Roughs, Volume 128

Gather around, kids, because it’s time for another blog of roughs. These were drawn last week, mostly on Thursday and Friday. But, since they’re mostly about Russia and Ukraine, they’re still as timely today as when I drew them.

I actually drew this one before Putin bombed a baby hospital. I knew it was coming. In fact, he bombed a kindergarten a few days ago.

I still may go back and draw this one if someone doesn’t steal it from me first.

I did used this concept in a cartoon but I changed it around a lot.

This one didn’t have any real consideration.

I told you there are just as timely now as last week. I drew this rough last Thursday and Thursday of this, I used it. I added the baby hospital to it.

This is another I could still draw.

I took this idea…

…combined it with this idea…

…and turned it into this cartoon for CNN. It’s really hard to draw a two-headed elephant. Try it. I dare you.

Which one is your favorite?

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Watch me draw:


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  1. These are always fun to see. I used to keep mine and show to kids on a school visit so they could see the illustration process. My favorite of this batch is “Relax, boys, he’s not talking about us.” Oh, the irony.


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