Talking To Ketanji

I do not expect Ketanji Brown Jackson to get a fair hearing from Republicans today. If they take their cues from Tucker Carlson, they’ll all demand to see her LSAT scores, something they didn’t request from Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, or Amy Coney Barrett.

Republicans are seeking reasons to oppose confirming Jackson other than they don’t like her politics or that she was nominated by the other team. It was more common in the past for senators to vote for a judge nominated by the president of the opposing party. What really mattered to most was if they were qualified. In1993, 96 senators voted to confirm Ruth Bader Ginsburg and it didn’t surprise anyone she turned out to be a liberal Supreme Court Justice because everyone already knew she was a liberal judge. Everyone knew John Roberts was a conservative in 2005 and he got 78 votes. The Supreme Court used to be a much more serious place before it got jackasses like Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Rick Scott, Tommy Tuberville, Tom Cotton, Marco Rubio, Cindy Hyde-Smith, Marsha Blackburn, Lindsey Graham, Ron Johnson, and Rand Paul.

Now, it’s much more partisan and none of Donald Trump’s three picks for the Supreme Court could reach the super-majority requirement of 60 votes, so Mitch McConnell lowered the requirement to 50. To be fair to Democrats though, there were major problems with each of Trump’s picks other than all three being goons

Neil Gorsuch was a pick stolen from President Obama and Republicans wouldn’t even allow a hearing for Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland. Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault and proved himself to be too vindictive, whiny, and immature for a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land. Amy Coney Barrett was another stolen pick and she’s in a cult. Also, all three picks were chosen by the fundamentalist right-wing fucknut organization the Federalist Society, which is a legal club for goons where there is probably a lot of harumphing.

President Biden promised on the campaign trail he would pick a black woman for his first SCOTUS pick. Republicans, who were enthusiastic when Ronald Reagan and Cheeto both promised to pick women, were very upset over Biden’s promise to pick a black woman. It makes me think their outrage is less about the woman part and more about the black part. Maybe that’s why Tucker wants to see her LSAT scores but not those from white nominees.

Also, conservatives never demanded to see Trump’s school transcripts but did demand to see Obama’s. I’m starting to detect a pattern here.

Of the115 Supreme Court justices in our nation’s history, 108 have been white men. None have been a black woman. Republicans today are acting like Ketanji Brown Jackson is taking an opportunity away from a white guy.

If Donald Trump had openly admitted his first nomination would be a white guy, Republicans never would have claimed he was limiting the pool of talented and qualified candidates to choose from. They’d claim there are plenty of qualified white men for the Supreme Court, so selecting from a list of only white male candidates isn’t an issue. The same is true of picking from only black female judicial candidates. There are multiple black females qualified to serve on the Supreme Court.

Jackson is currently a judge in the DC federal appellate court. She worked as a clerk for the man she’s replacing, Justice Stephen Breyer. She’s also been a federal public defender, an attorney in private practice, a federal district court judge, and a member of the US Sentencing Commission. She’s qualified. Also, she’s not a goon.

As long as all 50 members of the Senate vote for her, Jackson will be our next justice on the Supreme Court. Some Republicans have already voiced opposition to her. Senator Chuck Grassley implied today that she disagrees with criminal law.

Senator John Cornyn has speculated she’s a “true believer” in defending terrorists.

Senator Josh Hawley, who is also a head-up-his-ass imbecile with a horse face, has implied she supports child pornographers and sex offenders. But, Jackson comes from a family of law enforcement and has the support of law enforcement groups, including the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the Fraternal Order of Police, and dozens of former state attorneys general. She’s already been confirmed by the Senate three times.

Grassley has already objected to her statement, “”presidents are not kings” and some Republicans are demanding she recuses herself from any cases that may (most definitely will) come before the court involving Donald Trump since she has already heard a case involving the Tiny and obstruction of justice. Of course, Republicans aren’t going to ask Trump’s three picks on the court to recuse themselves. Can I get a harumph?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is demanding that she oppose expanding the court and stacking the deck for liberals, you know…after he spent eight years blocking Obama’s justices to federal courts, then rushing in the least qualified cultist shitweasels he could find to stack the decks during the Trump years, including the three MAGAt morons he put on the Supreme Court. Can I get another harumph?

Ketanji Brown Jackson will not change the balance of the court since she’s replacing a liberal, but did you hear that Clarence Thomas is in the hospital? Can I get a harumph?

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  1. Membership on the Supreme Court is no longer about ability, or worthiness. It is about kowtowing to TFG, TrumpelStiltedOrangeSkin. Even though TFG is no longer relevent to anything except himself. I hope Ms Jackson is confirmed despite the “Opposition’s Conservative Racism,” because she is just. Justices are supposed to be just, not just kowtowers.


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    Oh, dear me, PLEASE!! Praying … “Ketanji Brown Jackson will not change the balance of the court since she’s replacing a liberal, but did you hear that Clarence Thomas is in the hospital? Can I get a harumph?”
    … and there’s much more on this post!!


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