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Not only did Donald Trump fail to pass an infrastructure bill while he was in office, but he also tried to block President Biden’s infrastructure bill after he left office. Biden used the tactic of appealing to bipartisanship. Trump used the politics of slash-and-burn. Hey, which one worked?

Passing the infrastructure bill is a huge success for the president, especially to achieve it with bipartisan support in this hostile climate Donald Trump created. Donald Trump worked to destroy the nation while he was in office, and he’s continuing to destroy this nation out of office.

Biden did this with the support of 13 House and 19 Senate Republicans. Trump is screaming and howling that the bill is a victory for Biden and Democrats, and he’s placing most of the blame on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Of McConnell, Trump said, “Based on the fact that the Old Crow convinced many Republican Senators to vote for the Bill, greatly jeopardizing their chance of winning re-election, and that he led the way, he should go to the signing and put up with the scorn from Great Republican Patriots that are already lambasting him.”

Patriots don’t support insurrections and McConnell, the “old crow,” is only four years older than Trump. But, did you see what Trump did there? He’s upset this helps Democrats politically, showing he’s putting politics before the country.

When Trump ran in 2016, he promised to deliver a huge infrastructure package that would be larger than any infrastructure funding his opponent, Hillary Clinton, could deliver. Somehow, I think Clinton could have delivered more than zero. While Trump claims the Biden infrastructure deal spends only 11 percent of it on “actual” infrastructure, Trump’s deal that never happened delivered zero percent of nothing to “actual” infrastructure.

Trump never delivered on his promise of passing an infrastructure bill. He had four years, two with a House and Senate fully controlled by Republicans. But even if he had tried in his last two years, he could have gotten it done with support from Democrats despite him being a feeble orange moron.

During the campaign, Trump promised a $1 trillion infrastructure bill. Just like everything else he campaigned on, he never explained how he’d pay for it. After Putin inserted him into the White House, Trump raised the bullshit and said he was going for a $2 trillion package and again, never explained how he’d pay for it. He once said private corporations would do all the funding, but never explained how corporations who don’t pay taxes would generously volunteer to hand the government $2 trillion to repair shit they don’t care about. If anything, those corporations were too busy putting the tax cuts Trump gave them back into their own companies’ stocks and offshore bank accounts than to donate any of it back to the government. Corporations do transport their goods over the infrastructure, but they’d rather you and I pay for it. You know, like they’d rather we make up for the crap salaries they pay their employees by providing them with welfare.

Donald Trump displayed an amazing ignorance over how government funding and debt work. He never understood that the tariffs he raised were paid by American consumers. Instead of Mexico paying for the wall as he promised, he stole the money from one government agency and gave it to another. In case you haven’t noticed, Mexico still hasn’t paid for the wall.

Now, the Republicans who didn’t vote for the infrastructure bill are screaming about the supply-chain crisis. Fun fact: The infrastructure bill they voted against includes $17 billion for infrastructure improvements at coastal and inland ports, waterways, and ports of entry along the U.S. border. But don’t worry. There are Republicans who voted against the bill who are also taking credit for it. It’s kinda like all those Republicans who voted over 50 times to destroy Obamacare without a single one of them offering a replacement and then ran in the 2018 midterms on their support and love of Obamacare. They swore their lives to defend Obamacare. Do you remember that? Good news, shitweasels. You don’t have to remember it because I will keep reminding you.

Hey, remember that time you ran on your love for Obamacare after trying to kill it over 50 times? Ah, good times.

Another fun fact: Republicans are racist gaslighting hypocritical ass-kissing liars.

Since Republicans don’t get hypocrisy, I’ll give them an example: Complaining about the supply-chain crisis then voting against efforts to improve it is hypocritical. I’m starting to think Republicans don’t hate Critical Race Theory as much as they hate basic economics, because they didn’t study that either.

When President Obama inherited the shitty economy George W. Bush left him, Republicans were blaming Obama for the economy he inherited. They also went after him in his first year for high gas prices. This is another thing they don’t remember. President Obama inherited shit and the GOP blamed him for it. Then, when President Obama improved the economy, greatly, Republicans adopted the talking point “slowest economic recovery ever,” forgetting why we needed an economic recovery in the first place.

Psst….Republicans, two wars funded by tax cuts for billionaire assholes had a lot to do with it. Republicans were literally complaining a Democrat wasn’t cleaning up the mess they created fast enough. They knew it had to be repaired before they could fuck it all up again. And that’s exactly what they did.

When Trump came into office with the help of Russian meddlers, he inherited an economy created by his predecessor, the black guy. Even before Trump came into office, he took credit for the amazing economy. Republicans went from “slowest economic recovery ever” to an “economic miracle.” And then Trump gave billionaire assholes, including himself, tax cuts. There was never an infrastructure bill from Trump, but we celebrated Infrastructure Week four times. Infrastructure Week, like Trump himself, became a running joke in Washington.

Then, covid hit, and the unemployment rate hit 14.8 percent, the highest rate ever recorded since they started recording these things. So basically, Donald Trump is responsible for the highest unemployment rate EVER. And you still think the election was stolen? Also take note that the economy President Obama built was so great that it took the orange turd three years to destroy it.

And of course, now, Republicans are screaming that President Biden isn’t cleaning up Trump’s mess fast enough. And when it starts recovering, they’ll start calling it the “slowest economic recover ever,” forgetting why we need an economic recovery. But all this shit you’re screaming about, high gas prices, inflation, the supply-chain crisis, were all created by Donald Trump and the party that turned into a cult for him.

Republicans have very bad memories and unfortunately, so do voters.

But I don’t and I will keep reminding you.

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  1. Trump’s infrastructure plan was the same as his healthcare plan. (1) Say you have a plan. (2) Say it’s a GREAT plan. (3) Say you’re going to reveal it SOON. (4) Say it’s the GREATEST plan in HISTORY. (5) Say “Lots of experts” think it’s a GREAT plan. (5a) Never name the experts. (6) Say the Democrats can’t even imagine such a GREAT plan. (7) Say you’re just waiting for the RIGHT TIME. (8) Repeat from step 1.

    Key point: never admit you don’t have a plan. Or a clue.

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    1. Knowing Trump, his plan was not to help “we, the people,” but “them, the rich.” And the breaks he gave himself and his buddies helped them pay for any medical services they needed. And the swamp got deeper and deeper…

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Here are some thoughts!! … and more information!! … “Not only did Donald Trump fail to pass an infrastructure bill while he was in office, but he also tried to block President Biden’s infrastructure bill after he left office. Biden used the tactic of appealing to bipartisanship. Trump used the politics of slash-and-burn. Hey, which one worked?”

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