Colin Kaepernick

Tucker Hates Our Troops


For his latest commentary on the military, Tucker Carlson relied on his vast military experience. Oh, I’m sorry. He relied on his vast Swiss boarding school experience.

I lied. His experience with Swiss boarding schools isn’t vast. He was kicked out. Apparently, he was too white. I hope that didn’t enrage him.

)Tucker has attended at least two private schools and and one private college where he was a member of the Dan White Society, named after the (white) guy who assassinated San Francisco supervisor Harvey Milk and mayor George Moscone. Tucker is not a veteran of the military. No, Tucker is a trust-fund baby who grew up with beach views in the shadows of country club tennis courts. But, don’t worry. He has opinions of our military he’s very eager to share.

During a House Armed Services Committee hearing, General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, said he wished to explore the area of academia that looks into the intersection of race and law. During this hearing, he schooled and embarrassed Representative (sic) Matt Gaetz who was asking about the military “embracing” Critical Race Theory. Gaetz hasn’t been spanked this hard since the last time he paid a teenage girl through Venmo after flying her across state lines to do it.

General Milley said to Gaetz, “I do think it’s important. actually, for those of us in uniform to be open-minded and be widely read. And the United States Military Academy is a university. And it is important that we train and we understand — I want to understand white rage, and I’m white — and I want to understand it. So, what is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building and tried to overturn the Constitution of the United States of America? What caused that? I want to find that out.”

Gaetz was shaking his head the entire time…or it was a side effect after accidentally taking roofies shaped like Bam-Bam.

Milley said he was offended the U.S. military was being accused of “being ‘woke’ or something else” for studying theories that exist.

Wouldn’t you want the military to understand…stuff? When we fought the Nazis in World War II, don’t you think political and military leaders read Mein Kampf to try to understand who we were fighting? Don’t you think a lot of Jews have read the same book trying to understand any of that mindset?

Late night host and comedian Seth Meyers said, ““The GOP used to accuse anyone who opposed their wars of not supporting the troops and now they’re accusing the troops of being too woke. Soon they’re going to start accusing SEAL Team 6 of committing voter fraud.”

It’s so funny that when an athlete kneels during the playing of the national anthem before a game, white conservatives claim it’s disrespecting our military and scream in a rage, “Fire that sonofabitch.” But when a white conservative, who is not a veteran, does it, he’s defending our values or some shit like that.

Since Matt Gaetz is a sycophantic troglodyte with a lifetime membership in the racist Trump cult, Tucker felt it was up to him to defend the racist congressman who enjoys sharing nude photos of girls on the House floor. Guys who share the same extra-small condom size need to stick together.

Tucker accused the general of levying “an attack against people on the basis of their skin color.” If you attack Nazis, will Tucker go after you for attacking them on the basis of their skin color? Maybe, because the general was talking about terrorists.

“White rage is not a medical condition. It’s not even a legitimate academic theory. It doesn’t exist,” Tucker said in a full-on rage.

The irony continued to escape Tucker that he, a trust-fund baby boarding-school white guy was defending white rage on the favorite show of Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Neo Nazis, the Klan, the MAGA cult, Cheesecake Factory enthusiasts, people who say “anywho,” Ted Nugent, Scott Baio, and other assorted white nationalists. With a name like Tucker, your credibility on racial matters is about as good as that of guys named Brett, Jared, Todd, Colin, Dirk, Biff, Brad, Bryce, Landon, Tripp, Chase, Garrett, Thad, Preston, Chip, Paxton, Scooter (that guy got beat up a lot), or Chaz. If your parents named you Chaz, fuck you, Chaz. Your parents had every intention of you growing up to be a Docker-wearing certifiable douchebag. It’s like having the last name DeVille and naming your daughter Cruella…then being surprised she likes spotted fur coats.

Tucker, who was raised to be douchey and wear bowties, raged on and said, “White rage is a racial attack. So here you have the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in a congressional hearing leveling a race attack against American citizens, the guy who’s supposed to be protecting our country.” American citizens, who were 99 percent white and terrorists.

“That is disgraceful. It’s disqualifying. It’s without precedent,” Carlson said. Jesus, you’d think the General was trying to make it harder for white people to vote or legalize running over MAGAts with your car. Trust me. Nobody is trying to make it legal to run over MAGAts with cars. I’ve looked into it.

Fox fucker Tucker went on to say, “We shouldn’t have a chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who attacks Americans based on their skin color. It’s disgusting.”

So, why is Tucker’s show the top-rated show for Nazis?

This show was Tucker doubling-down from a previous show where he called the Joint Chiefs chairman “stupid” and “a pig,” adding Milley got his job because “he knows who to suck up to.” I’m sure Tucker got his job at Fox News based on his impeccable credentials as a journalist.

Tucker carried on about the General and said, “Hard to believe that man wears a uniform. He’s just that unimpressive. Notice he never defined white rage.” Tucker, he did define white rage. Except, you think that definition was a bunch of tourists visiting the Capitol.

White rage also comes from the fear of losing your white privilege. Tucker’s privilege of being raised as a douchey trust-fund boarding school baby is a privilege stacked on top of his white privilege.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar (I love her) pointed out that Tucker’s show is another definition of white rage.

Keilar said, “Milley is not immune from criticism, but look at the stripes on his sleeve. Ten of them, we counted. Each one of those overseas service bars is six months deployed. That is five years. That is more time than Tucker Carlson spent at his probably third-choice boarding school.”

She added, “Tucker Carlson didn’t serve. His biggest achievement is having nine lives in the world of cable news, making a bowtie famous, and getting away with promoting conspiracy theories night after night after night.”

If you’re a white conservative and Brianna Keilar’s comments enrage you, good news. There’s a term for that.

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Full Of Crap For Kap


Pete Rose is banned from Major League Baseball. He’s considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time being voted Rookie of the Year, winning three batting titles, three World Series, two Gold Glove, and one Most Valuable Player Award. He went to the All-Star game 17 times where he played five different positions (no one else has ever done that). And yet, he’s still not in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Why did Major League Baseball banish Rose in 1989? He gambled on teams while he was managing and playing on the Cincinnati Reds. Even Ty Cobb is in the Hall of Fame. MLB is really pissed at Pete Rose.

What did Colin Kaepernick do to be banned from the National Football League? Did he beat someone up? Did he beat up a woman? Was he accused of rape? Did he operate a dog-fighting operation? Was he caught doping up? Did he go out and say a bunch of racist and derogatory comments? Did he expose himself to a female reporter? Was he snagged with underage prostitutes at a massage parlor? Was he accused of murder? did he cheat in the Super Bowl? Did he take out bounties on opposing players? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, and no. All that stuff won’t get you banned from the NFL. So what did Kaepernick do? Kap protested police brutality against black Americans and a legal system that treats Americans unevenly. Basically, Kap said, “Stop killing black men.” The NFL said, buh-bye.

The NFL is really good at lip service. They can literally put the money where their mouth is when it comes to raising charity and they’re good at putting up a dog-and-pony show. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they make their players wear pink shoes. And when Donald Trump started screaming “Fire that son-of-a-bitch” at his hate rallies over black athletes protesting during the national anthem, the NFL claimed they stood with their players, but banned them from protesting…and they banned the man who started the protests, Colin Kaepernick, from playing in the league entirely.

Kaepernick is not officially banned. It’s more of a wink-wink-nudge-nudge-don’t-you-dare-hire-that-guy ban. Last year, after being out of the league since 2016 with no NFL tryouts from any team since, the league gave him a tryout day where every team was invited without the certainty of which would attend. It blew up after the NFL threw a contract at Kaepernick that was unlike the usual contracts for tryouts. The tryout blew up. It was the NFL pretending to give Kaepernick an opportunity. Yet, not one NFL team has invited Kap to their practice facility for a tryout. I mean, it’s not like the quarterback ever took his former team, the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl. Oh, wait. Yes he did. You would think that in the four years since, one NFL team would have said, “Hey, let’s look at that guy.” They won’t even let him apply for a job.

Several current players in the NFL released a video demanding the league take the protest against police brutality seriously. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell responded with his own video and said, “We, the NFL, condemn racism and the systematic oppression of Black People. We, the NFL, admit we were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest. We, the NFL, believe Black Lives Matter.” Wow, hey, yay…uh…what’s missing from that?

What’s missing is Colin Kaepernick’s name. They’re against racism and apologizing for being on the wrong side, yet they can’t admit where they were wrong. They say they believe “black lives matter” but can’t admit they’re still punishing someone for believing “black lives matter.” While they now say they “encourage” players to speak out and peacefully protest, they can’t admit they’re punishing a player for doing so.

But the thing is, there’s a difference between “not listening,” which is what Goodell is admitting to, and silencing, which is what they did. They silenced players. The banned protests on the sidelines before the games would start and stuck them in the locker room during the anthem. It’s like saying, “you can protest, but you have to do it silently and out of sight.” The NFL rule was, you can protest as long as nobody can see or hear you.

Colin Kaepernick was not protesting against being asked to help fight a pandemic. He wasn’t protesting because wearing a mask is uncomfortable. He wasn’t protesting for the right to get a haircut or go to the Cheesecake Factory. He didn’t storm a state capitol with an AR-15. He protested the killing of black men by police. Most people can’t even say “police brutality.” For doing the right thing, he was punished.

Drew Brees said he would never agree with someone protesting against “our flag” and cites his two grandfathers and their bravery in fighting for this nation. Drew failed to understand the issue and while citing his grandfather’s bravery, could never live up to the bravery of Kaepernick.

Donald Trump is another coward attacking the NFL, Kaepernick, and black players while hiding in his bunker.

Roger Goodell, every team owner, and every general manager in the NFL are cowards too. They’re afraid of the backlash from angry right-wing fans by bringing back a black man who spoke out against racism.

Speaking out against racism is the right thing to do. The National Football League is four years behind doing the right thing. But as it’s been pointed out, it’s not good enough for white people to not be racists. They need to be anti-racist.

Goodell’s statement says they won’t be racist anymore but we need the NFL to stand up and be anti-racist. The NFL isn’t doing that. It’s just more lip service. They’re still afraid. How can they stand up and help fight racism when they can’t even cite their past racism or fear of speaking against it? How can they stand up and fight racism when they can’t even say his name?

His name is Colin Kaepernick. He put his career on the line for doing the right thing. You punished him for it. You should allow him back in the league and while protesters chant, “Say his name” in regards to George Floyd, the NFL can’t even say “Colin Kaepernick.

Say his name.

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Hollywood Kap Attack


Every morning while I’m drawing, I take a break to check out some of my colleagues’ work at GoComics and the AAEC’s site. Partly, because I want to make sure nobody scooped me with the idea I’m working on and, because I’m also a fan.

While looking one night/morning a few days ago, I spotted a cartoon by a conservative on being outraged about Hollywood doing a movie about the first moon landing and not showing the planting of the American flag. Then, I saw another cartoon on it, and then another. My first thought was, “what?” The next day, I saw two more.

I am usually aware of every serious news issue before most people but I hadn’t heard of this. But, it’s not uncommon for me to see a cartoon by one of my conservative colleagues that doesn’t make any sense to me. Still, I Googled and there it was. A new movie is about to come out, or it’s already out, called First Man and it excludes the planting of the flag, though it does show the flag later flapping on the moon (do they flap on the moon?).

Did the right-wing blogosphere issue a memo or talking points to get upset over this? Was this all the rage at InfoWars, the Daily Stormer, and 4chan? How do they have the energy to be upset over this at the same time they’re burning their Nikes while calling liberals “snowflakes?” I do envy the conservatives’ ability to multitask.

Yes, conservatives are still upset over Nike running a new ad with Colin Kaepernick. Some of them wanting to send the message that they’ll never support Nike, rushed out to buy a pair, so they could post photos online of them burning the expensive shoes. A few conservatives, figuring out that “Nike” starts with an “N,” bought New Balance shoes, because their logo is a great big “N,” and posted photos of those being burned. Republicans always get in trouble with words that start with “N.”

Speaking of Republicans who have trouble with words…and logic, Trump made a statement about the film. He said, “It’s unfortunate. It’s almost like they’re embarrassed at the achievement coming from America, I think it’s a terrible thing. When you think of Neil Armstrong and when you think of the landing on the moon, you think about the American flag. For that reason, I wouldn’t even want to watch the movie.” This means he’s criticizing the film without seeing it, which I’m sure the majority of other conservatives bashing it haven’t either. And, sure. They’re so embarrassed at one of the greatest American achievements that they made an entire big-budget picture about it. I’m less deterred from seeing this film over the flag flap and more so because Ryan Gosling is in it.

The family of Neil Armstrong, who the movie is actually about, issued a statement saying, “We do not feel this movie is anti-American in the slightest. Quite the opposite. But don’t take our word for it. We’d encourage everyone to go see this remarkable film and see for themselves.” So, maybe go see the movie before you get your butt in a bunch over it. Does that make sense that you should know what you’re talking about before you talk about it? But, to be fair, I’m pretty sure I hate La La Land and I haven’t seen it.

Because of this newest faux outrage by Republicans, a film about one of America’s greatest achievements will have fewer white conservatives in the theaters than BlacKkKlansman (which was excellent).

So, if you do go to see the film, it will probably be safe to wear your Nikes.

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KnocKKKing Nike


This Thursday is the start of the NFL’s regular season, but as we all know, racism doesn’t have an off-season.

The Republican gubernatorial candidate in Florida said voting for his black opponent will be “monkeying” it up. There are racist robocalls in Florida targeting those like-minded with a “we the Negroes” theme. The president of the United States is spreading a fake story that blacks are killing white farmers in South Africa. Other racist robocalls in Iowa are using the murder of a college student to inflame hatred toward Hispanic immigrants with the message “Kill them all.” A Pennsylvania Republican County secretary just resigned from her position referring to black NFL players who kneel during the national anthem as “baboons.”

This is Donald Trump’s America, where conservatives express hostility toward a black athlete protesting police violence and a discriminating legal system. They claim he’s disrespecting the anthem, the American flag, and our troops, though there’s no evidence of that and the athletes have explained their position. And, who is directing this national outrage at those accused of disrespecting the anthem, flag, and troops? A man who dodged military service by citing bone spurs, said POWs aren’t heroes, that he likes people who aren’t captured, quarrels with Gold Star families, doesn’t know the words to the national anthem, and thinks some of the stripes in the American flag are blue.

Colin Kaepernick is credited and blamed for starting the kneeling during the national anthem. Donald Trump attacked him which encouraged more athletes to kneel. This provided more red meat for Trump to throw to his base as he’s told his rallies that NFL team owners should “fire that son of a bitch” when an athlete kneels. Afraid of being bullied by Trump, no NFL team will hire Kaepernick today, and he’s filed a grievance lawsuit against the league. ESPN, hoping to avoid controversy, won’t air the playing of the anthem.

One corporation isn’t afraid of Donald Trump and that’s Nike. The shoe and athletic apparel company have made Kaepernick the centerpiece of their “Just do it” campaign. Trump sycophants and other conservatives, racists, and anyone with trouble comprehending are now promising to boycott Nike.

Nike is betting on the 18-to-29 age group and not the grumpy, crusty, old man group using race as a wedge issue in their grandstanding. Kaepernick’s jersey became a top seller after he started his protest and remains so today.

While racists are promising to boycott Nike, I thought maybe I should help support a company that’s on the correct side of the race issue by purchasing one of their overpriced shoes. Then I realized that Nike owns Converse and I already own three of those.

The NBA is less intimidated by Trump and his rabid followers of loony idiots. They didn’t freak out when their biggest star called Trump a “bum,” and one owner canceled a game over protests outside the arena over police shooting a black man. Americans need to take inspiration from those with backbones and stand up against tyranny and intimidation. I can’t tell you how many replies I’ve received from newspaper editors telling me they like my cartoons, but they’re too afraid of their readers to run them.

Conservatives campaign less on ideas and more on fear. We can’t allow ourselves to be intimidated and pushed around by demagogues and cowards. Nike won’t, Colin Kaepernick won’t, I won’t, and you shouldn’t either. It’s time to push back.

Just do it.

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Taking A Knee


After the NFL released their ruling Wednesday that they are banning kneeling during the American national anthem and will fine anyone who does so, Vice President and chief kisser of the orange rumpus, Mike Pence tweeted, “Today’s decision by the is a win for the fans, a win for , and a win for America. Americans can once again come together around what unites us – our flag, our military, and our National Anthem. Thank you NFL.”

What Mike Pence reveals with that tweet is that it was never about the fans, our military, or our nation. It’s all about Trump.

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the silent protest to draw attention to police brutality and other social injustice against African-Americans. A few players joined him over time, and after Donald Trump used the issue to divide America further, even more players, white and black, took part.

Trump used the issue to attack black athletes and throw red meat to his base of racist supporters under the pretense that not standing was dishonoring veterans. That’s rich coming from a man who said a POW was not a war hero (I like people who aren’t captured), insulted Gold Star Families, and was himself a draft dodger.

Pence used the issue to stage a photo-op and even flew across the country to pull it off.

None of the critics have actually listened to what the protest has been about, instead pretending it’s something else. Screaming a lie about disrespecting the military is easier and more politically beneficial than confronting the reality that we have a social and legal system that discriminates against black Americans.

The National Football League was wise years ago when they prevented Trump from becoming a team owner. The “Buffalo Trumps” has a horrible ring to it anyway. The league should have exercised that same wisdom and refused to listen and pander to Trump.

The league is allowing players to stay in the locker rooms during the anthem, but will fine teams of any players on the field who refuse to stand. The teams can then punish the players any way they choose. Sure, the players are employees, but can an employer force employees to pledge loyalty? Expect a legal challenge.

The NFL uses patriotism as a marketing tool and even takes money from the Department of Defense to stage tributes in taxpayer-owned stadiums, in cities where they receive huge tax breaks.

The anger directed at the players is based entirely on race, not patriotism. You don’t see the same outrage from Republicans toward Trump for his disrespect of the troops. They don’t ask him to apologize and to be accountable for the attacks he’s waged. These are the same people complaining about “safe spaces” on college campuses.

It’s funny how people are told they can protest as long as they do it peacefully, then told to do it silently, and now they’re being told to do it where nobody can see them. Basically, the rule from Republicans is, don’t protest while black.

One solution the NFL didn’t take advantage of was, leave it alone. An atmosphere where you allow people to express themselves is stronger than one of forced compliance. Since the NFL failed, the players should practice a new protest.

I suggest they go on the field during the anthem and stand. While standing, they should put their fist in the air and give the black power salute like Tommie Smith and John Carlos did in the 1968 Olympics. The new policy doesn’t prohibit a raised fist while standing. Then, we’ll hear from the critics what their problems really are about black athletes making a point.

Standing up for your beliefs is honorable. Kissing Trump’s ass is a disgrace. Pandering to a wannabe authoritarian is un-American.

Watch me draw.

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Diverse Viewpoints


Last week, an engineer at Google circulated an internal memo suggesting that biological factors were part of the cause for the gender gap in the tech industry and that the company should stop alienating conservatives. It landed about as well as that Jerry Maguire memo suggesting the sports agency should practice ethics. Just like Jerry, the sexist Google dude was Googling for a new job.

A lot of conservatives rushed to defend the guy and bash Google for firing him. That’s what horrible people do. They defend other horrible people. They accuse Google of not tolerating diverse opinions. This isn’t an argument over whether ketchup should be squirted on hot dogs or not (though those savages should hit the streets too). A company that’s known for innovation and building toward the future doesn’t want to discourage future talent from coming on board because they may be perceived as sexist. And trust me on this: You want to hire women. Every woman I have ever met is smarter than I am….except for women who voted for Donald Trump.

Believing woman are biologically inferior to work for a software company is a view that only those living in caves should possess. What if the guy circulated a memo stating that some races were biologically inferior? At the very least, you don’t want to keep a guy around who’s stupid enough to publish that memo.

Many conservatives are also defending the Nazis who are suddenly finding themselves unemployed after pictures of them marching at the Charlottesville hatefest were published. One guy was actually fired from a hot dog place. Nobody wants a Nazi handling their wiener. Just like the Google dude whined that he really wasn’t sexist, some Nazis swore they weren’t really Nazis. They just really hate blacks, Jews, gays, liberals, and they enjoy driving out of state to goosestep in khakis while holding a Tiki torch.

Nobody wants to be associated with Nazis. The Tiki torch company issued a statement distancing themselves from Nazis. I expect companies that produce polo shirts and khakis to come out next. They issued stronger condemnations of Nazis than the president.

Horrible people continued to defend horrible people and cried about diversity in the workplace. Well, I’m sure those conservatives wouldn’t mind having a conversation at the water cooler with a Nazi. It’s done daily in the White House. But, most normal people don’t want to hang around Nazis.

You don’t have to go so far with the right-wing crap to be a Nazi for me not to want to hang around with you. If your first statement, comment, post on social media about Charlottesville was mentioning Obama, Antifa, liberals, or any other cover to protect your Nazi pals, I don’t want to associate with you. Basically, you suck at life and you’re an asshole.

You’re probably the type of asshole to scream about diversity in the workplace when Nazis and sexists are fired but want Colin Kaepernick banned from the NFL because he refuses to stand for the National Anthem.

Kaepernick is a good football player who can’t find a job in the NFL because of his stance against standing during a song. His refusal to conform to nationalism has rubbed many the wrong way and cowardly team owners are afraid of a negative backlash if they sign him. Beating up a woman will get you suspended for six games, but silently protesting police brutality against black Americans will not be tolerated. How dare he have a social conscience.

In case you haven’t noticed, what happened in Charlottesville displayed a lot of reasons not to stand for the National Anthem. If you have a problem with people who don’t want to conform to your nationalism, then I suggest that you sit down and shut the hell up.

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I had a couple of other ideas yesterday but I wasn’t in love with them. Shortly after midnight on Monday morning that idea hit me, which is how all ideas hit me. It’s like someone shows up and I’m seeing who they are. At first, I didn’t realize I wanted to draw it until the full image came into my head. It started with the bumper sticker, which I thought was just OK. Then, the scene kinda zoomed out in my head and I was like “oooh. I gotta draw that.”

I thought it might be one of those with the potential to receive the most hits to the website, most shares, likes, comments…but it didn’t work out that way. I’m not complaining. It just goes to show that I can’t predict how well my cartoons will be received.

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Outrageous Distractions


Before FBI director James Comey’s hearing before Congress, Donald Trump decided to start tweeting about his Russia connections.

He tweeted from his personal account, @RealDonaldTrump, that the Russia story was “fake” news. James Clapper and others stated that there is no evidence POTUS colluded with Russia. It’s a fake story the Democrats are pushing as an excuse for running a terrible campaign. The real story are the leaks.

During Comey’s testimony Trump switched over to the official POTUS account to give a live play-by-play coverage of the hearings. He tweeted that Comey said there’s no evidence of collusion between Russia and Trump Campaign and that Russia did not influence the electoral process.

Of course none of his tweets were accurate at all. What? Donald Trump would tell a lie?

Comey stated that there’s no evidence that President Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped. He also stated that the FBI is indeed investigating for cooperation between Russia and the Trump campaign. Comey could not state whether or not Russia influenced the election.

As it turns out, the FBI has been investigating the Trump campaign since July. For some reason weeks before the election they felt the need to only reveal they were investigating Hillary Clinton. They didn’t say anything about investigating Trump.

How did Trump deal with all this? He did what any normal person would do which was to hop on a plane to Kentucky and bitch about Colin Kaepernick.

You remember the brouhaha over Kaepernick, the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers? He wouldn’t stand for the pledge of allegiance in protest of the United States continuing to be a system of racism. Trump stated that he likes people who stand for the Pledge.

Seeing that he likes people who stand for the Pledge but he doesn’t like American veterans who were captured, how would he feel toward a POW who stands for the Pledge?

And why the hell is Trump starting his reelection campaign within the first two months of his presidency? Should other candidates start announcing? Did Putin tell him to do this?

It’s funny that Donald Trump screamed loud and proud that he loves Wikileaks during the campaign (the first campaign). The GOP loved James Comey when he revealed he was investigating Clinton. Now the GOP wants to investigate leaks and they’re pretty upset with Comey.

Trump has had the worst start to his presidency than any other before him, except maybe Lincoln and that’s just because half the country seceded before he took office (his tenure didn’t end so hot either). Trump is no Lincoln. While Lincoln managed a war and freed the slaves, Trump’s only talent is distractions and deflections. I’m very interested in what his next one will be.

“Outrageous Distractions” should be a name for a punk rock band. It shouldn’t be the official policy for a sitting president.

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Select Your Outrage


People need to put a little more focus into their outrage.

Former Stanford student and convicted rapist Brock Turner was just released from jail three months into a six-month sentence. Many critics of his lean sentencing point out there are African-Americans serving much harsher sentences for lesser offenses that are non-violent, like drug possession.

Meanwhile, a lot of people are still engaging in full rage hissy fits over Colin Kaepernick refusing to stand for the national anthem because he doesn’t like the way this country treats black people. Donald Trump tells us on a daily basis this country isn’t great and so-called patriots want to give him our nuclear codes. A black athlete tell us it isn’t great and everyone loses their minds.

I am much less bothered by an athlete engaging in a silent and peaceful protest than I am with white privilege slapping a white rich kid on the wrist after he rapes a young woman.

If you’ve engaged in social media or in a conversation expressing outrage over Kaepernick but have remained silent on Brock Turner, then you have proven Kaepernick has a point.

Maybe you should sit down.


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