Racist Babies

I’ve heard for years from people who have experience with Texas Senator Ted Cruz that nobody likes him. Former Democratic Senator Al Franken said he likes Ted Cruz more than anyone else in the Senate likes him…and he hated Ted Cruz. Even Republicans don’t want to get stuck in an elevator with Ted Cruz.

I think it’s true. Nobody likes Ted Cruz and the new evidence to this working theory is taken from yesterday’s hearing on Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. We expected a lot of hostility from Republicans on the nomination of a black female who may be the most qualified justice ever nominated for the Supreme Court. We even expected some stupid questions from Republicans because Tom Cotton, Marsha Blackburn, and Josh Horseface Hawley are on the committee. But did anyone expect stupidity on the levels Ted Cruz gave yesterday? Yeah, we did.

Ya’ see, kids…these senators don’t put their questions together by themselves. They have staffs who help them. Ted Cruz did not personally go to Kinko’s for the huge graphics on easels he displayed yesterday. Senators also coordinate these questions with their colleagues so they’re not ALL asking the same Qanon questions about pedophiles. So you would think that somewhere in the process of Ted Cruz putting together his presentation, someone would have said “uh, no.” You would think there would have been at least one “please don’t do that” from amongst his staff and colleagues. There should have been at least one person in the room who cared enough for Ted Cruz and would have tried to prevent him from making a royal sniveling condescending ass out of himself and said, “Senator, maybe lecturing black women on racism isn’t the best way to go.” Someone should have pointed out that the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory don’t have anything to do with being a federal judge. At the very least, someone should have said, “Please, Senator, for the love of God and all that is holy…don’t ask her about racist babies.” But no, someone on his staff went to Kinko’s to pick that shit up so Ted could go on national television in front of the entire goddamn world and ask a black female judge with a degree from Harvard who’s about to be appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States if she believes babies are racist. For all we know, one of his daughters made the Kinko’s run.

Nobody stopped him because nobody likes Ted Cruz. Somewhere in the halls of Congress yesterday, someone who had been in that room helping Cancun Cruz prepare his line of questions was snickering their ass off.

Ted Cruz, like most MAGAts, is a victim of the Dunning-Kruger Effect which is when an idiot doesn’t know he’s an idiot. For Ted, his case should be called the “Duh-Kruger Effect.” This is not the same level as Herschel Walker saying evolution isn’t real because we still have monkeys, but Ted Cruz is on the level of being a smart idiot. Ted tries really hard to be stupid. The only people worse are those who believe Ted Cruz really showed someone else up.

Judge Jackson had to wade through a lot of absurdity yesterday and will do so again today. She had a lot of pauses before answering questions which is probably her way to prevent her first reply being “are you an effing moron”? Or, “Did you eat paint chips as a kid”? Or, “Did your mother drop you a lot when you were a baby?” Or, “What freaking snail pond did you slither out of”?

Lindsey Graham used his time to rant about the treatment Justice Amy Coney Barrett received during her confirmation hearings, not for the Supreme Court, but when she was nominated for a lower federal bench in 2017. Back then, Senator Diane Feinstein asked Barrett about her religion because Barrett had a history of making a huge deal about her religion. So Graham asked Judge Jackson yesterday to rate her religious faith on a “scale of one to ten.” Graham was trying to make white people who are in fundamentalist cults appear as victims.

Senator Horseface (Hawley. Keep up) said, “I’ve noticed an alarming pattern when it comes to Judge Jackson’s treatment of sex offenders, especially those preying on children,” he said accusing her of “a pattern of letting child porn offenders off the hook for their appalling crimes.” This is the same guy who let Donald Trump off the hook for his appalling crimes. Ted Cruz had also gone down the pedophilia rabbit hole. This is an appeal to the Qanon crowd who believed Hillary Clinton was running a pedophile ring in a DC pizza joint, which is still better than what they’re doing at Papa John’s.

John Cornyn scolded Jackson, who is a former public defender, for the way she represented “people who have committed terrorist acts against the United States,” saying her “zealous advocacy has gone beyond the pale.” Like Hawley, this guy voted against impeaching Donald Trump who called for terrorists to attack the very Capitol where he was scolding Judge Jackson for doing her job as a public defender.

Tom Cotton, another goon cozy with Trump’s white nationalist terrorists, tried to associate Judge Jackson with “anarchists, rioters, left-wing street militias,” the “breakdown of society,” and “Soros prosecutors” who “destroy our criminal justice system from within.”

Marsha Blackburn, who may have fewer working brain cells than Herschel Walker, accused Judge Jackson of providing “free legal services to help terrorists get out of Gitmo and go back to the fight,” supporting “the radical left’s attempt to pack the Supreme Court” and harboring a “hidden agenda to let violent criminals, cop killers and child predators back to the streets.” Blackburn is another GOP goon who voted against impeaching Trump for inciting a terrorist attack. Blackburn also accused Judge Jackson of seeing the United States as a “fundamentally racist country” and having a “personal hidden agenda to incorporate Critical Race Theory into our legal system.” I don’t even know how that would work.

Blackburn then accused Judge Jackson of trying to incorporate Critical Race Theory into every aspect of society where you won’t even be able to get an order of Chicken McNuggets without them having a little CRT in them. They always screw you at the drive-thru!
OK, I made that paragraph up, but it’s just as legit as what Blackburn actually said.

But it was Ted Cruz who brought props and even a copy of the children’s book, “Antiracist Baby.” Ted held up the book and asked Judge Jackson perhaps the most ridiculous question that’s ever been asked in the United States Capitol building, and keep in mind, this is the same building where Trump terrorists were asking where was the best spot in the hallways to drop a deuce. Keep in mind, this is the same building where Senator Tommy Tuberville pushes every button in the elevators because the colors are pretty. Keep in mind, this is the same building where Marjorie Taylor Green checks under every desk for free gum. Ted Cruz asked Judge Jackson if she believes babies are racist. This isn’t like the Chicken McNugget thing I made up. This actually happened.

Judge Jackson sits on the board of Georgetown Day School and Cancun Cruz was asking her how Critical Race Theory was a part of the school’s curriculum. Board members of the school don’t set the curriculum. Critical Race Theory doesn’t have anything to do with federal judgeships. And, Georgetown Day School is private. “Antiracist Baby” is a book taught at the private school.

Ted then went after her for past statements she had made about the school advancing “social justice.” Ted and other Republicans have made “social justice” a code word for racists to react negatively to, like “welfare queen,” “woke,” and “books.” They find “social justice” nearly as icky as we find Ted Cruz.

Ted talked about another book taught at the school, “Stamped,” which is by the same author as “Antiracist Baby.” Ted had major issues with text on page 33 (he was trying to prove he read the book) where the question is asked if it’s OK to send white people “back” to Europe. Ted miscomprehended, or lied, about the passage as it’s not saying we should send white people “back” to Europe. It’s illustrating a point about black and brown people being told to “go back to where you came from,” like when Donald Trump made a rally chant of “send them back” about nonwhite women in the United States Congress.

Before the hearing, Ted was in Montana and pitched a fit because he missed the boarding call. He made so much of a ruckus that the cops had to be called. Ted really wanted to get on that flight as if he was fleeing from a snowstorm and escaping to Cancun. Ted was trying to get back to Washington, DC so he could take part in the hearings. He eventually got a flight out and I can guarantee there was at least one racist baby on that plane.

Music Note: I listened to the Rolling Stones while drawing this cartoon.

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  2. I heard part of Cruz’s continuation of bullshit today and had to tune out when he kept repeating, “prepubescent girls,” as if he was getting aroused. Judge Jackson is doing well, but I do wish her staff gave her those cases so she could fire back, since they are mentioned yesterday. At least Cruz got lost in his notes and screwed up.

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