Republican Targets

Republicans are only outraged at Vladimir Putin now because they’re supposed to be. If the public was indifferent to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Republicans would either be silent about it or siding with Russia the way Tucker Carlson has. Even Donald Trump has seen it’s better to be silent on the war than siding with Putin after he called the guy a genius. It’s really hard to build support when you’re bombing baby hospitals and kindergartens.

And while there is support for Russia on the far right, there’s also support for Russia coming from the lunatic fringe that’s the far left. You have to wonder if the same signature is on both, Tucker Carlson’s and Ted Rall’s checks. Both of these individuals have a pro-Russia, anti-USA following they’re pushing Putin’s propaganda to.

The far-left uses the false equivalence of the United States’ invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan to claim we have no right to criticize Russia’s invasion. But those comparisons are almost as bad as the comparisons of prices of gas to coffee. You have a choice with coffee and you’re not consuming gallons of it a day, so stop with those moronic comparisons. And stop with the war comparisons.

The far-left lunatics forget that liberals were opposed to the war in Iraq. Liberals, not the leftists, are consistent. And while I personally protested the war in Iraq, I don’t see it as the same as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. For starters, Ukraine is a democracy led by a democratically-elected president. Saddam Hussein was no Volodymyr Zelensky. And while the invasion of Iraq was illegal and based on lies, the United States had multiple partners. Putin only has Belarus which is another fascist nation. I supported our removing the Taliban and al Qaeda while not in favor of remaining in that nation for two decades. The war in Afghanistan was a NATO effort after the United States was attacked by terrorists that nation was harboring. We were attacked from Afghanistan. But even if you believe all three wars are identical, then why denounce two while supporting one? Why support Putin’s unprovoked attack on a democratic nation?

Also, a lot of Americans who initially supported the invasion of Iraq did so based on the lies they were told. Now if you’re supporting Putin, now you’re the liar. The Tuckers and Teds are repeating Putin’s lies. You hear “Nazi” a lot, but I bet there weren’t a lot of Nazis in that kindergarten or baby hospital he bombed this week.

But let’s get back to the Republicans. If they could, they’d make this war as partisan as they made the coronavirus pandemic. to them, support for Ukraine would be the same as supporting social distancing and face mask and vaccine mandates. They’d be crying about forcing kids to wear face masks to school while being silent about Ukrainian elementary schools being bombed. They’d all be like Ron DeSantis, who believe the worst thing in a school isn’t a Russian bomb, but the word “gay”. If they could, they’d ignore Putin’s attack on Ukraine’s democracy just like they ignored Putin’s attack on American democracy.

Oh, sure. They’re all outraged at Putin’s war crimes on Ukraine now, but they were fine with his crimes against the United States when they made gains off them. They were fine with Putin handing them the White House. They were fine with Putin’s puppet giving billionaires tax breaks. They were more than happy to make a cult leader out of the orange racist stooge Putin put in the Oval Office. And they were jubilant with the Supreme Court picks Vladimir Putin gave them.

Fact: Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett would NOT be on the Supreme Court today, and for the next 30 years, if it wasn’t for Vladimir Putin. I am a radical because I believe every sitting federal judge who was nominated by Vladimir Putin, through his conduit Donald Trump, should step down.

The GOP acknowledges Putin is a bad guy today, but they were silent over the past half-decade when he was giving them shit. They were as silent about his attacks on the United States of America as they were each time an abortion clinic was attacked.

In November 2015, a deranged lunatic opened fire on a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. He killed three people and injured nine others. He attacked the clinic based upon right-wing lies that Planned Parenthood was harvesting baby body parts for profit. These lies were created by a conservative outlet that produced heavily manipulated videos to push their anti-choice agenda. This outlet is still in operation today. The GOP repeated these lies. They supported the actions that led to the attack.

A few months later, the 2016 presidential campaign began and none of the 16 (probably more) Republican candidates wanted to talk about the shooting. The entire Republican Party brushed it off despite having blood on its hands.

What would Republicans be saying if instead of Putin bombing a maternity hospital, he had bombed a Kyiv women’s clinic? Would they be silent or would they cheer? The only thing I’m certain of is that they wouldn’t condemn it.

What would they do? With the way Vladimir Putin is conducting his war and hitting civilian targets, we may find out.

Republicans who are just now opposing Vladimir Putin are a little too late for me.

Update on yesterday’s cartoon: I thought I would have been suspended on several social media platforms for yesterday’s cartoon by now, and maybe I still will. But, I haven’t been hit yet. It has now occurred to me, which is disturbing, that maybe the word in the cartoon isn’t a bad word to them. That’s messed up. I have been suspended for a lot less. Hell, I lost my first Instagram account for comparing anti-gay laws in Brunei, which gave the death sentence to LGBTQ people, to Chick-fil-A.

Music Note: I listened to The Police while creating today’s cartoon. Da-doo-doo-doo…

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  1. The biggest problem, as I see it, is that “because North America could become embroiled in a war that could expand to its own soil, we (and Nato) refuse to get physically involved,” wheras in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places that war would not spread to North America, certain nations jumped in with little or NO provocation. If anyone needed, or NEEDS, physical help, it is Ukraine. Putin is a predator, and Ukrainians are unwilling victims.
    THE UKRAINE NEEDS NATO HELP RIGHT NOW! And we are hiding our heads in the sand!

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  2. Clay, the extremist right is in favor of Putin due to demographics. He is loved by white nationalists because he runs a lily white country with an autocratic baton. This group does not want other groups in the US to have freedoms, just their demographic. What they fail to realize is such leadership denies freedoms to all including them. They also like him as Trump was favored by him with his election help. Keith

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  3. Watched Kamala Harris embarrass herself on the world stage. She thought it was hilarious when asked if the US is planning to take in Ukrainian refugees: ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’ Har, har, har, har. Frightening to think she’s only a heartbeat from the Whitehouse, isn’t it?


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