to the largest guaranteed contract in NFL history. That is $80 million more than the previous record for fully guaranteed money at signing. Now, Watson has $230 million to settle those 22 civil lawsuits.

The NFL has a history of not caring about sexual assault and is now accused of cultivating a rape culture. There are currently 15 women accusing Washington Commanders (I’m still not used to that name) employees and owner Dan Snyder of sexual harassment and verbal abuse. Patriots owner Robert Kraft was accused of soliciting sex during a Florida massage, but cops dropped that investigation because, you know, Florida. The NFL bans players who are convicted of sexual assault, but they’re pretty much free to play until a conviction comes in. Not sure exactly how they would handle an owner convicted of being a gropey billionaire (The “Gropey Billionaires” would make a great punk rock band name).

The NFL is still investigating Watson, but Cleveland did not trade three number one draft picks and sign the guy to $230 million guaranteed if they believed he won’t play. The NFL has much more tolerance for sexual harassment than it does for protesting against racism. Hell, the NFL has more tolerance for running a dogfighting business than it does for anti-racism protesters.

Deshaun Watson has escaped accountability. Sure, he’s innocent until proven guilty, but can 22 accusers be lying? The only people who used to believe that are Donald Trump and MAGAts. All those women are lying, and in the case of mall food court aficionado Roy Moore, he said he didn’t do it.

Perhaps the only justice being served here is that Deshaun Watson now has to play for the Cleveland Browns. At the least, they’re an organization terrible at judging character.

Music Note: I must have been in the mood to rock with women while drawing today because I listened to Alanis Morisette, the Cranberries, Garbage, and even a couple of tunes by Olivia Newton-John.

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    I don’t care about football … here’s another reason to add to my list!! … “Deshaun Watson has escaped accountability. Sure, he’s innocent until proven guilty, but can 22 accusers be lying? The only people who used to believe that are Donald Trump and MAGAts. All those women are lying, and in the case of mall food court aficionado Roy Moore, he said he didn’t do it.”


  2. Clay, please re-read your second paragraph. You have “Protesting racism can really ruin a guy’s NFL career but protesting racism, yeah, not so much.”


  3. In a male-dominated culture, what happens to women is unimpirtant. It is time women, who comprise half the ticket-puchasing population — and the men who respect them — to stop kneeling down to authority, and STAND UP to protect their sisters, mothers, daughters, and wives/girlfriends/friends! The NFL will not listen until their pocketbooks are affected. Take away their income, and they will listen. And start boycotting the products of the advertisers of the NFL. And start writing to the television networks that broadcast NFL games. And everyone else who has anything to do with supporting the NEANDETHAL MINDSET of the NFL. (And any other male-dominated sport too, they are all GUILTY of demeaning women!)


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